Tonwen Jones / CNRS Journal / Paris

Monthly illustrations by Tonwen Jones for Science & Life magazine about fake news.

Tonwen Jones / Caisse des Dépôts of France

Tonwen Jones has done a colossal job in recent months, 23 huge maps illustrated for posters for the Bank of Territories to each regional management of the Caisse des Dépôts de France. She also shares one of her personal creations, named “Teen breathe in your interests”.

Tonwen Jones / Crowley Webb agency

The Crowley Webb agency in Buffalo hired Tonwen Jones to create an illustration of a promotional poster for an ulcerative colon pharmaceutical research for one of their pharmaceutical clients. To positively explain a complex theme like this, the ideal solution is simply to illustrate it with an illustrator.

Tonwen Jones / Journey magazine and L'Express / United States

Discover a first illustration for Journey Magazine, for an article about travelling and the Princess cruise team. And a second one for an article about migrants in Europe and how politicians exploit this situation. Consult the portfolio of our dear English artist Tonwen Jones.

Tonwen Jones / L'Express magazine / Paris, France

Here is an editorial illustration by Tonwen Jones in a modern collage mix concerning sciences, for L'Express magazine. And, illustrations around the theme of the environment for communication tools of GRT Gaz.

Tonwen Jones / New creations / Bristol, United Kingdom

Here are recent illustrations by Tonwen Jones.  The first depicts the Covid-19, the second is for the magazine Science & Vie addressing the carbon footprint, and finally, for the French magazine L'Express, more on the subject of the times, the Covid-19.

Tonwen Jones / L'Express magazine / Bristol, United Kingdom

Tonwen Jones created this illustration to accompany a text on independent cinema for the French weekly magazine L'Express.

Tonwen Jones / Science & Vie magazine / Paris, France

Recurring illustrations by Tonwen Jones featured in Science & Vie magazine on the theme of fake news in the media.

Tonwen Jones / Science & Vie / fake news / France

Recurring illustrations by Tonwen Jones featured in Science & Vie magazine on the subject of fake news.

Tonwen Jones / Management Magazine / Portraits / France

Recurring portraits of managers throughout history featured in Management magazine by Tonwen Jones.

Tonwen Jones / New creations / Brighton, United Kingdom

Here are some of Tonwen Jones' latest accomplishments; tourist monuments, posters, and compositions around travel mixing collages and drawings.

Tonwen Jones / Science & Vie / France

Tonwen Jones continues, this year again, her collaboration with the Science & Vie magazine for the section Fake News.

Tonwen Jones / Management / France

Every month, Tonwen Jones illustrates Yesterday's Manager for Management magazine. Here are some of the latest portraits.

Tonwen Jones / New creations / United Kingdom

Here are some of Tonwen Jones' latest accomplishments; cards, posters, and other editorials.

Tonwen Jones / Michigan's University Magazine

Tonwen Jones created these maps of the University of Michigan campus to highlight the impact of the campaign for student support and school programs.

Tonwen Jones / The Lehigh University Magazine / United States

Series of illustrations by Tonwen Jones for Lehigh University magazine, which wanted to pay tribute to their alumni for the November 2018 issue.

Tonwen Jones / Paris Worldwide / France

Tonwen Jones illustrates in every issue of Paris Worldwide, the magazine of Paris Aéroport, a district of the City of Lights for The shopping spree.

Tonwen Jones / Birthday number

Wonderful personal project by Tonwen Jones who had the idea to illustrate birthday numbers, available here.

Tonwen Jones / How to Train Your Cactus / UK

Book published by Elwin Street Press and Andrews McMeel in the UK called How to Train Your Cactus and illustrated by Tonwen Jones.

Tonwen Jones / Science & Vie / France

Tonwen Jones illustrates monthly for the Fake News section of Science & Vie magazine.

Tonwen Jones / Maison 1608 / Québec

In cooperation with Maison 1608, Tonwen Jones illustrated the Marché Artisans market map found in the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth Hotel for the first issue of Gazette d'exploration gourmande.

Tonwen Jones / Baltimore magazine

Tonwen Jones amazes and abducts our clients with every project she works on. Baltimore magazine is a part of them.

Tonwen Jones / Version Femina / France

Tonwen Jones illustrated a series of maps for Version Femina magazine. Fjords of Norway, via Ireland, to arrive on the Californian coast.

Tonwen Jones / Baltimore Magazine

Tonwen Jones has again managed to express a lot of  joy and energy in this illustration which accompanies an article on one of the pioneers and influencers regarding ecological construction in the United States. Discover the whole article online here.

Tonwen Jones / FundEd magazine / UK

Tonwen Jones created the cover for the Summer issue of FundEd magazine.

Tonwen Jones / Recyc-Québec

Tonwen Jones is going green to illustrate this web, social and printed campaign "Destination: the bin" of Recyc-Québec. Thank Thanks Cossette Québec agency for creating this beautiful project.

Tonwen Jones / Maps / London

Here are 2 maps created by Tonwen Jones. One on Whisky regions for the restaurant J. Sheekey in London, and the other, a map of India, displayed in the Royal botanic gardens of Kew, still in London.

Tonwen Jones / Creative capsule

Here is our seventh CREATIVE CAPSULE. This month, we invite you to meet Tonwen Jones, English illustrator based in Brighton full of vintage references and surrealist creations who revisits with humour funnily the daily life. Good discover!

Describe your creative lab in a few words?
Inspirational, fun and close to the sea.

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
I am predominately a collage illustrator who combines photographs (often vintage), hand drawn elements, patterns, textures and paper ephemera. I scan and assemble everything in photoshop and end up with a digital illustration file that tends to have a comical take on everyday life.

What is the project of which you are most proud of?
London Zoo Map for the new Lion Exhibit and several of my illustrated maps that were featured in the Gestalten book ‘Mind the Map’ showcasing maps and cartography. It was a proud moment!

What are your favourite colors to create?
Bright pinks and blues with maybe a hint of mustard.

Why did you become an artist?
It was in my blood. Both my parents are artists so I’ve always been surrounded by art, printmaking presses and interesting artefacts.

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
Humorous, vintage, eclectic and colourful.

What is the project of your dreams?
Illustrating my own book of maps, some real and some of the imagination.

What does a typical day in the life of Tonwen looks like?
I always start the day with a fresh pot of coffee and once I turn my computer on, I also tune into Radio6 Music. I often browse through several blogs for some inspiration and then I make a start on whatever job I’m working on at the time. After several hours of drawing and assembling in photoshop, I might pop out for a stroll in the North Laines district in Brighton to browse through the flea markets to get some inspiration or along the seafront to get some fresh air. Then I get back to my drawing board and feel fully charged to start drawing again. I often work late and several of us often get a take out if we have a big job on!

What inspires you?
Exhibitions, junk shops, museums and the seaside where I live.

What is your favourite blog or website?
Ape on the Moon ( and Design sponge (

Tonwen Jones / Essays of style + BBC Focus magazine

Tonwen Jones widens her creative horizons with the trying of a new style in her researches for a project on the food theme. Beautiful dishes that will give you the creation hunger ! She also illustrates a map which shows the cultural attractions of Manchester city for BBC Focus magazine in the UK.

Tonwen Jones / CAA magazine / Toronto, ON

Discover the Tonwen Jones illustrations for the CAA Magazine in the Summer to Remember section.

Tonwen Jones / Air For Kids (McDonald's) Magazine

2 illustrations from Tonwen Jones for the article Startups are the buzz of McDonald's Air For Kids magazine.

Tonwen Jones / Callisto Media

Tonwen Jones illustrated for the book on Leonardo da Vinci’s work entitled Leonardo: Insatiable Curiosity: The Artist, the Genius, the Legend was published by the Lightning Guides in December 2015.

Tonwen Jones / Red Magazine

How to spend Christmas without stress, and peacefully? It is the subject which has been asked by Red magazine to Tonwen Jones.

Tonwen Jones / Domicile / Ottawa

A real estate project launch in Ottawa emphasized by Tonwen Jones. We can find in her illustration all the activities and the relaxed rhythm of life in such a residence. More information about the project:

Tonwen Jones / Com' Ent magazine / Paris

With a little of delay, we present you a topic which handles with the question of the identity, through, on one hand, a philosophic approach (who am I? I am the same throughout my existence? etc.) and, on the other hand, the problems of brand identity (logotype, positioning, storytelling). Illustrated by Tonwen Jones for the magazine Com' Ent of last spring.

Tonwen Jones / CAA Magazine Winter issue / Canada

Tonwen Jones brings her special touch of colors and her collage style to the winter issue of CAA magazine. She created a map showing the location of different Italian museums where people can enjoy the exhibition of beautiful Italian cars.

Tonwen Jones / ESH 2014 annual report, Les Entreprises Sociales pour l’Habitat / Paris

The 5 files of the ESH 2014 annual report - Entreprises Sociales pour l'Habitat - were elaborated as maps and illustrated by Tonwen Jones.

Tonwen Jones / M le magazine du Monde / Paris

2 illustrations realized by Tonwen Jones for 2 different articles of M the magazine of Le Monde. The first one is a report on a ski resort just renovated in North Korea, and the second, a fictitious map on 10 accommodations of charm in the mountain.

Tonwen Jones / Annual Report / State of Mississippi / USA

For the annual report of the State of Mississippi, Tonwen Jones had to create, in her collage style, 4 illustrations of portraits and the cover.

Tonwen Jones / Geico Now Magazine / United States

Tonwen Jones had to create an illustration for a story published in the Geico Now Magazine on Collaborative Consumption, which is about neighbors sharing items around their home to save money.

Tonwen Jones / Personal research: tourist maps / London

Tonwen Jones loves to illustrate tourist maps! She had fun to illustrate maps of India and Iceland, countries that she had the chance to visit.

Tonwen Jones / Bulletin Magazine / London

Tonwen Jones illustrated the cover of the Bulletin magazine, for a feature on dementia impacts on communication aspects. Tonwen says : "I was asked to illustrate an elderly person as the main focus with the top of their head open revealing thoughts, memories and patterns."


Tonwen Jones / Personal project: Mr&Mrs + Death of a Zeppelin

Tonwen Jones created two personal projects. She explains each of them.

 Mr&Mrs: "This piece was a personal commission for a wedding gift for the groom. I was asked to illustrate their wedding day and to include many of their friends and family as well as capturing the spirit of the day; a wedding in a Victorian cinema!"

Death of a Zeppelin: "This was personal project about the apparent demise of the use of the Zeppelin as a mode of transport."

Tonwen Jones / Personal and advertising researches / London

Tonwen Jones demonstrates, with her research work, that her illustrations can also adapt to a communication project that aims a larger audience. Firstly she presents a scene with a crowd enjoying the benefits of summer activities. Then she created a fictive advertising scene for Volkswagen Golf. And finally, in a more drawn style, she presents her own interpretation of Holi festival in India, which she had the chance to attend a few years ago. It's hot, it's colorful. To see more creations by Tonwen Jones, click here.

Tonwen Jones / Open Minds / Reader's Digest Magazine / Montreal

Tonwen Jones did a nice series of collage illustrations for an article named Open Minds published in Reader's Digest magazine about 3 true stories of  people that were diagnosed with mental illnesses.

Tonwen Jones / Le Parisien Magazine / Paris

Tonwen Jones collaborates to the very first issue of Le Parisien weekly magazine. She illustrates the city of Rome and its historic monuments for the Weekend chronicle.

Tonwen Jones / Gastronomica Magazine / Massachusetts

Tonwen Jones created a fun collage for the article Eating by Numbers, about the internet correlation of certain foods with names of prominent people, specifically about American political figures and the types of foods their names conjure on the internet.

Tonwen Jones / At Home with Century21 magazine / USA

Tonwen Jones creates once again a colourful designer portrait for the Point of View section of the At Home with Century21 magazine. She also contributed to this issue in creating few spots to go with the text of the Homefront section.

Tonwen Jones / Immense Magazine / Quebec City

Here is an idea of holiday destinations in the Province of Quebec for this summer with these beautiful maps illustrated by Tonwen Jones that make us discover in details Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region and the summer activities suggested there. These illustrations were made for Immense Magazine, a touristic publication about the region. Enjoy the visit!

Tonwen Jones / Coup de Pouce Magazine / Montreal

To accompany an article on the stress and its negative effects on the human body, Tonwen Jones enjoyed herself drawing a woman body based on the visual created for an old well-known society game called Operation. Some body parts have been identified to refer to those quoted in the article.

Tonwen Jones / Annual Report of Médiateur National de l'Energie / Paris

Tonwen Jones was selected to illustrate the cover and many inside pages of the 2012 annual report for the National Mediator of Energy.

Tonwen Jones / At Home with Century21 magazine / USA

Tonwen had to create a collage that capture the thought of Tacoma being a port city, with a focus on sustainability, where home value increases most in time. In the same issue, she also had to create illustrations of words from the answers the designers have given in the text.

Tonwen Jones / CNRS Journal / Paris

Fall under Tonwen's charm once more with her naive "handrawing" style for the special file: Handicap: Researchers face the challenge, for the CNRS newspaper.

Tonwen Jones / Châtelaine Magazine / Montreal

Drawing with typography of Dr Andrew Weil's food pyramid by illustrator Tonwen Jones, for Châtelaine Magazine

Tonwen Jones / Metro Detroit Bride / Detroit

Tonwen created 1 half page opener and 5 spot illustrations for a story on dealing with out of town guests when planning a wedding.

Tonwen Jones / At Home with Century21 magazine / Toronto

Once again, Tonwen created a portrait for the Point of View section of the At Home with Century21 magazine, now featuring the interior designer Jonathan Adler.

Tonwen Jones / / Montreal

Production of one main illustration and few elements illustrated to create the graphic signature of a contest website for the milk calendar 2011promotion that presents recipes based on canadian dairy products, for and Diary Farmers of Canada.

Tonwen Jones / Eurostar Magazine / London

One map illustration of the Butte Chaumont area in Paris for the article Paris Radius for the Eurostar magazine

Tonwen Jones / Spafax Canada / Montreal

Three editorial illustrations to accompany an article for the in-house magazine of the Fairmont hotels.

Tonwen Jones / Transcontinental / Montreal

Promotional illustrations for Transcontinental's new media kit.

Tonwen Jones / Arrival Magazine / Toronto

4 illustrations for Arrival magazine for an article about domestic travels.