In the need for infographics?

Infographics allows to visualize more easily a set of data, which can be rather complex. An image is often worth a thousand words when it comes to spreadsheets or texts. Colagene also makes infographics, here are some examples. To see more, visit the Infographics tag.

Solelh wine label / France

For the second time, Véronique illustrated a label of wine for the Domain Entras. For this project, the graphic clinic managed the design process. "Solelh" means in gascon (occitan language) the sun. Solelh is a refreshing and sweet wine as a ray of sunshine in the spring that makes your eyes wink when you are on a terrace of a little café.

Parcs Canada- Week-end at Peel bassin event / Montreal

 To put emphasize on the historic place that is the Peel bassin, Parks Canada called the Graphic Design Clinic and the illustrator Edward McGowan to create a promotional visual for the Weekend at the Peel bassin event that took place on September. For this project, posters, banners, advertisements and newspapers were declined.

Bonaldo ad campaign / Montreal

Colagene, graphic design clinic has signed the latest advertising campaign of Bonaldo, a boutique of high-end furniture, located in the Old Port of Montreal. To present the new series of furniture made in Norway, and to emphasize the concept Discover Norway from your living room, Vincent Sillard, art director, has created a staging representative of Montreal "monuments" (Olympic Stadium, Habitat 67 and the Biosphere) in Norwegian landscapes. The photomontage was created by Damien Vignaux.

Joop! Miss Wild press kit / Paris

It is in the form of a small pocket that journalists have discovered the press kit of the new fragrance of Coty, Joop! Miss Wild, created by the graphic clinic. This pocket, once opened and unfolded, is actually a poster reapeating the perfume's advertising and containing goodies (tattoo, stickers, badge and a booklet).

Booklet / Joop! Miss Wild press kit / Paris

Inside the folded poster described above, the booklet presents the world of Joop! Miss Wild fragrance, the perfume, the bottle and the muse (the French model Julia Frauche).

For every girl, bad boys are the ultimate treat. The nice girl always falls for the wild guy. She is sweet, adorable, fragile even. But when they are together, she becomes someone else. Free, indomitable, sexy and wild. With him, it feels so good to be bad.

Rockmen / Website / Paris

ROCK is an only male models agency, created in april 2011. ROCK is the first small size, men "boutique" agency in Paris, offering a personalized service. ROCK is part of the group ANIMUS, who owns few different agencies focused on sport and advertising, for 16 years.

Identity of Cabanes & Chazottes Architectes / Paris

The Graphic Design Clinic created the new identity for Cabanes & Chazottes Architects, including the logo, business cards and book.

Press release / Just Cavalli perfume

After the press release of the new perfume Joop! Homme Wild, Colagene, graphic design clinic just designed, again for Coty group, the press release of the new perfume Just Cavalli for her.

Rising young model Georgia May Jagger (the youngest daughter of Mick Jagger) is the face of the new Just Cavalli fragrance.

Just Cavalli for her is a sexy and provocative new fragrance by Roberto Cavalli. A call of the wild echoing through the cityscape. Young and vibrant, sensual and fun. It is the faithful reflection of the whole Just Cavalli universe.

Colagene promotion

Colagene promotion created by the graphic design clinic.
Each rep chose an illustrator and asked him to create his or her portrait. If you look closely at the portraits, you will discover eac h rep’s universe; his or her
passions, strengths, qualities and interests. You will thus know better the people with whom you work at the clinic.
For a closer look at the portraits click here.

Website / Le Guide des Montres / paris

This new website, created by the graphic design clinic, targets all the luxurious and prestigious watches lovers. You will thus find on Le Guide des Montres all the horlogical news, as well as the prices for new and second hand watches of more than 2,500 models.

Joop! Homme Wild press kit / Paris

Colagene, graphic design clinic just designed the press document of the new perfume Joop! Homme Wild.The concept is based on the opposition of good/bad - perfume's guideline - illustrated throughout the press kit printed on newspaper sheets to bring out the "Wild" side.

Bonaldo ad / Montreal

Colagene, graphic design clinic created this advertising for the designer Mauro Lipparini's Peanut B (Bonaldo Italy) sofa, on sale at Bonaldo Boutique, for Mixte and Plaisir de Vivre magazines.

Website / Nueva / Montreal

Colagene graphic design clinic has just produced a new website for Nueva, a 100% Quebec fashion couture house.

Website / Emmanuel Ceysson / France

Colagene, graphic design clinic just created the new website of the harpist Emmanuel Ceysson. With his powerful, virtuoso playing, Emmanuel Ceysson, the ‘enfant terrible’ of the harp, sweeps away all the clichés associated with his instrument. His infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy reveals the harp in all its sparkling splendour, in a world where poetry rhymes with temperament.

Website + Apps / Solo Houses / France

The Graphic Design Clinic has just put online Solo Houses' website and iPhone & iPad apps; Architecture de Collection exclusively sells a collection of unique second homes designed by the most talented international architects of their generation in the heart of remarkable natural sites.

Óscar Llorens / TGV Lyria / Paris

Oscar continues his collaboration for the campaign: Discover Switzerland's other nature for TGV Lyria, and illustrates the last web advertising. Colagene graphic design clinic handled the web banners' animation.

Bonaldo ad / Montreal

Colagene, graphic design clinic just realized this advertising for designers' Antoine+Manuel Tout va bien (BD Barcelona) buffet, sold at Bonaldo Boutique, for Mixte Magazine.

Wanted / Paris

Colagene, graphic design clinic just created the new website of the modeling agency Wanted. Wanted was created to meet two objectives : represents models wich physical profiles do not match(/do not correspond) the usual criterial of modeling agencies, and allow the advertisers to find what they need, which is outized and atypical individuals.

Nana Mouskouri

The Graphic Clinic had the honor to realize the CD cover artwork for Nana Mouskouri's last album "Rendez-vous"  for Universal Music France. The illustration, the singer's portrait, was realized by Monsieur Qui.

Internationally known artist Nana Mouskouri has had a 50 year career , and has sold over 300 millions albums sold worldwide (top ten sales of all times), all this in 10 different languages. A life spent travelling the world, enriched with songs and collaborations : Quincy Jones, Serge Gainsbourg, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Michel Legrand… to state musicians only.

Contrebande / Paris

Colagene, graphic design clinic just created the new website of the modeling agency Contrebande.

Óscar Llorens / TGV Lyria / Paris

Illustration for the web and print campaign Discover the other Swiss nature for TGV Lyria. Colagene, graphic design clinic took care of the web banners animation.

Prix Archinovo Saint-Gobain / Paris

The Graphique clinic has achieved chart the website of the price Archinovo Saint-Gobain, the first prize of architecture dedicated to the contemporary home in France. Discover the winners!

McGill University of Montreal / Montreal

"Virtual Campus Tour" website for new students at McGill University in Montreal. Design by : Graphic design clinic

Cacharel packaging / Paris

The graphic design and the artistic direction for the packaging of the 2011 campaing of Cacharel for Mother's Day (L'Oreal luxe France), for their series of feminine fragrances, were provided by Colagene, graphic design clinic. The illustrator from Quebec, Katrinn Pelletier, created the illustration and interior pattern parts, as well as all the color variations. For Mother's Day, Cacharel choses to express the fresh, romantic and feminine spirit of their fragrances with the purity and the romanticism of delicate flowers.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Nueva / Montreal

Cover illustration for the Spring 2011 Lookbook for the Nueva Brand. The concept and design were also created by our design team at Colagene, graphic design  Clinic.

David Bloch Gallery / Marrakech

Creation and graphic design of the new David Bloch Moroccan Gallery branding.

Graphic design clinic / New pieces

Colagene Kit, wine bag for Emballages Caroussel, brand identity for Valorip...