May: A rich pool of talents!

Emmanuel Hyronimus / Ad / Brûlerie des Monts
Jenue / Creations / Volume in 3D
Tontons Makers / Newsletter / Maison et Objets
Amaël Isnard / Poster / Fieri: Cirque du Soleil
Annick Poirier / Poster / FTQ
Pablo Pasadas / Poster / Shaman Queen
Giordano Poloni / Ad / CMA CGM
Tontons Makers / Animated wishes / FDI
Jalcalara / Creative Capsule / Colagene
Owen gent / Covers / Penguin Random House
Aurore Danielou / Web ad / Santa Maria Novella
Emmanuel Polanco / Editorial / Journal Cnrs
Tonwen Jones / Annual report / Fondation Law
Testimonial / King Communications
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Jenue / New collaborations / London

Jenue, the London artist presents us a magnificent series of style searches in pastel tones playing with the space and volumes of one of the last projects in which he collaborated. Then, a very last campaign of 3D typography very dynamic named "Pearls Pump". He is looking forward to working in North America, contact us for any project ideas.

Emmanuel Hyronimus / Campaign for La Brûlerie des Monts de St-Sauveur / St-Sauveur

Discover the brand new project of Emmanuel Hyronimus for the web campaign of the well-known Brûlerie des Monts de St-Sauveur. Emmanuel has really excelled on this project! Now, he’s just waiting for your project ideas for the future! Contact us to work with this new Colagene artist. It’s fresh, lively and his style appeals to all audiences!


Les tontons makers / Salon Maison et Objet's Newsletter / Paris

Every month, the illustrations of the Tontons Makers adorn Maison & Objets’ newsletter, the famous annual show dedicated to design and the discovery of new trends in Paris. Who is this famous duo? Romain creates all the illustrated or graphic visuals and then Laurent animates it all for their animation in motion design. We’re fans, and you?

Amaël Isnard / New achievements committed! / Paris

Amaël Isnard wants to be a committed artist for our dear planet. He shares with us these latest collaborations: an illustration for a reusable gourd with Médecins Sans Frontières, a poster to raise funds for L'ASPCA, L'Association pour la protection des animaux sauvages. And, a "Where’s Charlie" game-picture for an issue of Graou, the children’s magazine of Maison Georges.

Annick Poirier / Poster of the show Fieri du Cirque du Soleil / Malta

When Cirque du Soleil approaches us, we jump for joy! Their shows are unique and their posters are majestic, it’s always a great team achievement! Here, the poster of the show Fieri, which was created exclusively for the public of the archipelago of Malta. Annick Poirier has been able to draw with magic and meticulousness the 4 main characters and their costumes designed by Cirque du Soleil.


Pablo Pasadas / Unique creation named / Madrid

Pablo Pasadas created, on the occasion of a unique event, his latest creation. It’s an exclusive copy of a poster design for the event. The illustration is called "Shaman Queen".

Annick Poirier / Poster for the fight against domestic violence for the FTQ / Montreal

Here is a poster illustrated by Annick Poirier’s for raising awareness about the fight against domestic violence for the FTQ. The portrait must change, so here is a first move via this conceptual and meaningful poster that can be found on the website and on the walls of the FTQ offices. An employer initiative that stands out and to which we are proud to have collaborated!

Giordano Poloni / Instagram campaign of CMA CGM / Paris

Illustration by Giordano Poloni for the CMA CGM's Instagram account, “World leader in maritime transport and logistics.”

Jalcalara / Creatice Capsule / Valencia, Spain

Here is our 21st Creative Capsule. This month, we are inviting you to meet Jalcalara.

Describe your creative lab in a few words
A tiny white desk in front of a big and lighty window, surrounded by a lot of books, especially comics. Music is almost always playing, mostly jazz.

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
"Ligne Claire" is always present in my mind. As an architect by training, I always try to play with architecture and perspectives.
What is the project of which you are most proud of?
I'm very proud of any client or commissioned project that put their trust on me, but in a personal way, I'm especially proud about my work with Alfa Romeo. Trying to make something creative and different every year and every race is something that keeps me awake. F1 is good training for that because where the same solutions are repeated over and over again, getting out of there is something that gives surprising results, but it takes a risk. I really believe that illustration or any creative work is a long distance race. The most exciting things are always yet to come.

What are your favourite colors to create?
Illustration, unlike architecture, has taught me not to have prejudices with colors, and this is something really wonderful. Within the red color there are hundreds of reds, and this is amazing. I love working with many colors. Sometimes I play with complementary colors. For example, sometimes I wear one sock with one color and another with the complementary.

Why did you become an artist?
I realized that it is the best way to enhance my creativity. There is a certain inner peace when you draw, and it helps you to understand the world or your reality. I think there are few activities that focus all your attention as much as drawing.

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
I think maybe clean, colorful, funny or trendy. 

What is the project of your dreams?
A cover of New Yorker Mag would be a very special dream come true, but there are also some brands that I would really love to work with: Benetton, Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry, Nike or Apple for example.

What does a typical day in the life of Jalcalara?
First thing in the morning is to organize work and mail. Then I always work until mid-afternoon and usually go for a run or exercise after that. The few hours of the day that I have left are spent with my wife, family or friends, watching movies, listening to music (specially vinyls) or reading. And don't forget this: it’s important to make five meals every day!

What inspires you?
I like to walk around the city listening to some music. Go to the museums or bookstores. Learn from my favourite artists like Martin Handford, Joost Swarte, Chris Ware or Jamie Hewlett. Movies by Wes Anderson are always a good choice and Jazz music is really inspired. A beer with a friend may give you a lot of inspiration too!

What is your favourite blog or website?
New Yorker, Pitchfork or Designboom.


Les tontons makers / Animated greeting card for FDI / Montpellier

Les Tontons Makers have created a 2022 animated greeting card from FDI. A real estate group based in Montpellier in the south of France offering a range of services for consumers and businesses through their various subsidiaries. And, here is there 2022 showreel.


Owen Gent / Books for Penguin Random House / United Kingdom

Owen Gent continues his collaboration with renowned publishing houses including Penguin Random House in England, xx and others. He illustrated 3 new book covers of which he is very proud!

Aurore Danielou / Santa Maria Novella’s “old recipes”

The web campaign entitled Laboratorium of Wonders: “The Ancient Recipes” to highlight the flagship products of the Italian brand Santa Maria Novella. Another campaign illustrated by Aurore Danielou, who returns to Quebec in May to settle there again. She will be available in person for your live projects or meetings, contact us for any idea!

The Colagene experience according to our clients

We enjoyed working with Emmanuel Polanco! From our first discussion, he understood the direction and quality of the work we were looking for. With his great creativity, he was able to highlight small details in order to achieve an optimal result. In addition, he was very open and accessible for new ideas. Communication is one of the key elements of the success of this project! Thanks to the agency Colagene for taking charge of the project and meeting the deadlines. - King Communications.

Tonwen Jones / Annual Report for Philanthropy Advocacy / London

Tonwen Jones Illustration Series for Annual Report "Comparative Highlight of Fondation Law" of Philanthropy Advocacy.