January: Choose an artist carefully at Colagene!

Jenue / Mini-series / BMW
Jalcalara / Web editorials / Mr Porter
Annick Poirier / Packaging / Andros
Aurore Danielou / Wallpapers... / Indiana Rosa
Jalcalara / St-Valentin advertising / Loterias Nacional
Silke Werzinger / Editorial / TÜV SÜD IN
Antonio Uve / Cover + Interiors / Les Affaires plus
Poppy Magda / Novel cover / Harper Collins
Giordano Poloni / Editorials / Stratégies...
+ Creative Dosage 2 / How to choose an artist?

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Jenue / BMW “Future of Tech” mini-series / World

Jenue has created a 3D animation for the online “Future of Tech” mini-series episode 2 : Flexibility. It introduces the innovative digital products from BMW and the people behind them. A modern creation all in volume from such a talented artist!

Jalcalara / Mr Porter Journal / London

Jalcalara has created 3 amazing illustrations for the MR PORTER Journal for men lifestyle. One on "New Year's Eves" and one for a playlist for the new year. We loved so much how they shared illustrations and music with everyone.

Creative Dosage / 2

How to choose an artist at Colagene?

Are you wondering how to choose your future illustrator? First, define the desired style or technique for your project. Because at the clinic there are several choices: drawing by hand, drawing by lines, vintage or modern collage, 2D vector or 3D look, photomontage, cut paper, watercolor, realism photography, digital painting, 3D…

Then there are the different services: illustration, rough or storyboard, and motion design. We even have artists who offer the artistic direction, such as: Jenue, Pablo Pasadas, Wearbeard, Les Tontons Makers…

The color palette can also influence your choice, as artists often have a nice unity in their book or through a series of illustrations. A pastel signature and a more saturated one with bright colors do not give the same tone to a project. But, if you like a style, know that artists often want to explore other avenues to meet the constraints of a project and the result is often beautiful!

Does the project require the artist(s) to be from here and from Canada or may be from somewhere else? Sometimes, some brands promote local artists for a number of reasons: encouraging local artists, being well-regarded by their clientele, for grants or other...

The language of the artist can also be an important point, if the artist must speak French because your team is francophone, or the project requires a lot of exchanges and he or she must participate in person in a few meetings. A francophone, otherwise, if your teams are bilingual, all our artists speak English and especially write it very well and have experience.

The budget and the production time can also help to define which technique is favorable, some require more production time. For example: drawing or photo editing are faster, versus 3D or cut paper. Sometimes you have to look at a technique that provides a lot of flexibility for a more complex project that may require a lot of back and forth or precision in the expression of a concept.

The delivery format can also influence the chosen technique, for example it will be easier in vector for a campaign with several different media and large outdoor advertising formats. And, if we have to make declinations or use parts of the illustrations, the Photoshop format and the different layers well organized in the final file will be more than necessary. These two formats require additional time, versus the delivery of a flat file or a scanned drawing by hand or to the graphic palette.

It is also necessary to define if the project requires an artist with notoriety or rather a rising star in order to have a new style that will give a very unique touch to the advertising campaign, the magazine article or cover of a book, web pub or TV.

Will there be variations on other media or a need to animate everything? Our artists can do motion design, do illustration and even animation.

Colagene agents have a profile in graphic design and artistic direction in addition to being attentive and generous project coordinators. They can therefore help you choose the right artist according to the specific constraints or customer desires related to a project.

Please feel free to send us a few details by email at or call us at +1 514-845-4730 so that we can offer you our best talents for a creative result. 

- Marie-Christine Brisson, Agent, Partner
+ Colagene, Creative Clinic

Annick Poirier / Packaging for the brand Andros / France

Here are brand new packaging of fruity delights for the French brand Andros signed Annick Poirier who was chosen by the agency Franz&René of Switzerland. Annick works realistically with food with a touch of her own, the renderings are magical!

Aurore Danielou / Xx / Montreal

Aurore Danielou created decorative wallpapers and two emblematic characters for the India Rosa restaurant in the Griffintown district of Montreal. The requested theme was: The lush and fantastic Jungle!

Jalcalara / Campaign for Loterias Nacional / Spain

Valentine’s Day is approaching and BBDO Madrid had the idea of creating a National Lottery illustrated by our dear Jalcalara for the Spanish in order to celebrate and continue the education of all on the different forms of love. Our current society has a great openness and education around this subject which is evolving. It is a beautiful human initiative that was conceived for Loterias Nacional in Spain.


Antonio Uve / Les Affaires Plus Magazine / Montreal

Antonio Uve created the cover of the magazine Les Affaires Plus as well as this series of illustrations for the Investir file in accordance with your own profile. A file more than relevant in this time of change.


Giordano Poloni / Editorials / France and USA

Giordano Poloni illustrated the cover of the French magazine Stratégies for their luxury special. And, he continues his collaboration with the American magazine Commercial Observer, for an article about the issues related to leasing with option to purchase goods.

Silke Werzinger / Muehlhausmoers agency / Berlin

Silke Werzinger took great pleasure in illustrating the popular love song titles for the German marketing agency Muehlhausmoers and their client for the corporate magazine TÜV SÜD IN.

Poppy Magda / Token novel of Harper Collins

Discover the cover of the novel Token by Beverly Kendall for the publishing house Harper Collins illustrated by our fashion enthusiast Poppy Magda.