September: All media and style combined!

Jalcalara / Posters / Rap artists...
Antonio Uve / Installations / Commercial center APM
Jenue / 40 years / L'Agence CBA
Wearbeard / Interactive game / Paradores
Jérôme Mireault / Kitchen linen / Linje
David Despau / Annual report / l'UCANSS
Aurore Danielou / Mural and surfboard / Bliss Studio
Silke Werzinger / Editorials / Faz, Arte magazine...
Lavilletlesnuages / Positive notebooks / Editions Mango
Owen Gent / Editorial / Pèlerin magazine
Testimonial / Locomotive
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Jalcalara / Poster designs / Spain

Jalcalara had fun this summer creating a series of portraits of rap and hip-hop artists such as: Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, King Push... His poster series is just beautiful and he hopes you like it as much as he does! The Colagene team loves it, and you?


Antonio Uve / APM Commercial Center / Shanghai

Giant sculptures made for the APM shopping center in Shanghai based on the illustrations of Antonio Uve.

Jenue / The CBA agency / Paris

Here is the visual of the 40 years of the agency CBA in France created by Jenue, our artist so expert in various volumes and in 3D. And, personal research for lettering.

Wearbeard / Interactive game by Paradores / Spain

Wearbeard have illustrated this Social Media promo game by Paradores, Spain's National network of Hotels and Restaurants in historic locations, an important institution in Spain.There are 6 interactive color boxes hiding in the illustration which the audience had to spot for a prize.

Jérôme Mireault / Linje / Paris

Love makes you blind! It’s true that you’ve never seen such a quirky and colorful kitchen towel in your kitchen. You will make people jealous by buying the kitchen towels of the brand new Linje brand launched by Vincent Sillard co-founder of Colagene. This model is signed by our illustrator Jérôme Mireault.

Aurore Danielou / New creations / Biarritz

Aurore Danielou lived on the shores of the Atlantic Sea last year. She had the chance to do some cool projects there. Here: a mural for Bliss Studio, a shop and center of Pilates of Biarritz, surfboards in limited edition for Surfista surf boards, then interventions on very nice photo portraits.

Tonwen Jones / SwissLife Fondation / Switzerland

Discover here a series of energizing illustrations created by Tonwen Jones. D'abord pour la fondation SwissLife, et pour CdScope magazine de la Caisse des Dépôts de France.


Lavilletlesnuages / Mango Editions / France

Our dear Louise alias Lavilletlesnuages had the pleasure of illustrating positive notebooks on hypersensitivity and other current topics for Éditions Mango. Louise loves publishing projects, so submit your ideas!

Owen Gent / Pèlerin magazine / France

Discover one of Owen Gent’s most recent collaborations for Pèlerin magazine.

David Despau / L’UCANSS / France

Here is a wonderful portraits’ serie created by David Despau for the annual report of UCANSS.

Silke Werzinger / Editorials / Europe

Silke Werzinger shows us her versatility in editorial in this selection of illustrations for Arte magazine, Faz journal and Focus magazine.

The Colagene experience according to our clients

"We really appreciated our collaboration with the artists from Colagene. They made themselves available at every stage of our projects and this greatly contributed to the quality of the deliverables. They are talented artists who approach each element with great professionalism. Many thanks to the whole team!" - Karine Legault, Senior Producer, Locomotive