March: Cheers to the creative bite!

Magda Wilk / New recruit / 2021
Amaël Isnard / Interactive application / Abbvie
Antonio Uve / Editorial / We Demain
Nicole Jarecz / Appreciation / The Fibble book
Antonio Uve / Website / Mighty Warm
Emanuel Hyronimus / Creative Capsule / Colagene
Steve Scott / Advertising / Fontic and Stanley Morgan
Lucile Farroni / Editorials / Nexus magazine and Les Échos
Stéphanie F.Scholz / Editorials / The Inside Track
Tonwen Jones / Advertising / Crowley Webb
Antonio Uve / Advertising / Ikea Spain
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Magda Wilk / New talent 2021 / Berlin, Germany

Colagene is so proud to welcome in its team Magda Wilk, a Polish illustration artist living and working in Berlin, where she moved after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Inspired by everyday life, she is looking for simplicity and clarity in her work. She creates playful images using geometric shapes and grids. Her works often feature human figures captured while doing everyday activities. Simple but fun compositions together with a minimalistic colour palette that creates joyful images.

Amaël Isnard / Interactive application for Abbvie

Amaël Isnard and Tank agency, have worked together to create this visual for AbbVie and the promotion of an interactive application called Veeva for Humira medicinteractive application called Veeva al product representatives.

Antonio Uve / Mightywarm

At Colagene, we love bold and graphic projects! Here is a series of illustrations and some animated and illustrated gifs by Antonio Uve for the website of the brand of hot sauces MIGHTYWARM for “cool people''!

Antonio Uve / We Demain magazine

The French magazine We Demain asked Antonio Uve to illustrate the article: France 2025: Where will it be good to live?

Emmanuel Hyronimus / Creative Capsule

Here is our 20th Creative Capsule. This month, we are inviting you to meet Emmanuel Hyronimus

Quickly describe your creative lab?
I try to change it as often as I can. You don’t let the body get used to it. It’s all about it. Tilt the body, to free the mind. I live on top of a hill, it must influence my perspective. To have a look that floats over the city.

In two sentences, how would you describe your working technique?
If I sometimes add color on my iPad, I draw mostly in black ink on paper. A line for me is magical, it is like a thread that prolongs me, that unrolls my thought. Depending on the project, I draw from the real, from photographs, from an idea... or I let the ink take me completely, on an unknown path. I like that part of the drawing can escape me. It is then a language close to poetry.

What is the project you are most proud of?
I need to tame each project and take it to my imagination. This is what clients who trust me expect. For this I must sometimes move away from it, twist it, reformulate its contours... This is the most difficult part. I am happy when the two worlds come together, that they resonate.

What are your favorite colors to create?
A black & white drawing contains all the colors, it allows the eye to evolve within its own palette, to make its own journey. The reader’s gaze then helps to make it exist. Dive into the drawing, get lost in it. I love this freedom of reading, take this time. This is one of the forces of drawing. One moment to dream. Escape. When I add color, I’m usually divided between effective minimalism and a generous explosion! One or two bright and acidic colors to reinforce a graphic impact, or less saturated colors, for the emotion, but always letting the black line express itself!

Why did you become an illustrator?
Drawing has always been part of my daily life. It’s a double way for me to be in the world: drawing it and dreaming it. Draw it to catch it, capture it, grab it and try to understand it. And dream of it to flee from it, to escape from it and go to all that it’s not.

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustrations?
Drawing is a catalyst of worlds, external or internal. Mine are poetic, often playful, all the time, blending humour and emotion, at best.

What is your dream project?
I went to Japan alone for a month. I came back fascinated by what I could feel, see, the shifts, and the deep correspondences. I particularly liked being a stranger there, and the freedom it gave to my eyes. I was at altitude. I would very much like to be able to use this feeling for a project, in Tokyo for example. It would be like drawing from the place of my imagination. I would also like to draw for magazines about musical, social or political subjects, in order to reflect the psychological side of my drawings.

What does a typical day in the life of Emmanuel Hyronimus look like?
For more than a year, entire peoples have been masked, confined, restricted in their most essential freedoms, having to rethink every step of their daily lives, redesigning the contours of their lives. Everyone tries to cope with constraints, obligations, calls and desires. This is exactly how I have been composing my days for several years; and adapting them to seasons of course!

What inspires you?
Generally speaking, I am inspired by everything that will make me a contemplative spectator, or an explorer of the imaginary. My background is where I sort of consciously pile up these things that impress me, but that I don’t use them right away, these things that I’m passionate about, but I don’t understand right away.... Sensations, emotions, ideas, forms, words... It’s an invisible work, of almost every moment.

What is your favorite blog or web page?
The Anonymous Project is a crazy project that brings together amateur photos from the last 70 years. A true kaleidoscope of our daily lives, these photos tell the story of ordinary lives, our own, our collective memories. It’s moving, funny, dizzying, and strangely fascinating.

Nicole Jarecz / The Fible book and new creations

Nicole Jarecz, American illustrator living in Detroit has been selected to appear in The Fible, this book brings together a selection of world fashion artists. And, we present you her latest fashion creations. Nicole loves editorial, advertising, web and social media campaigns for fashion or beauty brands.

Steve Scott / Advertising illustrations for Fontic and Stanley Morgan

Here are two illustrations created by Steve Scott for Fontic, a company specialized in architectural project management. And two illustrations made for an animated commercial of Stanley Morgan company dealing with workspace quality, a very contemporary issue!

Lucile Farroni / Nexus magazine and Les Échos

Our newest recruit Lucile Farroni is pleased to share her latest achievements: an article on the Wim Hof technique for Nexus magazine and an illustrated logo for Les Échos. What kind of projects inspires her? Editorial projects, covers and interiors of cookbooks…, culinary or cosmetic packaging, advertising projects... Lucile is ready to take on any challenge with your team!

Stephanie F. Scholz / Inside Track magazine

Here is the cover of Inside Track magazine as well as a series of interior illustrations by Stephanie F. Scholz around the subject: The virtual working issue.

Tonwen Jones / Crowley Webb agency

The Crowley Webb agency in Buffalo hired Tonwen Jones to create an illustration of a promotional poster for an ulcerative colon pharmaceutical research for one of their pharmaceutical clients. To positively explain a complex theme like this, the ideal solution is simply to illustrate it with an illustrator.

Antonio Uve / Ikea Spain

Here is a very cool project that Antonio Uve worked on but that was not released. Illustrations of Ikea products for an environmental activism survey and also some illustrations for Ikea family.