November: See far all together!

Amael Isnard / Worldwide Ad campaign / Kiehl's since 1951
Jenue / TV campaign / American Suicide Fondation
David Despau / Annual Report / Unedic
Stéphanie F.Scholz / Editorials / The Economist and Taz
Silke Werzinger / Editorials / Journal Faz and Focus
Nicolas André et Steve Scott / Animated campaign / EDF
Bomboland / New achievements / Sparkasse...
Wearbeard / Editorial  / L'Express
Aaron McConomy / Portraits / The Commercial Observer
Ëlodie  / Packaging / Irrésistibles
Emmanuel Polanco / Editorial / Propublica
Nazario Graziano / Editorial / Vivre Magazine
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Amaël Isnard / Kiehl’s loves campaign … / World

The famous and stylized skincare brand Kiehl’s loved to showcase its promotional campaigns and products of all kinds for years to please its global community. Amaël Isnard and Colagene have the immense pleasure of collaborating on more than 52 countries in 2020 with original creations in the form of festive theme frescoes for each country, through the campaign: Kiehl’s since 1851 loves in Vietnam, Italy, China, Chile, Japan, Argentina, Dubai… What part of the world are you in? The products signed by Amaël Isnard are surely close to you!

Stephanie F. Scholz / The Economist and Taz magazine

Here is a cover signed by Stéphanie F.Scholz for Economist magazine on possible strategies for a lockdown and migrants. And a second, on the future of offices. Then, symbolic illustrations for Taz magazine about love during Covid, demonstrating more isolated and digital relationships. We love the colors she chose!

Jenue / TV campaign and animated typo / New York, Usa

Have you met Jenue, our new artist who explores Volume? Here is a TV campaign on cricket and animated visuals for the American Suicide and Prevention Foundation. Jenue is a designer who creates typographies, objects... in volume! And also creative animations with a vibrant and original touch.

Silke Werzinger / The Faz newspaper and Focus magazine / Berlin, Germany

An illustrated portrait of Kamala Harris and an editorial on German reunification by Silke Werzinger for the newspaper Faz. And two striking illustrations for Focus magazine. Silke has a gift to treat the news with audacity and originality.

David Despau / Unedic Annual Report / Paris, France

David Despau was the dedicated illustrator to create all the portraits of the 2019 annual report of Unedic, an association entrusted by the public service delegation with the management of unemployment insurance in France, in cooperation with Pôle emploi.

Giordano Poloni / « Autour des Williams » Association / Paris, France

Giordano Poloni created 15 illustrations for a virtual illustrated tale on a website for children and families, for the association of a rare and little-known disease called Williams & Beuren syndrome.

Animated campaign for EDF / Paris, France

The French electricity company EDF called on Nicolas André in animation and Steve Scott in illustration to design a series of animated advertisements promoting the actions of companies for sustainable energy saving.

Aaron McConomy / The Commercial Observer journal / New York, Usa

Aaron McConomy just closed with success 34 portraits of the most notable real estate owners in NYC. This was for an insert publication called the Owners magazine in the Commercial Observer journal.

Bomboland / New achievements / Lucca, Italia

Here are some of the latest projects for Sparkasse, L'Express magazine, Barron’s of New-York, from the duo Bomboland who works in cut paper or digital. Surprise your clients by offering to work on paper for their editorial or advertising campaign.

Ëlodie / Illustrated packaging for Irrésistibles / Montreal, Canada

Here is a new series of fruit illustrations in the botanical and realistic style signed Ëlodie, for the new packaging of jams of the brand Irrésistibles, made by Pigeon Brands.

Wearbeard / L'Express magazine / Paris, France

Editorial illustration by Wearbeard for French magazine L'Express, one of the key mainstream publications in France. The commissioned image illustrated a report about the limits of positivist education, which has become quite a trend in parenting lately, and the personality problems that this approach may produce.

Nazario Graziano / Vivre magazine / Paris, France

For a special issue of the magazine VIVRE for the League Against Cancer, Nazario Graziano made 10 collage illustrations around the topic, here is an overview for you.

Stephanie F. Scholz / The New Yorker magazine / New York, Usa

Two editorial illustrations by Stéphanie F. Scholz for the “run” series of the famous American magazine The New Yorker.

Steve Scott / CAA Magazine / Toronto, Canada

Check out the latest from CAA magazine’s Steve Scott! Dream of freedom!

Emmanuel Polanco / Propublica / New York, Usa

Illustration of Jared Kushner by Emmanuel Polanco for Propublica, an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.