Ross 3D / The magazine: Les Affaires plus / Montreal

Ross Cuthbert had the mandate to create a textured escutcheon at the effigy of the Quebec Real Estate Club for the cover page of the Quebec magazine Les Affaires Plus.

Ross 3D / New creations

Ross shares with us a new series of 3D artworks.

Ross 3D / Medical marijuana / Ontario

In Canada and since few years, marijuana for medical uses is popular and very well regulated. Ross 3D collaborated with the magazine Pharmacy Practice + for the cover of their March 2017 issue to promote and inform the pharmacists of the Ontario province about this treatment.

Ross 3D / New book all in volume!

Because Ross, who's also a roughman, has various talents, and because you often ask us 3D and vectorial artwork, here is the brand new portfolio of Ross 3D. Here is a selection of his best projects to help you in your 3D needs.