October : Take a deep breath!

Lavilleetlesnuages / Brochure / Héma-Québec
Magda Wilk / Creations / Magazine frankie...
Jenue / Poster / Schiphol Airport
Ëlodie / Creations / Personal projects
Owen Gent / Posters / The Voice Actress, BBC news
Antonio Uve / Editorial / M le Magazine du Monde
Emmanuel Polanco / Editorials / GQ, Liberal...
Lucile Farroni / Editorial / Air Le Mag
Aaron McConomy / Editorial / Positive Side
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Lavilletlesnuages / Héma-Québec / Montréal

Lavilletlesnuages ​​had the pleasure of illustrating the brochure What is rare blood? from Héma-Québec. This is a leaflet to equip doctors about this relatively unknown subject so they can share it themselves with their patients.

Magda Wilk / New projects / Berlin

Magda Wilk's portfolio aroused a great interest when it was launched last March, her graphic and vintage style is very popular! Here is a small collection of her latest projects, including the cover and interiors for Frankie magazine, labels for a brand new rum and a street mural. To jump into her universe, it's here!

Jenue / Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Camel Countryside / Amsterdam

We are happy to share the latest achievements of Alvaro alias Jenue. Including a poster made in CGI but with a paper look to welcome Chinese travelers at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. As well as a magnificent European 3D campaign for the Camel brand.

Ëlodie / Autumn series / Paris

Our dear Ëlodie living under the roofs of the beautiful city of Paris, shares with us here a magnificent series of autumn illustrations. Ëlodie's illustrations can be used for various gift media, publishing, packaging ...

Owen Gent / New creations

Check out some of Owen Gent’s latest collaborations, including the poster of the Japanese film The Voice Actress; then for BBC news, an illustration for an exhibition in Milan and Popular Science Magazine.

Giordano Poloni / Krys / Paris

Giordano Poloni created an illustration, logo and animation for the "L’étape en blanc" campaign launched by Krys as part of the 2021 Tour de France.

Antonio Uve / M le Magazine du Monde / Paris

Antonio Uve created this funny series of 7 illustrations for the no/low alcohol issue of M le Magazine du Monde.

Emmanuel Polanco / New creations / Berlin

The power of images comes out once again in these new illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco. Discover editorial illustrations for GQ Germany, Liberal Magazine, ... and creations that open your eyes!

Lucile Farroni / Magazine Air le mag / Paris

Lucile Farroni brilliantly illustrated the article: Volunteering when young people get involved, from Air le Mag magazine from McDonald’s in France. Then, she makes us dream of Paris with this illustration of a hotel view of the Eiffel Tower.

Aaron McConomy / Positive Side Magazine / Toronto

Positive Side magazine chooses Aaron McConomy to illustrate a group interview involving five HIV activists.

Nicole Jarecz / New creations / Detroit

Nicole Jarecz, American illustrator in love with fashion, shares with us her illustrations of fashion accessories for Saks Fifth Avenue, and for London Fashion week, then two editorials for the online platform Pix wine.

The Colagene experience according to our clients

Pleasant, easy, simple and efficient, these are all words that sum up my work experience with Marie-Christine and Louise. On the one hand, the coordination was so easy and enjoyable. I felt very comfortable communicating my questions and comments. On the other hand, it was the creation that was superb and fast! The illustrations Louise presented us were very well thought out and pretty! So, what a great experience of collaboration! Myriam Paquette, Product Coordinator, Héma-Québec