Owen Gent / New creations

Check out some of Owen Gent’s latest collaborations, including the poster of the Japanese film The Voice Actress; then for BBC news, an illustration for an exhibition in Milan and Popular Science Magazine.

Poppy Magda / Simon & Schuster / Lyon, France

Here, a cover for the Simon & Schuster publishing house illustrated by our fashion enthusiast Poppy Magda. Also, two new creations! Advertising, magazine, books or videos, she has this creative "audacity"!

Stephanie F. Scholz / New achievements

Here is a cover signed Stéphanie F.Scholz for The Economist magazine on the surprising resilience of democracy. Then, cover illustrations and openings for the main themes of the CNRS Journal in France. And also, a sublime illustrated guide of the largest telescopes of our planet thought and written by Jacob Kramer for Flying Eye Books.

Lavilletlesnuages / Hachette publishing group / Paris

Our very talented Louise alias Lavilletlesnuages had the pleasure of illustrating the book Un Potager les doigts dans le nez by Hachette Group. And, she also offered herself the joy of creating illustrations under the theme of nature, so she can dream a little in the heart of Paris where she lives and works.

Lavilletlesnuages / Illustrated book for Les Mini Confettis / Paris, France

Here is Charlotte, a very first illustrated book for children by Lavilletlesnuages for the adorable collection of the Parisian box Les Mini Confettis. It also presents a discovery map of the pretty city of Grenoble in France.

Giordano Poloni / « Autour des Williams » Association / Paris, France

Giordano Poloni created 15 illustrations for a virtual illustrated tale on a website for children and families, for the association of a rare and little-known disease called Williams & Beuren syndrome.

Lavilletlesnuages / Le Prescripteur magazine interview / Paris, France

Our very talented Louise alias Lavilletlesnuages had the pleasure of seeing her work presented in the superb and original magazine Le Prescripteur by Prescription Lab. Her illustrations about women were highly appreciated by readers. Then, discover more of her ideas about femininity!

Anne Cresci / New creations / Lyon, France

Anne Cresci had a nice summer, she took the opportunity to create new illustrations, inspired by Gainsbourg, the chic hotels of the French Riviera... She also shares with us the new logo of the Chez les filles designer shop in Lyon

Poppy Magda / Little Brown Book and novelties! / Cannes, France

Here is the last cover of the publishing house Little Brown Book illustrated by our fashionista Poppy Magda. Thus, a series of vivid and revealing illustrations of her talent! Advertising, magazine, books or videos, she likes to create and put her signature on beautiful things.

Owen Gent / New creations / Bristol, United Kingdom

Check out some of Owen Gent’s latest collaborations for The Economist and New Scientist magazine.


Emmanuel Polanco / Gallmeister Editions / Stockholm, Sweden

Emmanuel Polanco's illustrations for the novel cover of Peter Farris, Les Mangeurs d'Argile with Gallmeister editions.

Giordano Poloni / News / Milan, Italy

Here are some of Giordano Poloni's latest projects: two posters for Shop Magazine covers, an illustration for Quartz, a New York media agency, and some decorations to make us dream of traveling.

Victoria Bee / Les Arènes publishing house / France

For the promotion of the Guide to Japan, published by the Parisian editor Les Arènes, Victoria Bee made six bento boxes filled with sushi, maki and onigiri, all entirely handmade with paper.

Lavilletlesnuages / New creations / Paris, France

Lavilletlesnuages reveals her latest creations. A colorful universe of living and unique ideas to start the year 2020 in style.

Wearbeard / Spanish National Science Foundation / Madrid, Spain

Wearbeard continues its periodic collaboration with the press agency of the Spanish National Foundation for Science and Technology, SINC...

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Guy St-Jean Editor / Montreal, Canada

We are proud to introduce you one of the latest challenges from Marie-Eve Tremblay: her first written book and done in collaboration with the publishing house Guy St-Jean Éditeur and Mammouth Rose for La Petite collection with the aim of teaching how to read to children from 4 to 8 years old. The book is on sale in every good Quebec bookstores.

Emmanuel Polanco / Gallmeister / France

Emmanuel Polanco's illustrations for the book covers of Léa Carpenter’s Red White Blue and Peter Swanson’s Before She Knew Him with Gallmeister editions.

Giordano Poloni / Éditions Gallmeister / Paris, France

Giordano Poloni illustrated the cover of Craig Johnson's novel Dry Bones, in Gallmeister Editions. And, the agency Havas from Paris commissioned drawings for a promotional poster for Probox, a tool specialist of all kinds.

Emmanuel Polanco / New creations / Stockholm, Sweden

The strength of the image emerges from the new illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco. Discover editorial illustrations for Oprah Magazine, Institutional Investor and Network Magazine...

Poppy Magda / News / Cannes, France

Here is a "pop" selection of the latest achievements and imaginings of Poppy Magda.

Lavilletlesnuages / Inspirations from Seoul / Paris, France

Just back from an inspirational trip to Seoul, Lavilletlesnuages reveals her latest creations. A colorful universe of living and unique ideas.

Annick Poirier / Dominique et Compagnie / Montreal, Canada

Do you have a sweet tooth? Here are 4 tasty covers illustrated for the Charlie and the Chantilly Brigade book series from publisher Dominique et Compagnie.This delicious project was illustrated by Annick Poirier.

Owen Gent / More news! / Bristol, United Kingdom

Owen Gent continues his collaborations with publishing houses and magazines. Check out some of his latest achievements filled with poetry.

Owen Gent / New creations / Bristol, United Kingdom

Owen Gent' s book has been updated with a lot of new additions for your eyes!

Anne Cresci / F pour filles

Anne Cresci enjoys giving life to small "cute chicks" as she says so well. This is Olivia, Noémie, Laurence and Emma. The project has been in progress for almost a year and includes ten volumes of cartoons for the series "F pour Filles" published by Enfant Québec's editions.

Giordano Poloni / Les Arènes / France

Giordano Poloni has just illustrated Tokyo, le guide idéal by Jérôme Schmidt, published by Les Arènes.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Jack Crackerjack's book

Marie-Eve Tremblay has illustrated a new fun book, produced by OwlKids. Jack Crackerjack's book for children ages 2 to 5 is the hilarious story with a safe thief and his sidekick. It is an eccentric and energetic read, with tons of internal rhymes and a playful use of language.

Owen Gent / Unpublished book covers

Here are 3 illustrations of book covers by Owen Gent that unfortunately will never be used.

Tonwen Jones / How to Train Your Cactus / UK

Book published by Elwin Street Press and Andrews McMeel in the UK called How to Train Your Cactus and illustrated by Tonwen Jones.

Owen Gent / Editions Gallmeister / France

Owen Gent illustrated the cover of Gabriel Tallent's novel My Absolute Darling for Gallmeister publishing house.

Editions Fides / Quebec

Here is the cover of Flirtez-vous avec le Burnout parental ? (ENG: Are you flirting with parental Burnout?) book illustrated by Benoit Tardif for Editions Fides.

Florent Hauchard / Squeezie x Carrefour / France

In partnership with Carrefour, Florent Hauchard illustrated the game book of Squeezie, famous Youtuber with his 8,800,000 subscribers. Florent has also illustrated the Squeezie YouTube page.


Owen Gent / Vintage editions and animation

Series of book covers created by Owen Gent for Penguin Vintage, as well as a magnificent wine label. Finally, an animation made with Uncle Ginger studio  - with which Owen is associated - on the happiness, based on an interview with Zygmunt Bauman, renowned Polish sociologist.

Cypi Press / New Fashion Illustration / China

Cypi Press has just published a very beautiful book on the illustrations in fashion simply entitled New Fashion IllustrationËlodie, besides finding herself in the selection of the internal pages, made the cover also. We also find the following artists represented by the clinic: Anne CresciDavid DespauKatrinn PelletierMamzelle PoppyMydeadponyNicole Jarecz and Silke Werzinger ! 

Stephanie F. Scholz / News

The work of Stephanie is seen almost everywhere, she tells us more here about her last collaborations. The first illustration is for my bimonthly column about life with children in Luna Magazine. The second, I'm working on a kids' science book about telescopes with Jacob Kramer and this is from one of the series about great observatories around the world. Both third and forth illustrations were for Let it grow, an online magazine, which deals with modern eco architecture. The first article was about the planned Garden Bridge in London, the second one about a Dutch architecture firm called SUS Ateliers. The last illustration is for Missy Magazine. It went with an article about pension funds and poverty at an old age.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / The Cowboy Princess / Dominique & Compagnie

Marie-Eve Tremblay's illustrations charm both young and old, and you will be seduced by these magnificent illustrations created for the new book The Cowboy Princess, published by Dominique et Compagnie.

Stephanie F. Scholz / Editorial projects

Very popular in Germany, her native country, Stéphanie, whose technique is mixed with vectorial elements and with cut papers, presents us her last projects. The first one illustrates the article how the immigration and the architecture can influence each other for Jetzt Magazin. Then, a series done for Die Zeit magazine, on philosophic, psychological and scientific subjects. And finally, Luna magazine about family and Christmas preparations.

Anne Cresci / Coloring book

Last year, PlayBac éditions appealed to Anne Cresci for the book: Photos et Coloriages du Monde Géo. This year, a new track had been thrown on the wisdom and the anti-stress. Unfortunately, the project failed along the way. But we really want to show you a preview.

History of Western Civilization

Damien Vignaux created an evocative collage representing symbolic elements of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, modern and contemporary ages for the new edition of the book History of Western Civilization.

Alberta Views Travel Guides 2015

Discover the province of Alberta in West Canada, thanks to these guides illustrated by Kelly Schykulski. He managed to combine in each illustration several ideas and concepts. In June, his work had already been noticed by Applied Arts.

Silke Werzinger / Hairy book

Hairy is a book about hair illustrated by Silke Werzinger. It is part of an art project called 100for10 initiated by Melville Brand Design in Munich. 100for10 is a series of art books, of which each issue contains 100 black and white pages and costs only € 10.

Editions Milan et demi / France

Benoit Tardif is one of the 60 illustrators in the book "La France qui gueule ! Ces dates qui ont bousculé notre histoire" published by Editions Milan et demi. A history of France where loud people and rebels take forward the society. From Vercingetorix to Charlie, portrait of a rebel France. Benoit illustrated la Querelle des inventaires (Quarrel of the inventories).

Book / Comme des Géants

N'aie pas peur (Don’t’be afraid), the new book for children by Véronique Joffre, written by Andrée Poulin and published by Quebecker edition company Comme des Géants. It is the story of a boy and his mother, and of a bear-cub and his mother about camping and bravoure!

Marie-Eve Tremblay / La Montagne Secrète / Province of Quebec

Marie-Eve Tremblay was chosen by La Montagne Secrète publishing house to illustrate the musical CD Book: Il pleut à boire debout ! Chansons de chiens et chats, created for the 15th anniversary of the company. The CD book is gathering several humorous songs about cats and dogs adventures. Among the singers: Daniel Lavoie, Dumas, Florence K and others.

Nicole Jarecz / Best Dressed Pets book by Laurence King editions / London

Last Spring, Laurence King publishing from London city gave to Nicole Jarecz the opportunity to work on a coloring book with stickers for young fashionistas! Nicole worked on this project for several weeks and illustrated dogs with their female masters in different environments.

Jérôme Mireault / Second début / Montreal

A fish on a bike.. well, yes it does exist! And it’s Jerome Mireault that had a lot of fun imagining beautiful drawings for a short essay called “Second début” (second beginning) by author and journalist Francine Pelletier, a vivid and sincere discussion on feminism in Quebec province and its status nowadays.

Chefs de famille / Les Éditions Cardinal / Quebec

Recipe book illustrated by Benoit Tardif. 20 family portraits of figures from Quebec cuisine, 100 recipes to put back pleasure at the center of the table. More information

Ëlodie / Milan Editions / Toulouse

Last spring, Ëlodie created a series of 22 illustrations for a book / interactive photo album entitled : My diary, horse passion, from Milan Editions. The book is finally available here.

Magnard Editions / Paris

Here is an audacious book cover created by Sonia Roy for La chanson du nez cassé, a story written by the author Arne Svingen for the Magnard's Children's collection.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / 400 coups Publishing / Montreal

Discover the adventures of a bad-tempered chick, illustrated by Marie-Eve Tremblay in this first book titled La vengeresse masquée et le Loup (The Masked Avenger and the Wolf), written by Pierrette Dubé and published by Les 400 coups.

Book covers / Random House

Katrinn illustrated two book covers, The Perfect Match and A French Affair, by the famous author Katie Fforde, published by Random House. A third cover is coming soon. We talk about Katrinn on Katie Fforde's blog.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Illustrated book for Éditions Mic Mac / Paris

Marie-Eve was the first at the clinic to work with the publishing company Éditions Mic Mac for a fully illustrated children book. Here are some excerpts from the book COW la petite vache cache ses taches (the small cow hiding her spots), the story of a well determined cow. She also illustrated the book Cocci la petite coccinelle cherche ses taches (the small ladybug looking for her spots).

Aaron McConomy / Collection of short stories / France

Series of illustrations including cover made ​​by Aaron for a collection of short stories. The topics covered are Normandy and the domain of ​​water.

Taschen Book / 100 Illustrators

Congratulations to David Despau and Mydeadpony who are part of the (strict) selection of the Taschen Book 100 Illustrators. The biggest players in the highly competitive field of illustration. Culled from our Illustration Now! series is this selection of today’s most successful and important illustrators from around the globe.

TC Media Publishing - Chenelière Education inc. / Montreal

Collage illustration signed by Damien Vignaux for the cover of a school book about Contemporary History from 1914 to 2014  for college students in Human Sciences. The book is published by Chenelière Éducation (a company of TC Media Livres).

Marabout / Coq Rico / Paris

Shane has illustrated the cookbook Coq Rico, la cuisine des belles volailles (cooking great poultry) by Marabout Editions. The Coq Rico is a Montmartre restaurant owned by Antoine Westerman.

Ëlodie / Unpublished illustrations / USA

Ëlodie created several illustrations for a book published by an American Publishing Company about French mature women. The illustrations will not be published, but we wanted to share some of them with you.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Promotional Book for the european children book market / Quebec Illustration Association / Montreal

Quebec Illustration association published a new promotional book to target the European Children Book market. Illustrator Marie-Eve Tremblay participated by creating an illustration of an imaginary Quebec traditional shepherd's pie-making machine. The theme was to illustrate few clichés that tourists might have about Quebec province such as sugar shack, Skidoo, shepherd's pies, or last but least whales. This promotional book that gathers 45 illustrators from Quebec will be released in March 2013, during the 50th edition of Children Book Fair that will take place in Bologna, Italia.

Jérôme Mireault / English Workbook / Oxford University Press / London

Jérôme Mireault created a series of scenarios illustrations for the English Woorkbook, an English exercices book, produced by Oxford University Press.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers Book / London

Marie-Eve Tremblay illustrated the Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers Book. We recognize her candid and warm universe instantly with exotic travel scenes, funny animals and expressive characters.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Max Malo à Vol d'Oiseau - Québec Amérique Publishers / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay was chosen to illustrate Max Malo's new adventures in the third tome of the series titled à vol d'oiseau and written by Bertrand Gauthier. The book is published by Québec Amérique jeunesse.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Interligne publisher / Ontario

Marie-Eve Tremblay shares the universe of her illustrations for an alphabet book named Raconde-moi l'Ontario français adressed to young 8 to 12 year-old French-Ontarian students and published by Les Éditions L'Interligne. The illustrator drew the cover, some of the chapter openings and 2 main characters present during the whole book. For each alphabet letter, an historic character, a place, a town or an key-moment of French Ontario history is mentionned.

BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina / North Carolina

Adam James Turnbull illustrated the landscape and the headline & body copy using hand drawn type. The collage of a photo of an adult's hand and child's crayon drawing of a bicycle were added to complete the concept of adding adult's pen sketches to the child's drawing, to show all the things that could be introduced into kids’ lives to help them grow up happier and healthier.

Ëlodie / Editions Hachette Education / Paris

Ëlodie had the privilege to create about thirty illustrations for the Agenda 3, an adult book for learning the French language. Everything was created in collaboration with Editions Hachette Education team in France.

Journal Write Now / USA

Francis Léveillée was commissioned once again to illustrate a journal of notes now about questionnings.

The Book of Doing / USA

Adam created the illustrations and designed "The Book of Doing: Everyday Activities to Unlock Your Creativity and Joy” of Allison Arden, published by the Penguin Group. He illustrated every activities in its own personal way of drawing everyday objects and words.

Journal Write Now / USA

Colagene's artists was commissioned  to illustrate the cover and some inside pages with typography for a eco-friendly and edgy/artful journal that contains 128 pages. This journal, or notebook, is available in urban fashion stores.

Here is Francis Léveillée's Dreamer of Dreams Journal. He plays with a interesting color palette to make this artistic and inspiring. Francis also worked on another Journal that will soon be available. Look forward to it!

Write Now Journal / USA

Here is Adam James Turnbull journal to complete the series of Write Now journals illustrated by Colagene's artists. This one was an optimistic theme; for those with positive attitudes, with spirituality, aiming to reach a precise goal. The illustrations have a more retro feel, type & graphics, sort of like an ad from the 50's.

ERPI / Professional Training book / Montreal

Kimi Kimoki was chosen by Les Éditions du Renouveau Pédagogique to illustrate a professional training book titled Communiquer pour mieux aider by author Pascale Reny. This book is adressed to students in nursery and deals with mastering verbal and nonverbal communication in order to better help patients and to optimize the relations with colleagues in this sector.


Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Journal Write Now / USA

Like Francis Léveillée and Adam James Turnbull, Mydeadpony was commissioned  to create illustrations of the cover and few inside pages of quotes for a notebook, that is meant to be artistic and inspiring. This Journal's theme is the Mermaid, for strong, daring and courageous women. These booklets are so beautiful that we feel like using our best pen to write in it!

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Flammarion Quebec publishing / Montreal

Illustration realized by Marie-Eve Tremblay for the cover of a french book named Cap sur la retraite by Marie-Paule Dessaint, published by Flammarion Québec.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Grammar basics schoolbook / Montreal

Cover and interior illustrations of the grammar basics schoolbook for Elementary school's 2nd and 3rd grades students. The project is realised by les Éditions du Renouveau Pédagogique Inc.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Illustration Now! Portraits cover

Mydeadpony just created the portrait of Mark Zuckerberg (Co-Founder and President of Facebook) for the cover of the new book published by Julius Wiedemann; Illustration Now! Portraits of Taschen.

Metropolis at Metrotown / Vancouver, BC

5 realistic style illustrations and 5 badges for a shopping center brand book, for Metropolis at Metrotown, the British Columbia's largest shopping centre.

Takeshi / Groupe Ville Marie / Montreal

Editorial illustration for the book first cover of an historical novel named La cordonnière, second volume of 4 books about the Dufresne family and written by Canadian author from Québec Pauline Gill. This book cover project was realised by Groupe Ville Marie Littérature.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Penguin Canada / Toronto

Illustrations for the book Coal Dust Kisses, by author Will Ferguson, published by Penguin Group Canada.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / "Les voleurs de couleurs" book / Canada

Series of illustration created for a junior book named "Les voleurs de couleurs" by Amélie Resch and published by Les éditions L'interligne.