June: Embrace the future together!

Aurore Danielou, Raoul Paulet / Campaign / Santa Novella
Jenue / Campaign / California Avocados
Steve Scott / Editorials / Creations
Anne Cresci / Éditorial / Vivre magazine
Tonwen Jones / Posters / Caisse de Dépôt France
Lucile Farroni / Editorials / Stratégies magazine
Owen Gent / Winner / D&AD Awards
Silke Werzinger / Editorials / Focus magazine...
Magda Wilk / Editorials/ Creations
Aaron McConomy / Editorial / Toronto Star
David Despau / Editorial / Car & Driver magazine
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Aurore Danielou / Santa Novella digital campaign / Italy

This is a superb project created in duo with our illustrator Aurore Danielou and motion designer Raoul Paulet. An animated digital brand campaign for the Italian brand Santa Maria Novella in collaboration with RXM Creative of New York. The aim was to promote the brand’s flagship products such as: Vellutina, Sapone Latte, Olive Oil Soap, Almond Soap... while telling the story of the products, their flavours, and benefits. What a pleasure to work on such beautiful international projects and as a team!

Jenue / California Avocados

Jenue, one of our specialists in 3D and typography in volume, created from A to Z this beautiful decor and animation for the brand California Avocados. This advertising campaign broadcasted in California on various media, on the brand’s website and runs on social media. It makes you want to taste Californian avocados and go for a little trip there soon! Then, a typography in . gif with candy colors in his book.

Steve Scott / New summer creations / Usa

Here are some recent creations by Steve Scott, first for Norbauer, highlighting the global virtual community that exists today more than ever! Then an illustration for Hollywood Reporter magazine, and some personal research he did during the lockdown in the UK called “Virtual holidays”.

Anne Cresci / Vivre magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci returns strongly with her watercolor style for an editorial project for the magazine Vivre. Illustrating an article under the theme of healthy eating and portraits

Lucile Farroni / Stratégies magazine / Paris

Lucile Farroni proudly illustrated the front page of the magazine Stratégies en France, a media specialist, whose theme was “Inclusion”.  Then, she shares two new images from her fragile feather and her pastel palette.

Tonwen Jones / Caisse des Dépôts of France

Tonwen Jones has done a colossal job in recent months, 23 huge maps illustrated for posters for the Bank of Territories to each regional management of the Caisse des Dépôts de France. She also shares one of her personal creations, named “Teen breathe in your interests”.

Owen Gent / D&AD awards / London

We are very proud to announce that this fall’s Owen Gent’s “Write For Press Freedom” campaign has earned a Kraft Wood Pencil at the D&AD awards in London! Also, we are awaiting results for these competitions: Amnesty at One Show, Applied Arts, Communication Art and more. Other great international awards will be announced this summer.  Thank you and congratulations to Montreal’s Cossette and Amnesty International for this fabulous project to promote freedom of writing. The saying: "one picture is worth a thousand words " takes on its full meaning here, illustrating is often a winning choice!

Silke Werzinger / New achievements / Berlin, Germany

Silke Werzinger created this illustration dealing with the electoral support for Joe Biden in 2020 and this new illustration for Focus magazine with Angela Merkel to whom we must unfortunately say goodbye today. Then an illustration for Freudin magazine on "anti-vaccines" and a portrait for Toronto Star magazine.

Magda Wilk / Fresh images / Berlin

Did you hear about the arrival of Magda Wilk, a Polish artist living in Berlin in our group of artists last March? Here are three of her latest achievements, she is looking forward to great creative challenges. To review or discover her book, it’s here!

Aaron McConomy / Toronto Star magazine / Toronto

Aaron McConomy had the chance to produce weekly portraits of important celebrities during the first quarter of 2021, here is a brief selection.

David Despau / Car and Driver / USA

David Despau illustrated this composition by AJ Foyt, champion of car racing for Car and Driver magazine in the United States. And here is one of the portraits taken from the advertising campaign for the Spanish bank Abanca