Owen Gent / New creations

Check out some of Owen Gent’s latest collaborations, including the poster of the Japanese film The Voice Actress; then for BBC news, an illustration for an exhibition in Milan and Popular Science Magazine.

Owen Gent / D&AD awards / London

We are very proud to announce that this fall’s Owen Gent’s “Write For Press Freedom” campaign has earned a Kraft Wood Pencil at the D&AD awards in London! Also, we are awaiting results for these competitions: Amnesty at One Show, Applied Arts, Communication Art and more. Other great international awards will be announced this summer.  Thank you and congratulations to Montreal’s Cossette and Amnesty International for this fabulous project to promote freedom of writing. The saying: "one picture is worth a thousand words " takes on its full meaning here, illustrating is often a winning choice!

Owen Gent / Freedom of expression is displayed! / Montreal, Canada

Cossette Montreal agency has chosen the illustrator Owen Gent de Colagene, Clinique Créative to illustrate the 4 posters and various communication media for The Montreal Writing Marathon and Amnesty International Human Rights Day on December 10, 2020. The campaign « Écrire ça défend la liberté de presse » is made up of 4 strong and impactful images symbolizing freedom of expression.

Owen Gent / New creations / Bristol, United Kingdom

Check out some of Owen Gent’s latest collaborations for The Economist and New Scientist magazine.


Owen Gent / The Economist magazine / Bristol, United Kingdom

Check out some of Owen Gent most recent collaborations for The Economist and Bath magazine.

Owen Gent / Science & Vie / France

Illustrations by Owen Gent for an article on gender and parenthood published in the Science & Vie magazine.

Owen Gent / More news! / Bristol, United Kingdom

Owen Gent continues his collaborations with publishing houses and magazines. Check out some of his latest achievements filled with poetry.

Owen Gent / New creations / Bristol, United Kingdom

Owen Gent' s book has been updated with a lot of new additions for your eyes!

Owen Gent / Book updated

Owen Gent' s book has been updated with a lot of news. We like it, and we are clicking!

Owen Gent / Wallpaper

This month's wallpaper "Positive Connection" is signed Owen Gent. This illustration have been realised for Lumen Counselling of Bristol. Do not hesitate to share! Desktop version / iPhone version / iPad versionSee all wallpapers.

Owen Gent / IFEX campaign / Canada

Owen Gent has created two illustrations for a pro bono campaign for the non-governmental organization IFEX (International Freedom of Expression Exchange) to defend and protect freedom of expression.

Owen Gent / Book update

Owen Gent shares with us some of his latest illustrations. His book has been updated for your eyes' pleasure!

Owen Gent / L'Express / France

For L'Express magazine, Owen Gent illustrated an article about sexual offenders and psychiatry.

Owen Gent / Unpublished book covers

Here are 3 illustrations of book covers by Owen Gent that unfortunately will never be used.

Owen Gent / Editions Gallmeister / France

Owen Gent continues his collaboration with Gallmeister Editions, and illustrates 3 new book covers.

Owen Gent / Editions Gallmeister / France

Owen Gent illustrated the cover of Gabriel Tallent's novel My Absolute Darling for Gallmeister publishing house.

Owen Gent / Vintage editions and animation

Series of book covers created by Owen Gent for Penguin Vintage, as well as a magnificent wine label. Finally, an animation made with Uncle Ginger studio  - with which Owen is associated - on the happiness, based on an interview with Zygmunt Bauman, renowned Polish sociologist.

Owen Gent / Philosophie Magazine / France

Owen Gent illustrated for the articles Pourquoi tant de haine ? (Why so much hatred?) and Kit mains libres (Hands free Kit) of the Philosophie magazine.

Owen Gent / Creations and researches

Here are some of Owen Gent's last creations, filled with poetry and melancholy. Discover a poster for "Prints Charming" - an exhibition raising money for the art therapy charity Art Refuge UK, then an editorial illustration for Spatially Literate Experience Design, an illustration for How Did Hitler Rise to Power, short film for TED-Ed. Finally, an editorial illustration for the magazine Modern Reformation.

Owen Gent / Episona Seed by Uncle Ginger studio

Owen Gent is a member of the new animation studio Uncle Ginger. He presents us with his last two projects, created for a customer in the medical field. Don't hesitate to call on us for any project illustrated or animated by Owen.

Owen Gent / Modern Reformation magazine

Modern Reformation magazine entrusted the text The Resurrection in has Secular World to Owen Gent, who delivered impactful illustrations for a delicate subject.

Owen Gent / New illustrator / Bristol, United Kingdom

We welcome Owen Gent among clinic artists! Owen is an award winning illustrator who uses a combination of traditional and digital techniques to capture the warmth and beauty in every job he approaches. Drawing on his love of narrative, metaphor and subtlety, Owens muted colour palettes delicately yet clearly convey the message behind an illustration.