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Pablo Pasadas / Portraits / Madame Figaro
Tonwen Jones / Editorials / L'Express, Journey magazine
Steve Scott / Editorials / Wall Street Journal...
Antonio Uve / Editorial / Reader's Digest International
Lavilletlesnuages / Interview / Le Prescripteur
Ëlodie / News / Watercolor
David Despau / Portrait / L'Express, Journey magazine
Steve Scott / Wallpaper / To download
Raoul Paulet  / Motion design  / Showreel
Giordano Poloni / Editorial / Amérika Mook magazine
Anne Cresci  / New creations / Chez Les Filles
Ëlodie  / Packaging / Irrésistibles
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Pablo Pasadas / "Business with attitude" prize of Madame Figaro / Paris, France

Pablo Pasadas created finalists portraits for the main of animation of Madame Figaro's "Business with attitude" awards evening.  This Parisian event, celebrating its 4th anniversary, honors the success of women in the business world.

Tonwen Jones / Journey magazine and L'Express / United States

Discover a first illustration for Journey Magazine, for an article about travelling and the Princess cruise team. And a second one for an article about migrants in Europe and how politicians exploit this situation. Consult the portfolio of our dear English artist Tonwen Jones.

Antonio Uve / Reader's Digest international / Netherlands

Here are two illustrations by Antonio Uve for Reader’s Digest International magazine for an article about new research for two types of diabetes.

Ëlodie / New creations / Paris, France

Ëlodie presents her latest fashionable creations here, she mixes pencil and watercolor. The softness of her brushstroke is magnificent. She loves to do advertising campaigns for fashion or beauty brands and illustrate product packaging, discover her book here.

Steve Scott / Wall Street Journal magazine... / London, United Kingdom

Here is a small selection of editorial illustrations by the popular Steve Scott for Wall Street Journal magazine and others. Entrust us with your next advertising campaign or editorial project!

Giordano Poloni / Illustrated novel for America Mook magazine / United States

America Mook Magazine commissioned Giordano Poloni to illustrate "Crazy Night" novel by Tennessee Williams.

Raoul Paulet / Raoul Paulet motion design showreel / London, United Kingdom

Because Colagene Creative Clinic also makes motion design, discover or rediscover the showreel of Raoul Paulet, a visionary director and artist who works on a wide range of media projects. In his research, he tends to focus on minimalism, simplicity, and strong aesthetic combined with content and meaningfulness. Raoul always applies a multidisciplinary approach, especially in the search of the perfect balance between image and sound.

David Despau / L'Express and Journey Magazine / France and United States

David Despau is a very talented portrait artist, he draws portraits of great actors, sportsmen and politicians. This is Bill Gates for L'Express and a capitain for Journey Magazine, who’s next?

Lavilletlesnuages / Le Prescripteur magazine interview / Paris, France

Our very talented Louise alias Lavilletlesnuages had the pleasure of seeing her work presented in the superb and original magazine Le Prescripteur by Prescription Lab. Her illustrations about women were highly appreciated by readers. Then, discover more of her ideas about femininity!

Steve Scott / Wallpaper to download / London, United Kingdom

The wallpaper of the month is "Night out" by Steve Scott. Steve is a London based Illustrator and animator. Juxtapoz magazine described him as ‘witty, compelling, completely inspiring and diverse.’ His work has appeared in the Pictoplasma Berlin Character Design festival, the New York Guggenheim, BA British Animation awards and behind Led Zeppelin at their 2007 re-union concert. Clients have included Adobe, Burberry, Volvo, Wired Magazine, The Telegraph, Monocle magazine & Modular records amongst others. Do not hesitate to share! Desktop version / IPhone version / IPad version. See all wallpaper.

Anne Cresci / New creations / Lyon, France

Anne Cresci had a nice summer, she took the opportunity to create new illustrations, inspired by Gainsbourg, the chic hotels of the French Riviera... She also shares with us the new logo of the Chez les filles designer shop in Lyon