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Jenue / New artist volume / Online book
Nicolas André / Motion designer / New 3D showreel
Oscar Llorens / Advertising campaign / City of Madrid
Nazario Graziano / Tribute / George Floyd
Emmanuel Polanco / Winner / Communication Arts comp
Nazario Graziano / Editorials, ad / Hollywood Reporter, Ford
Lavilletlesnuages / Editorial / Professionnally Speaking
Annick Poirier / Creations / Summer motifs
Steve Scott / News / Various magazines
David Despau / Editorials / Portraits
Silke Werzinger / Editorials and map / Faz and Free Men's
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Jenue / Fresh blood : Jenue / London, United Kingdom

Colagene is so proud to welcome in its team the inspiring Jenue. Alvaro, also known as Jenue, is a designer and artist who produces creative typographies, images and animations with a vibrant and original twist. Working in locations all over the world allowed Jenue to develop a unique style. He felt that it would be the best way to develop his singular imagination and creativity.

Nicolas André / New showreel / Berlin, Germany

Nicolas André is motion designer for the clinic. To date we have shown you more of his illustrated animations, graphics and others. In this brand new demo, he brings together his latest 3D animations. We had a real crush on discovering it: the movement, the rhythm, and the music uplift us and demonstrate his great talent. Play is new 3D showreel here.

Óscar Llorens / Advertising campaign for Madrid / Madrid, Spain

Oscar Llorens had the privilege and pride of working on a cause that is close to his heart in this latest advertising campaign for his city of Madrid, Spain. The campaign focused on children's rights in Spain and was carried out by the agency La Despensa.

Nazario Graziano / All lifes matters! / United States

Here is "I CAN'T BREATH",  the touching illustration of Nazario Graziano; a powerful tribute to the defense of George Floyd who lost his life following an abusive police altercation in the United States. Like everyone, we are angry and deeply touched by this event that the African American community had lived. Peace to George Floyd and his loved ones.  Things must change everywhere on this planet because all lives matter!

Emmanuel Polanco / Communication Arts Contest / California, United Sates

Colagene is particularly proud to announce that the Book of lies series by Emmnauel Polanco has been selected from the illustrations that will appear in the Communication Arts catalog of their next summer issue 2020.

Nazario Graziano / New creations / Ancona, Italy

Discover below, the cover of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, an advertisement for Ford, and two of Nazario Graziano's latest personal collage creations.

Lavilletlesnuages / The Professionally Speaking magazine / Toronto, Canada

Our beloved illustrator Lavilletlesnuages created this scene for the Professionally Speaking Magazine. The story is about different apps teachers can use to help students take action on social justice issues affecting their communities, countries, and planet.

Óscar Llorens / Personnal creations / Madrid, Spain

Oscar Llorens likes to work in digital colors, but he especially loves to draw. He often uses graphite for his personal creations. He admits having felt total creative freedom by making the colorization of this series, which says surreal pop called "Castillo", which means castle.

Emmanuel Polanco / Lehigh University magazine / Pennsylvania, United State

Lehigh University magazine has commissioned Emmanuel Polanco to illustrate the history of the Greco-Turkish War of 1897 for their Spring 2020 issue.

Silke Werzinger / New creations / Berlin, Germany

Here is an illustration under the theme of voice recognition for the German news and media website Faz. along with a huge map for Free Men's World magazine illustrating the hiking events of the year across Germany. Illustrations by Silke Werzinger.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de Pouce magazine... / Montreal, Canada

Marie-Eve Tremblay continues her annual collaboration with Coup de Pouce magazine and share with us two new illustrations produced during her maternity leave.

David Despau / Editorials portraits / Madrid, Spain

David Despau loves to make portraits of great politicians, top athletes and celebrities, like here below for Emma Stone, Rosalia and the new Joker.

Stephanie F. Scholz / L'Express magazine / Berlin, Germany

Stéphanie F. Scholz illustrates an article on the global subject of the hour, the Covid-19 for L'Express magazine in Paris.

The Colagene experience according to our clients

Working with Louise was lovely! From the first sketch I received, I knew she understood the brief and the energy/mood we wanted this illustration to exude. She integrated feedback well and turned around a wonderful illustration quickly and effectively! Would definitely work with Louise on another project. Hannah Brown, Art Director, Studio 141 inc. for Professionnally Speaking magazine, Toronto.