Through the beauty of images, we believe in the power of creation, in the personality of communications, and in excellence through well-thought-out concepts: a vision that combines trends and expertise.


The idea behind this innovative agency was inspired by a desire to change the status quo in the media and image field — a well-worn cliché, but one that would quickly take off. Born of a common enthusiasm for painting, fashion, graphic design and advertising, Colagene was founded in Montreal in 2001. Co-founders Brisson and Sillard, who are both passionate about design in all its forms, got off to an explosive start and steadily began to build their community of exceptional artists. Very early on, illustration became the main focus of their project — Colagene's visionary spirit breathed new life into the traditional market of image production, and the agency soon found its way into market niches. The response to their venture was overwhelming, and in 2003, the team started earning recognition for its work though various competitions and prestigious contracts. Armed with enthusiasm and ambition, the agency worked is charm on North America, followed by Europe. By popular demand, and supported by a growing number of partnerships, in 2008 Colagene opened a second branch in Paris, and a London office soon followed in 2009, with the agency setting its sights on new creative challenges. The resulting richness of its portfolio is the mark of a fresh and distinctive spirit, a special stylistic touch made possible by the inspiration and cultural influence of its members.

aesthetics clinic

Colagene has a reputation as an innovative and competitive illustration agency, thanks to its unique concept, its insatiable thirst for new challenges and, above all, the quality of its managerial involvement in projects. Our trademark is the Clinic, a customized service that aims to emphasize beauty in producing business projects. At Colagene, "taking care of your image" isn't just a figure of speech — for every project, we bring out the best of its qualities, using surgical precision to give life to innovative visuals.