Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / New collages / Belgium

Spring and summer are coming, here's a selection of new experimental collages by Raphael "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Book update / Belgium

Mydeadpony seduces us with his new personal research. A palette of earthy colors, strong images and a very fashionable tone, as usual. If you are looking for a unique signature and an artistic and creative soul, Mydeadpony's work is for you!

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Gala / France

Mydeadpony has realized a series of 5 illustrations for Gala magazine's summer horoscope.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Interview for Jasmin TV

Discover in 1 min 30 the world, the technique and Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi's inspirations in his hometown, in Brussels. His last project is very "hot", in association with Jasmin TV channel shows the charm and the goddesses' beauty of the channel. Do not hesitate to discover the online gallery of Jasmin TV and treat yourself with a piece of art by Mydeadpony.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Meeting JASMIN Fine Art Exhibition / Los Angeles

You had already had a sexy foretaste last month, here are the pictures of the Meeting JASMIN Fine Art Exhibition at Ace Gallery on July 14th 2016 in Los Angeles, where we can find the remarkable work of Mydeadpony.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Gallery Exposition / JASMIN TV

Here is a foretaste of a major campaign created for the erotic TV channel JASMINE TV, for which Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi has created a series of suggestive collages. The exhibition in gallery will be made everywhere around the globe!

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Fresh Winery

How to illustrate flavours? Ask Mydeadpony, who recently did the new Sparkling Riesling wine label for Fresh Winery! You'll see fruity flavors, aroma of flowers and lightness of this wine in this beautiful design. Think Fresh is the wine you're looking for this summer!

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Sneaker News / Volume III

"Throughout sneaker history, no signature line has impacted a sport like Andre Agassi's." Mydeadpony had the opportunity of creating a collage illustration of this tennis legend.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Schwiing

The canadian clothing company Schwiing chose an illustration signed Mydeadpony as one of its woman's tank top model for the spring-summer 2016 collection.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Uniques Collages

Always so productive, Mydeadpony unveils a new series of digital collage exercises. Discover more of our selection in his book.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Multiple Sclerosis WA / Australia

Ad campaign realized by Mydeadpony for the MSWA (The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia). The poster tells the Donna's Story who has MS. Every person with MS has their own story. With your help, we can tell a better one. Donate at

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Personal research

Mydeadpony doesn't stop surprising us; he always takes us a little further in his creative research and in his passion for elegance, integrating photo elements. If you wish to see more: click here

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Hemisphere magazine / Brooklyn, USA

Mydeadpony proposes a realistic, sunny and warm portrait of the actress Bette Midler for an interview in the December 2014 issue of the Hemisphere magazine. In this illustration, we can perceive the Bette Midler's very own aura and personality. The illustrator has been inspired by a photograph from Catie Lazarus and he sublimated it for us.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / 6PAR4 / 2014 fall season / Laval, France

Mydeadpony was almost free to create this 2014 fall season's new graphic visual of  6PAR4, a concert hall located in Laval, France. Each trimester has its first cover, its artist and its illustrator. For this season program, Mydeadpony illustrates Christine and The Queens.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / La rue du Commerce storekeepers association / Paris 15th district

For a second time, Mydeadpony created a graphic visual for a commercial event organized by the storekeepers association from la rue du Commerce (Commerce street) in Paris. As it was from last June 18th to last June 21st, that is to say during the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the event's theme was about Brazilian colors and carnival.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Inspirational research «fashion attitude» / Bruxelles

Mydeadpony, being true to himself, is a very productive artist. He shares with us a new series of illustrations, each one as audacious as the other. Here is our selection, to see more of his work visit his online portfolio.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Lufthansa Woman's World Magazine / Istanbul

Mydeadpony’s illustrations literally took off in the latest issue of Woman’s World Istanbul Magazine, a magazine of Lufthanssa Airline. This magazine is dedicated to the businesswomen who frequently fly. The request was to portray Nurgül Yesilcay, a Turkish actress, and two typical Turkish motifs.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Nylon and Company magazines

Two new illustrations by Mydeadpony. The first one for a collaboration between NARS and Pierre Hardy. NARS released a new nail polish and blushes collection with shades based on the Pierre Hardy's spring / summer collection. And the second one for the article Mes parents sont sur Facebook (My parents are on Facebook) for Company Magazine. 

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Sunglass Hut / United States

The collaboration between Mydeadpony and Sunglass Hut continues. For their online campaign on Facebook and Pinterest, Mydeadpony has to represent different sunglasses frame shapes in an elegant and conceptual way. Here are the latest shapes published: Foldable Shape and Cat Eye Shape. More illustrations to come.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Sunglass Hut / United States

For the Sunglass Hut stores' campaign on social medias (Facebook and Pinterest), Mydeadpony has to create eye catching illustrations about special days over the year. Here are the firsts created for the Fathers’ Day, the Summer Solstice and the non-official Selfie Day, a day dedicated for the self love.


Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Virgin Worlwide's "The Roger Collective" Magazine / London

Mydeadpony produced 3 portraits for the article How you get your mojo going for the August issue of The Roger Collective, staff magazine for Virgin's worldwide employees.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Personal researches

Mydeadpony is really productive in his free time. He sent us a new personal series of illustrations. Here is our selection, to see more visit his portfolio.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Libresse / Amsterdam

Mydeadpony created the visuals for the Libresse Campaign as well as for a limited edition tins for Libresse (female hygiene brand). The brief consisted in translating the 5 senses into feminine, colorful illustrations.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Print / New York

For the Style Notes section, Mydeadpony had to create illustrations of sort of collages based on imagery from the Fashion weeks highlights recently happening in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Personal work / Brussels

Once again, Mydeadpony sended us a wonderful series of his personal work. For the great pleasure of the eyes, here is a small selection of those that we believe are having the greatest impact regarding the subject, the details and colors are captivating as always. To learn more about Mydeadpony's boldness, click here.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Company magazine / London

Mydeadpony illustrates the article Lipstick Lab for Company Magazine about students making chemistry cool in cosmetics school!


Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Biba Magazine / Paris

Mydeadpony illustrates the 12 zodiac signs for Biba magazine 2013's horoscope special. Let's hope 2013 will be colorful and bold like his illustrations!

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Elle Quebec Magazine / Montreal

Portrait of a man disturbed by his sadness and his demons created by Mydeadpony to accompany an article about the experience of a father who had to deal with his son's sickness, but also his own torments, for Elle Quebec Magazine.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Personnal research / Brussels

To our great delight, Mydeadpony has just sent us extracts of his latest creations. Belgian illustrator living in the beautiful city of Brussels, Mydeadpony is a self-taught artist whose illustration and watercolour techniques approach is influenced by fashion, street art and graffiti. Mixing digital media, painting and sketches and drawing on watercolours, splotches and textures, he creates immensely detailed images that are both meticulous and ethereal.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Petra magazine / Hamburg, Germany

Mydeadpony has created two energic illustrations for the article I’d like to be so different, but I never get a chance for the psycho section of the magazine Petra.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Line Skis / USA

For their 2013 ski collection, the Line Skis company asked Mydeadpony to create the design of the Shadow model. The theme was youthful yet rebellious in nature. The final art was modified as they wanted the face to be less obvious, but we wanted to show you the version with the face as well.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Votre Beauté / Paris

Mydeadpony continues his monthly collaboration with Votre Beauté magazine. This month, he illustrates the health file with vitamins-filed colors for the article: « Get all you light intake » and creates a mysterious and  sensual universe for the article « the seduction aura ».

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Sociality Squared website / New York

For their new website and social media sites, Sociality Squared asked Mydeadpony to create the background visual. The mandate was to make the illustration unveiled, little by little, as you scroll down on the page.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Votre Beauté / Paris

Mydeadpony continues his monthly collaboration with French magazine Votre Beauté, for the Sur Le Divan section. He illustrates the article: Who's that woman in my mirror?, by playing with themes such as introspection and time: as stated in the article, age has nothing to do with the number of years accumulated but is about the acceptation of what we are at every moment in life.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Journal Write Now / USA

Like Francis Léveillée and Adam James Turnbull, Mydeadpony was commissioned  to create illustrations of the cover and few inside pages of quotes for a notebook, that is meant to be artistic and inspiring. This Journal's theme is the Mermaid, for strong, daring and courageous women. These booklets are so beautiful that we feel like using our best pen to write in it!

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Elle Québec / Montreal

Mydeadpony was chosen by Elle Québec magazine to illustrate 3 articles published in January 2012 issue on: "the hapiness industry", "the right to complain ourself" and on people that are born to be happy but aren't.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Votre Beauté Magazine / Paris

Mydeadpony illustrates the file "sur le divan" on the theme of the conceptualization of ugliness for Votre Beauté magazine.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Votre Beauté magazine / Paris

Mydeadpony has illustrated from a portrait picture the article Pour qui se maquille-t-on ? (Who are we using makeup for?) part of the feature Sur le Divan (On the couch) of the magazine Votre Beauté.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Votre Beauté / Paris

Illustration for the magazine Votre Beauté of the debate between two doctors about the question Aujourd'hui est-ce une obligation de rester jeune dans notre société ? (Is today an obligation to stay young in our society?)

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Illustration Now! Portraits cover

Mydeadpony just created the portrait of Mark Zuckerberg (Co-Founder and President of Facebook) for the cover of the new book published by Julius Wiedemann; Illustration Now! Portraits of Taschen.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Visa Premier / Paris

2 illustrations (woman and man) for the printed and web campaign of the "Les jours Premier" promotion of Visa. This campaign was realized by Saatchi & Saatchi Paris.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Fah Thai Magazine / Asia

Illustration for Fah Thai magazine of Jetstar Asia. The feature profiles was about seven Thai fashion designers making waves around the region and beyond. Most of them are established designers, whose work is starting to get recognition in the US and Europe

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Votre Beauté Magazine / France

Monthly work of Mydeadpony for the magazine Votre Beauté, for 2 really distincts articles. Firstly, for the article Sur le divan (on the couch) where the illustrator has to "dress" pictures of wonderful women almost naked. Then, one illustration for the health topic for the article Nos émotions jouent-elles sur notre santé ? (Are our emotions affect our health?)

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Company magazine / London

Production of one illustration for the article : Back to reality for the magazine Company. It's a piece of that 'back to reality' feeling you get after an amazing gap year sabatical travelling the world...

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Midwives magazine / London

Ilustration for the article Somebody to lean on for the magazine Midwives in the UK

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / The Word Magazine / Belgium

One illustration for The Word magazine for an article called: The Guide to a Russian mail order bride.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Nueva / Montreal

Cover illustration for the Spring 2011 Lookbook for the Nueva Brand. The concept and design were also created by our design team at Colagene, graphic design  Clinic.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Ritz magazine / London

One illustration for the Ritz magazine for a piece about the history of "Ice Cream"

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Undiz / Paris

T-shirt Illustration for Undiz, a fashion brand, part of the Etam Group.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Laurier shopping centre / Quebec City

Series of illustrations for the new Spring TV and press ad campaign for Place Laurier one of the biggest shopping centre in eastern Canada. The slogan is : Là où les tendances se dessinent.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Popshot Magazine / London

Illustration to accompany Rosie Allabarton’s poem And This Is What We Call Liberation in Popshot Magazine

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Ritz Magazine / London

Illustration for famous and fancy RITZ magazine – from the even more well-known Ritz Hotel group - for the article “Lucky Number Seven”.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Laurier shopping centre / Quebec city

Series of illustrations for the new TV and ad campaign Place Laurier is the biggest shopping centre in Eastern Canada

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Laurier shopping centre / Quebec City

Series of illustrations for the new TV and ad campaign Place Laurier is the biggest shopping centre in Eastern Canada

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Undiz (Etam Group) / Paris

Girl talk: Fall/Winter 2009 in-store seasonal campaign for the lingerie brand Undiz