Giordano Poloni / Krys / Paris

Giordano Poloni created an illustration, logo and animation for the "L’étape en blanc" campaign launched by Krys as part of the 2021 Tour de France.

Jenue / Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Camel Countryside / Amsterdam

We are happy to share the latest achievements of Alvaro alias Jenue. Including a poster made in CGI but with a paper look to welcome Chinese travelers at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. As well as a magnificent European 3D campaign for the Camel brand.

Aurore Danielou / Santa Novella digital campaign / Italy

This is a superb project created in duo with our illustrator Aurore Danielou and motion designer Raoul Paulet. An animated digital brand campaign for the Italian brand Santa Maria Novella in collaboration with RXM Creative of New York. The aim was to promote the brand’s flagship products such as: Vellutina, Sapone Latte, Olive Oil Soap, Almond Soap... while telling the story of the products, their flavours, and benefits. What a pleasure to work on such beautiful international projects and as a team!

Owen Gent / Freedom of expression is displayed! / Montreal, Canada

Cossette Montreal agency has chosen the illustrator Owen Gent de Colagene, Clinique Créative to illustrate the 4 posters and various communication media for The Montreal Writing Marathon and Amnesty International Human Rights Day on December 10, 2020. The campaign « Écrire ça défend la liberté de presse » is made up of 4 strong and impactful images symbolizing freedom of expression.

Jenue / Latest creations / London, United Kingdom

Discover the latest creations of Alvaro alias Jenue, our newest 3D artist who creates creative and vibrant typographies, images and animations. He awaits your big format challenges!

David Despau / Poster campaign for Abanca Bank / Madrid, Spain

Beautiful series of giant size portraits by David Despau for an outdoor display campaign for the Spanish bank Abanca.

Antonio Uve / Shanghai iapm mall / Shanghai, Chine

An illustration by Antonio Uve, made for the Christmas promotion of the Shanghai iapm shopping center.

Lavilletlesnuages / Internal campaign for Cossette / Montreal, Canada

Cossette agency with the morale of its employees at this time of telework, has created an internal "cultural" campaign of one-off events. Lavilletlesnuages, whose style is playful and colorful, has made animated gifs, greeting cards, a drawing to color, and some gifts under festive themes for their beautiful and great team!

Amaël Isnard / Kiehl’s loves campaign … / World

The famous and stylized skincare brand Kiehl’s loved to showcase its promotional campaigns and products of all kinds for years to please its global community. Amaël Isnard and Colagene have the immense pleasure of collaborating on more than 52 countries in 2020 with original creations in the form of festive theme frescoes for each country, through the campaign: Kiehl’s since 1851 loves in Vietnam, Italy, China, Chile, Japan, Argentina, Dubai… What part of the world are you in? The products signed by Amaël Isnard are surely close to you!

Nazario Graziano / Grand Tonic Hotel / Biarritz, France

Here is a summer display campaign illustrating wellness and holiday activities illustrated by Nazario Graziano for the Grand Tonic Hotel in Biarritz, France.

Tonwen Jones / L'Express magazine / Paris, France

Here is an editorial illustration by Tonwen Jones in a modern collage mix concerning sciences, for L'Express magazine. And, illustrations around the theme of the environment for communication tools of GRT Gaz.

Nazario Graziano / / Ancona, Italy

Nazario Graziano created this series of letters in digital collages for the project which is given the mission to create small posters of Italian artists which are sold online in order to collect donations to help Italian hospitals in the most affected regions throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Let us help Italy also its artists to survive this health crisis.

Giordano Poloni / Ikea / Milan, Italy

"Beyond four walls" is the slogan of this Ikea campaign, showing different neighborhoods of Milan in Italy in a house plan to promote their online ordering campaign and home delivery or pick-up. This advertising concept was illustrated by Giordano Poloni for Ikea Milan.


Antonio Uve / New creations / Madrid, Spain

Here are various novelties from Antonio Uve for B-Inspired magazine, Going Places, and some personal creations including one on a current topic, helping our planet!

Lavilletlesnuages / Tokyo 2020 / Paris, France

Our dear Louise, alias Lavilletlesnuages, ​​had the chance to visit Tokyo at the end of last year. She had the desire to illustrate, in her own way, the different sports of the Olympic Games, which were to take place in Tokyo in the Summer of 2020. We present them to you because they are great!

Amaël Isnard / The Dordogne / Paris, France

Through the illustrations of Amaël Isnard, discover the richessness of the Dordogne, a French department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in Périgord.

Óscar Llorens / Nexus School / Madrid, Spain

PlayOffice design company has chosen Oscar Llorens to illustrate some concepts for the entrance posters of this new and innovative school located in Madrid.  He eagerly took on this challenge to illustrate abstract concepts like: global mindset, curiosity, success, determination, reflection, creativity and care.

Aurore Danielou / Soubois restaurant club / Montreal, Canada

Le Soubois, one of the trendy nightclub restaurants in Old Montreal, ordered sumptuous floral tapestries by Aurore Danielou. Also discover one of her new floral patterns that inspire spring!

Lavilletlesnuages / New creations / Paris, France

Lavilletlesnuages reveals her latest creations. A colorful universe of living and unique ideas to start the year 2020 in style.

Giordano Poloni / Éditions Gallmeister / Paris, France

Giordano Poloni illustrated the cover of Craig Johnson's novel Dry Bones, in Gallmeister Editions. And, the agency Havas from Paris commissioned drawings for a promotional poster for Probox, a tool specialist of all kinds.

Emmanuel Polanco / New creations / Stockholm, Sweden

The strength of the image emerges from the new illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco. Discover editorial illustrations for Oprah Magazine, Institutional Investor and Network Magazine...

Bomboland / Apple / Lucca, Italy

The clinic wants to share a beautiful series of illustrations made by our Italian duo Bomboland. Summertime and the paper cut were in the spotlight in this project for Apple.

Wearbeard / Spanish National Foundation for Science and Technology / Madrid, Spain

Discover this periodic collaboration with the Spanish National Foundation for Science and Technology's news agency, SINC. Graphic illustrations by one of our new artists Wearbeard.

Poppy Magda / News / Cannes, France

Here is a "pop" selection of the latest achievements and imaginings of Poppy Magda.

Bomboland / New creations / Lucca, Italy

Our flamboyant Italian duo, Bomboland, made headlines for the German newspaper Diezeit with their colorful editorial illustrations for 580 and Kokode.

Lavilletlesnuages / Inspirations from Seoul / Paris, France

Just back from an inspirational trip to Seoul, Lavilletlesnuages reveals her latest creations. A colorful universe of living and unique ideas.

Pablo Pasadas / ID&AL / France

Pablo Pasadas has illustrated a series of 7 collages representing 7 French cities for ID&AL Group, accompanying innovative and personalized real estate solutions.

Tonwen Jones / New creations / Brighton, United Kingdom

Here are some of Tonwen Jones' latest accomplishments; tourist monuments, posters, and compositions around travel mixing collages and drawings.

Annick Poirier / New creations / Laurentides, Québec

Our Quebecer Annick Poirier creates a second mural for the walls of Place Longueuil. Plus, an illustration created for Work book ad and a series of fruity labels for Smucker’s jam packaging. Children running on the beach for Fundraising Children Hospital and an editorial illustration on the delicate subject of vaping for Hour Detroit Magazine.

Victoria Bee / Le Carrousel du Louvre / Paris, France

From July 13th to August 31st, the artwork of Belgian paper artist of this designer Victoria Bee was in the spotlight at the Carrousel du Louvre. The artist presented her romanticized and colorful vision of a summer day in the heart of the French capital, in partnership with 7 brands of the Galerie: Caudalie, Change Group, La Maison du Chocolat, Lancel, Maxim’s de  Paris, Pylones and Sunglass Hut.

Owen Gent / New creations / Bristol, United Kingdom

Owen Gent' s book has been updated with a lot of new additions for your eyes!

Amaël Isnard / Slow galerie / Paris

After Thailand, Jamaica and Cuba, Amaël Isnard takes us to Chile and Sweden with these two new posters available at the Slow gallery in Paris.

Pablo Pasadas / New creations / Barcelona, Spain

Pablo Pasadas continues to dazzle us with this new series around femininity. A mix of solid colors, textures, rich colors and collages.

Aurore Danielou / Mont-Royal Avenue / Québec

We are pleased to present the 2019 visual of the Summer Guide of Mont-Royal Avenue, illustrated by our beloved Aurore Danielou and produced by the Mont-Royal Avenue development Corporation.

Ëlodie / Summer novelties / Paris, France

Our dear Parisian Ëlodie has created several series of illustrations on the theme of summer. Here's a nice selection for you in pastel colors. Doesn’t it make you want to go for a bike ride?

Aurore Danielou / National Congress of Labor / Canada

Aurore Danielou created this floral illustration that will be used on a poster to promote the International Women's Day for the National Labor Congress.

Bomboland / Various creation / Italy

Here are some of the latest projects of the duo Bomboland working in paper cut. Surprise your clients by offering them to work in volume for their advertising campaign.

Aurore Danielou / Basterd and Les Insulaires / Montréal

Basterd, one of the trendy restaurants in Montreal's Villeray district, where brunches are to die for, has been given unique floral tapestries by Aurore Danielou. Discover also the decor of a new place in Laval: Les Insulaires, microbrewer for which Aurore has created wallpapers on the theme of tropical and abundant nature to create an exotic island atmosphere.

Pablo Pasadas / Second skin!

Pablo Pasadas continues to dazzle us with a new series of personal research around femininity. His idea is always to recreate a second skin by adding layers of texture. A magnificent artistic work that makes us want to see this kind of colorful and lively images everywhere in the streets of major capitals or major fashion centers.

Steve Scott / New creations / London

Here's a selection of the latest projects by Steve Scott, one of our British artists. An illustration for the Wall Street Journal, a poster in the form of a journey of the best places in London accessible by subway, and an illustration for the Arab News on the theme: Welcome to the future.

Steve Scott / Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series

5 colour screen print illustrated by Steve Scott for the 59 Parks project. It’s of the Gateway Arch National Park in St Louis, Missouri.

Quebec Auto Insurance

Zigor Samaniego produced a series of 3D scenes for a poster campaign on the effects and prevention of drug use and drunk driving. This project was carried out by the Quebec Auto Insurance in collaboration with the LG2 Quebec team. 

Victoria Bee / Devianne / France

The agency Ores Group France has chosen to illustrate in volume with Victoria Bee for a Christmas campaign for the French ready to wear brand Devianne.

Stephanie F. Scholz / Leroy Merlin / France

Series of three illustrations by Stephanie F. Scholz for the operation The Celebration of Your Projects for Leroy Merlin, a French retail chain specializing in hardware, DIY and gardening. The illustrations were applied to various billboards and promotional materials such as tote bags, T-shirts, notebooks etc ... Thanks to BETC!

Pablo Pasadas / Barcelona101 / Spain

Pablo Pasadas created the visual identity of the Barcelona101 photographic competition. This contest highlights the diversity of the people, communities, spaces, activities and how to live in Barcelona in image.

Annick Poirier / Seaside display campaign

Annick Poirier created this superb advertising campaign for the Seaside wine brand in collaboration with Publicis Montréal.

Annick Poirier / The Montreal Botanical Garden

The watercolor look is in the spotlight for this new giant printed card illustrated by Annick Poirier found at the entrance of the Montreal Botanical Garden. Thank you to the City of Montreal for this project!

Ricardo magazine and Place Longueuil

Benoit Tardif continues his collaboration with Ricardo magazine, this time on the theme of Italy: You say rosé, I say rosato. In addition, we wanted to show you a little more of the mural he created for La Place Longueuil, filled with small playful scenes. We love it!

Place Longueuil / Québec

We are pleased to unveil four murals made by four artists from the clinic for the new image of the Place Longueil (shopping center). This beautiful projet is signed by the agency ZA communication.The illustrations were made by Anne Cresci, Annick Poirier, Aurore Danielou and Benoit Tardif


Rick Hansen Fondation

A Pro bono project for the Rick Hansen Foundation, produced by Taxi Toronto and created by Zigor Samaniego in 3D.

Emmanuel Polanco / Theater an der Wien / Austria

After revealing the illustrations of the program, here is a series of portraits by Emmanuel Polanco for the posters of the 2017-2018 season of the Theater an der Wien’s 2017-2018 season, The New Opera House, in Austria.

Aurore Danielou / Canadian Labour Congress / Canada

A great campaign which started for International Women rights Day. The #donewaiting movement aims at the safety, the equity and the economic justice for women in Canada. A project created by the Canadian Labour Congress in collaboration with the talented Aurore Danielou who drew the artworks. Join the movement:

Pablo Pasadas / Fashion & Music

Pablo Pasadas mixes the themes of fashion and music in this series of personal researches. He translated the musical style of 3 former musicians died through feminine characters; Sid Vicious for the punk side, Miles Davis for the jazz side and Elvis Presley with the rock side of the King.

Aurore Danielou / Shop windows and giant wallpaper

Here are various projects created by Aurore Danielou; the shop windows of the Wonderbra pop up in Toronto. The temporary dressing of a Fred Hamel & Co shop for the rehabilitation of the subway and the Ville-Marie Place of Montreal. And the portrait of a young woman named Rose.

Acome, 16th Symposium

Kelly Schykulski created the image of the next symposium of Acome (1st cooperative French industrial company, and leading player in the cable, wires and sunthethic tube market) which will take place from May 8th to 13th 2018 in San Francisco with an immersive route of a day in the Silicon Valley.

Bomboland / Mount-Royal Avenue

The holiday season was festive on Mount-Royal Avenue in the famous district of the Plateau in Montreal. L'Atelier Chinotto chose a cut paper look and signed Bomboland to illustrate the promotional campaign of this past year's Christmas activities on The Avenue. Posters, brochures and banners colored one of the favorite avenues of the Montrealers.

Steve Scott / Val Thorens / France

Steve Scott illustrated La Grande Première poster for the Val Thorens ski station, in France.

Bomboland / Lake Mégantic / Quebec

The Italian duet Bomboland, compound of Maurizio and his partner Elisa, was chosen by Havas Montréal to create 4 papercut illustrations putting the accent on depth and space. They created this campaign Une ville à cœur ouvert for the reconstruction of the city of Lake Mégantic, after the drama of the 2013 train explosion; a moving, human and graphic project.

Takeshi / Collages study

Textures, materials, colors, shape, composition, movement... Takeshi pursues his swift studies of collages. Imagine your project with his mark; guaranteed success and astonishment!

Creative capsule

Here is our tenth CREATIVE CAPSULE. This month, we invite you to meet Andi Meier, our young and smiling German artist working with some Plasticine. He shows a lot of creativity, his compositions are more and more complex and his universe is unique. Big marks and famous magazines appeal to him and the results are magnificent. Décrouvrez down here his interview and also some photos of him in the work in its studio. To work with Andi is a charm!

Describe your creative lab in a few words?
Messy, but there are unicorns flying around.

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique? 
Everything is modulated in clay, photographed and arranged on computer.

What is the project of which you are most proud of?
One of the projects I am really proud of are the illustrations for “The Washington Post”.

What are your favourite colors to create?
I prefer bright pastellic colours.

Why did you become an artist?
I wanted to become famous and rich.

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
Colourful, happy, hand-crafted, ironic

What is the project of your dreams?
To make my own illustrated-book.

What does a typical day in the life of Andi looks like?
-Option 1: standing up at 7, taking a shower, riding on my bike to my office, creating the whole day amazing new clay-illustrations, going to the gym, meeting friends and go to bed.
-Option 2: snoozing about 2-3 hours, standing up at whenever, riding with my bike to my office, watching the whole day you-tube-videos, riding home, go to sleep.

What inspires you?
There are many things in everyday life, which are really inspiring. But I especially like watching tourists making selfies – a perfect inspiration for character-design. But of course the internet is also pretty helpful.

What is your favourite blog or website?
Globally, I like to surf on Instagram and Pinterest... no favorite !

Sosh Big Air / Annecy, France

Andi Meier creates a clay poster of Sosh Big Air. An international skiing competition and snowboard freestyle in the heart of Annecy, a city in France!

Les Traducteurs Agréés du Québec / Quebec

Under the art direction of Reservoir agency, Zigor Samaniego created 3D illustrations for the new campaign poster of the Traducteurs Agréés du Québec. The illustrations are currently on the streets and highways of Montreal.

Steve Scott / Unofi, ad campaign / France

After creating their greeting cardSteve Scott illustrates the ad campaign for UNOFI. Note that the complete design and the production of this campaign were assured by Colagene Paris from scratch.

David Despau / Canadian royal currency / Canada

In association with the agency FCB Montreal, David Despau illustrated a series of scenes revealing the Canadian courage and strength on the Canadian royal currency. The illustrations, filled with emotions and life, took place on coins and on vairous other supports of the ad campaign.

Ëlodie / Gallery1988 and online shop

The movie Dirty Dancing illustrated by Ëlodie for the exhibition 30 years later on the movies of the 1987 for Gallery1988. As well as a flowery and trendy wallpaper for the Back to School time available on her online shop.

Jérôme Mireault / Three Amigos!

Guy Laliberté, founder of the Cirque du Soleil, chose Jérôme Mireault to create several illustrations and typographies of DJs' Three Amigos! new label! of which he is a member. Jérôme illustrated the poster of their first event A Night in Candy Land which took place in Ibiza.

Zoo of Granby / Quebec

Benoit Tardif had lots of fun creating this photo mix for the young and the not-so-young! His artwork is shown at the Zoo of Granby, in Quebec. This illustration was created as part of a partnership with the Caméra Explora project.

Jérôme Mireault / Posters contest / Les Galeries de Hull

This is a teaser! In August, we will be present a nice series of illustration for a contest at Les Galeries de Hull shopping center in Gatineau, Quebec, by Jérôme Mireault in collaboration with the Cominar agency.

We're Acting Out! summer festival / Montreal

The Society for the Celebrations of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary and the LG2 agency appealed to the talent of Sonia Roy to realize the visual of the 2017 campaign of the Montreal festival: We're Acting Out! Le Quartier des Spectacles is currently being invaded by the largest street art groups from Quebec and worldwide.

Steve Scott / News!

Here are Steve Scott's latest summer illustrations. he is available this summer for any type of project, contact us!

Twist Festival / Quebec

The main image of the Festival Twist, the Quebec knitting and fiber festival, was confided to Katrinn Pelletier for the 2017 edition. The release of this picture had an enormous craze this week on Katrinn’s page, generating more than 12 500 views. Just below, she presents us her new vintage series which she named: my Florists. Her illustrations, a bit surrealist with feminine characters and oversized flower bouquets, put forward the beauty of the physical diversity of women.

Steve Scott / Ferme du Pré / France

This poster of Ferme du Pré, illustrated by Steve Scott represents all the process, production to transformation, of the egg.

Emmanuel Polanco / Theater an der Wien / Austria

Emmanuel Polanco created more than 20 illustrations for 2017-2018 season of Theater an der Wien, the new opera house, in Austria. Here are some of the illustrations fron the program. The posters will be promoted on september 2017; so be patient!

Emmanuel Polanco / CommArts 2017 award

You had already loved in 2016 the poster "Of Mice and Men" by Emmanuel Polanco for The Steppenwolf Theatre Company, so for 2017 this poster has again won an award of Communication Arts’ annual 2017 Design Competition. Look at the video where John Malkovich comments the project of the 40th anniversary of The Steppenwolf and you will discover that this poster is, as a Sir J. Malkovich said it himself, "really f ** king cool" as he hung on it in his magnificent bathroom. Again, Thanks to The Steppenwolf Theatre CompanyOgilvy and Mather Chicago crew and Sir John Malkovich!

David Despau / Agglomération Béziers Méditerranée

Frédéric Lacas, Chairman of the Agglomération Béziers Méditerranée, gives you his best wishes. All of these illustrations were created by David Despau.

Need some Christmas illustrations?

Whether it is for a greeting card, an animation, a packaging, a poster or an advertising, artists of the clinic can create for you or your customers pictures for the Christmas holidays season. Contact us.

PepsiCo Challenge / China

Adam illustrated 2 cans Pepsi for PepsiCo Challenge. The idea was to create a leading experience with the Chinese youth. These illustrations are intended to incite the young people to challenge, to do more, and to follow the spirit " Live for Now ".

Heavy Montreal festival 2016 / Montreal

Rocker at heart? Benoit Tardif manages to impress with its straightforward style, as shown in his creations for the Heavy Montreal Festival of 2016. You'll find his animated illustrations in a promotionnal video of various festivals of the greater Montreal area presented by Loto Quebec.

David Despau / Star Trek

Fan of Star Trek? This year, the saga of Paramount Picture celebrates its 50th anniversary. David Despau created diverse promotional pictures and packagings for the collection The Wrath of Khan. 

Emmanuel Polanco / Steppenwolf Theater's poster / Chicago

You wonder who was the lucky one? Emmanuel Polanco kinked John Malkovich who hung his work - one of the 40 print poster for the 40th anniversary of the Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago - in the magnificent bathroom of the actor! John Malkovich speaks about it with his words, which you can listen to and see here.

And the icing on the cake, this poster won already 1 prize at the Competition 2016 Communication Arts ' annual Design and it is also in the running in the CLIO Awards on 2016.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Gallery Exposition / JASMIN TV

Here is a foretaste of a major campaign created for the erotic TV channel JASMINE TV, for which Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi has created a series of suggestive collages. The exhibition in gallery will be made everywhere around the globe!

Quebec’s film festival

From the 18th until the 27th of February takes place the 34th edition of the festival Les Rendez-vous du cinema Québécois (Quebec's film festival), an event organized by Quebec Cinema. An illustration signed by Benoit Tardif, inspired by local classic movies.

Le Bled collective exhibition

Benoit is an illustrator, but also a very active artist; he is part of the Montreal's collective Le Bled. He shares with us his last series, realized within the framework of a collective exhibition where he illustrates, in his own way, the goons of hockey. He tested a black and white style, with a more sketchy, textured and fat approach. To see all the series, visit his portfolio.

ICI Radio-Canada Télé

Benoit Tardif created large format illustrations for the scene of the new musical program “Stereo Pop”. This decor was specially designed for Philippe B.’s live performance this autumn. This program is hosted by Pierre Lapointe and Claudine Prévost and broadcasted on Friday nights at 8 pm on ICI Radio-Canada Television.

Mont-Royal Street / Montreal

This year, Veronique signed the illustration of a promotional campaign for Mont-Royal street in Montreal. She was requested by the design agency L’Atelier Chinotto to draw the traditional torchlight procession,a main activity organized by the street in December.

Jacques Bouchard Foundation / Montreal

Seven of our illustrators contributed to the 2015 campaign of Jacques Bouchard Foundation (home palliative care) in collaboration with Publicis Montréal. Each artist was assigned with a Quebec figures's portrait. Publicis gave free reins to our artists to illustrate in their own style the wish of each personality about how they would like their last days to be. The clinic was at the fund-raiser evening last Tuesday, September 15 during which the artworks were on sale by auction.

In order of appearance: Kelly Schykulski (Pierre Bruneau), Aaron McConomy (Denys Arcand), Emmanuel Polanco (Pascale Bussières), Adam James Turnbull (Sophie Lorain), Jérôme Mireault (Robert Charlebois), Anne Cresci (Louise Deschâtelets) et Katrinn Pelletier (Alex Bilodeau).

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Multiple Sclerosis WA / Australia

Ad campaign realized by Mydeadpony for the MSWA (The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia). The poster tells the Donna's Story who has MS. Every person with MS has their own story. With your help, we can tell a better one. Donate at

Poppy Magda / Greedy illustrations / Paris

Here is a delicious and greedy series of illustrations signed by Mamzelle Poppy for a new tea shop that will open soon in Paris 9th arrondissement.

Óscar Llorens / Stare on Oscar Llorens' little world / Madrid

With a stroke of a pen, the accurate work of Oscar Llorens creates a colored universe, alive and its detailed creations let show through a festive poetry not divested of seriousness. By his playful style, he knows how to seduce a wide public. We let you judge it yourself!

Óscar Llorens / Mozz Restaurant / Laval, Quebec

Oscar Llorens brings us back to childhood with this illustration especially created to customize the wall of Mozz, a new restaurant that has just opened in the city of Laval (Quebec province). A bit of innocence and smoothness as a child’s play!

David Despau / Poster / In Bicycle We Trust / Madrid

David illustrated the new urban myth; half-human being, half-bike. This printed campaign for In Bicycle We Trust's stores, also comes with a beautiful animation.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Institut Curie's "Une jonquille pour Curie" 2015 campaign / Paris

Poster illustrated by Marie-Eve Tremblay which will also be applied to other communication mediums for the event Une jonquille pour Curie 2015. On the national week of cancer taking place from March 17th to 22nd 2015, the objective is to collect funds for the fight against cancer. During this united mobilization, everyone is invited to show some support for this fight, from Paris or in regions. The researchers need more than ever the mobilization of the largest number to continue to lead their innovative research programs, synonyms for hope. To know more about it visit the site of L'Institut Curie.

Parcs Canada- Week-end at Peel bassin event / Montreal

 To put emphasize on the historic place that is the Peel bassin, Parks Canada called the Graphic Design Clinic and the illustrator Edward McGowan to create a promotional visual for the Weekend at the Peel bassin event that took place on September. For this project, posters, banners, advertisements and newspapers were declined.

Silke Werzinger / Les Galeries de la Capitale shopping center / Quebec city

Fashion illustrations by Silke Werzinger spotted at Les Galeries de la Capitale shopping center in Quebec city! The illustrations were created to dress temporary barricades placed in front of future new shops' windows.

La Licorne Theater / Montreal

September also means the fall arts season! Here are the illustrations created by Benoit Tardif for the 2014-15 season of La Licorne Theater. Benoit's work has been adapted on different promotional media: printed brochures, advertising displays, the theater's website and social media, video etc. The illustrator was given a lot of freedom for this project. He illustrated “in an absurd humor style", as he describes it, the season’s theme including links to Quebec's identity and references (winter, bonfire etc.) Art director and executive director of La Licorne Theater, Denis Bernard quotes: "Benoit's work and style match exactly our theater's spirit and the atmosphere that we want to communicate through this season's brochure."

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / 6PAR4 / 2014 fall season / Laval, France

Mydeadpony was almost free to create this 2014 fall season's new graphic visual of  6PAR4, a concert hall located in Laval, France. Each trimester has its first cover, its artist and its illustrator. For this season program, Mydeadpony illustrates Christine and The Queens.

Sid Lee Technologies / Montreal

Our storyboarder and roughman, Dan Svatek, was selected by the advertising agency Sid Lee to illustrate the walls of Sid Lee Technologies’ new workspace. It's a new department specialized in the combination of storytelling and technologies in order to develop client-brand interactivity. Have a look!

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / La rue du Commerce storekeepers association / Paris 15th district

For a second time, Mydeadpony created a graphic visual for a commercial event organized by the storekeepers association from la rue du Commerce (Commerce street) in Paris. As it was from last June 18th to last June 21st, that is to say during the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the event's theme was about Brazilian colors and carnival.

Le balnéa spa, Été des chefs gourmet cooking contest 2014 / Montreal

Relaxation, food and... Damien Vignaux! The artist created this collage visual for the promotion of the gourmet cooking contest: L’été des chefs (Chefs’ summer), 2014 edition. The event takes place each summer at the well-known Balnéa spa and thermal reserve located in Cantons-de-l’Est area in Quebec province.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Parlez-moi d'amour fund raiser evening / Jovia association / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay illustrated the promotional visual of the fundraiser evening Parlez-moi d’amour (tell me about love) organized by the charity Jovia. The organization’s mission is to improve hospitalized patients’ quality of live through performances given by therapeutic clowns who interact with people by combining complicity, playfulness and imagination. The illustration was used on Jovia’s facebook page, its web site, promotional displays and the evening’s program.

David Despau / Société Générale campaign / London + Hong Kong

Continuation of the series of illustrations created by David Despau for the advertising campaign of the bank Société Générale targeting investors and those who need funding.

Éric Caron / Sun Life Financial / Montreal

Éric Caron was chosen by Bleu Blanc Rouge agency to create 4 large illustrations of everyday life rooms: a living room, a kitchen, an office and a back-room. The illustrations have been exhibited during Sun Life Financial company's promotional tour that has started last February during festival "Montreal en Lumière". Visitors can interact with the illustrations via the visual recognition tool of an iPad application. The tour will take place in a few Quebec festivals during the year.

Óscar Llorens / San Miguel advertising campaign / Spain

In order to inspire us for summer campaigns, Oscar Llorens presents the Ciudadano (citizen) campaign he created for the non-alcoholic Spanish beer San Miguel 0.0.

Jérôme Mireault / Rockland Shopping Mall / Montreal

In collaboration with lg2boutique agency, Jerome Mireault illustrated 3 different set-ups to dress up storefronts in Rockland Shopping Mall. With respect to the positioning of this Montreal shopping mall, each scenery highlights luxury and fashion-forward products and  design accessories.

Printed campaign for Strasbourg City / Strasbourg

Illustrations of urban scenes in cut paper for an exhibition booth and out of home signage for Strasbourg City, announcing the public event: My City under a magnifying glass, dialogue on the local town planning. Discover more of the cut paper work by Véronique Joffre.

Óscar Llorens / Second style / Madrid

For nearly a year, Oscar Llorens has been testing and enjoying working in a more realistic style; a totally different world, far from his small world of fun characters in line drawing. Check out some of his new personal achievements.

Silke Werzinger / McDonald's / France

Silke continues her collaboration with McDonald's and signs a new series of illustrations for the printed advertising campaign about McDonald's commitments towards children.

Enquêtes documentary / Historia / Montreal

Pedro Covo's graphic style was chosen for an advertising campaign promoting Enquêtes, a documentary broadcasted by Quebec's TV channel Historia, about the political heritage left in Canada and in Quebec by Jean Chrétien, Lucien Bouchard and René Lévesque. Pedro was requested to illustrate the portrait of each of these Quebec past prime ministers.

Ëlodie / Diageo - New Harbor white wine / Montreal

Summer goes with happy hours with friends and a glass of white wine. Ëlodie demonstrates how to relax with a series of little illustrations inspired by instruction manual's drawing style for an advertising campaign for New Harbor white wine. 

Arion, Baroque Orchestra / Montreal

The new musical season 2013-2014  of Arion, baroque orchestra concerts has been launched under the theme of Italia. This year, it's Veronique Joffre that has been chosen to create in a paper cut style one generic illustration to announce the season entitled All' Italiana  as well as 5 other illustrations, each respectively inspired by 5 upcoming concerts named:  Venezia, mi amore, Venise Tempest, Love duets, The World of Mozart and Bow follies and Battalias.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Government of Canada / Montreal

Easter Island, Cuba, Paris.. There's a smell of holiday in the air! Here is a series of touristic locations illustrated by Marie-Eve Tremblay for different information tools (Facebook page, brochures, mobile apps, etc.) including the website created on the Government of Canada's initiative and addressed to Canadians travelling or living abroad.

Jérôme Mireault / Shopping malls / Cadillac Fairview / Montreal

When illustration is mixed with photography... Illustator Jérôme Mireault was chosen to work on servicentres advertising campaign's visuals for Cadillac Fairview's four shopping malls:  Carrefour Laval, Fairview Pointe-Claire, Galeries d'Anjou and  Promenades St-Bruno. Jérôme was requested to draw in black lining style, a series of elements each reffering to a specific service available for the malls' customers to optimize their experiment / visit.

David Despau / Société Générale / London + Hong Kong

 Illustration by David Despau for a digital poster, animated by Damien Vignaux, as well as a printed billboard for the Société Générale.

The bank's mission is to make the link between those who have money (investors) and those financing needs (the issuers). This link is symbolized by flows that meet and build an imaginary bridge.

Pablo Pasadas / Festival poster: Le printemps de Rouen / Rouen

Pablo Pasadas created the poster of the festival Le printemps de Rouen in France that takes place from April 13th to June 1st. A great opportunity to discover the cultural richness of the city of Rouen.

Óscar Llorens / Institut Curie / Paris

Oscar Llorens was chosen to create an illustration for the main poster, as well as other printed and web supports, for the event called "Une jonquille pour Curie" (a dafrodil for Curie). This great national event of mobilization of solidarity against cancer, organized under the initiative of the Institute Curie at Place du Palais Royal in Paris, took place on March 19th to 24th, on the theme : together, take a head start on cancer!

Tonwen Jones / Personal and advertising researches / London

Tonwen Jones demonstrates, with her research work, that her illustrations can also adapt to a communication project that aims a larger audience. Firstly she presents a scene with a crowd enjoying the benefits of summer activities. Then she created a fictive advertising scene for Volkswagen Golf. And finally, in a more drawn style, she presents her own interpretation of Holi festival in India, which she had the chance to attend a few years ago. It's hot, it's colorful. To see more creations by Tonwen Jones, click here.

Anne Cresci / Valentine's Day campaign of Marionnaud perfumeries / France

Series of illustrations created for Valentine's Day campaign of Marionnaud perfumeries by Anne Cresci. Marionnaud is an international chain of perfume stores from France based in Paris.

Nazario Graziano / Recent projects / Ancona, Italy

Nazario Graziano wants to share some of his projects he worked on in Italy. He hopes it will inspire you for projects in various fields as music, advertising and even fashion. To see more, take a look at his portfolio.

Bankers Hall / Advertising Campaign / Calgary

Here are the second part of the painterly illustrations created by Karen Klassen for the Fall and Winter seasons of Bankers Hall's outdoor printed campaign in Calgary. You can see previous illustrations for Spring and Summer here.

Óscar Llorens / Thalys poster / Paris

For the launch of the new application of Thalys smartphones, Oscar Llorens illustrated a poster for the interior of TGV trains.

Arion, Baroque Orchestra / Timeless Colours / Montreal

Illustration series by Damien Vignaux for the 2012-2013 promotional campaign of Arion's baroque orchestra concerts. Damien created 6 digital collage illustrations: one generic illustration to announce the season entitled Timeless Colours as well as 5 other illustrations, each respectively inspired by 5 upcoming concerts: Trésors cachés d’Italie, Bach, une histoire de famille, De la mélancolie à l’allégresse, Vivaldi à Dresde et Passions grandeur nature.

Poster for Antitube Diffusion Cinema / Quebec, Canada

Here is a poster that creates "noise" in the great town of Quebec. Katrinn Pelletier took a great pleasure in creating this duotone illustration for Antitube Diffusion Cinema. The artistic direction and the graphic design were made by Safran communication + design in Quebec city.

Poster for the TV program: Voulez-vous danser? Hosted by Geneviève Guérard / Montreal

François Couture, famous roughman and storyboarder in Montreal, had the privilege to have been chosen by ARTV among 13 illustrators to illustrate a poster for one of their TV program. François had to work in a 60's thriller novel style. The illustration will be used on the TV channel website from this week and the 13 posters are exposed at the ARTV center in Places des Arts in Montreal. To learn more about the event:

We also showing you few illustrations recently created for the Unis-Editions group in France.

Signage and brochure for the French festival "Chamb’lit les mots gourmands"

Ciara Phelan created a poetic and colourful pop-up collage for the festival Chamb’lit les mots gourmands 2012 that will take place on August 31st to September 2nd 2012, in the city of Chambly in France.

Pablo Pasadas / Contest for a medical print campaign

Pablo Pasadas created this collage and photomontage type illustration for a medical print campaign contest. This mock-up was finally not use but we wanted to share with you his work.

Calgary Stampede / Calgary

For the 100th year of Calgary Stampede campaign, Ciara Phelan had to create 6 different 3D pop up illustrations. Most of the items she included in her montage were official Calgary Stampede’s objects shipped directly to her especially for the confection of her illustrations.

Bankers Hall / Advertising Campaign / Calgary

Once again for this year’s campaign, Bankers Hall, a shopping atrium in Calgary, commissioned Karen Klassen to create the illustrations for their annual seasonal campaign for various printed ads around the city. We are pleased to unveil the first seasons’ illustrations for Spring and Summer. Keep an eye open on other masterpieces to come.

Aaron McConomy / The Maple Celebration / Montreal

Spring is almost there and maple is already in the place of honor in Quebec! La fête de l'érable 2012/ maple celebration event 2012 organized by Quebec Maple Producers took place on March 4th in Montréal. Aaron McConomy was chosen to create for the occasion, a series of illustrations: a cauliflower, a rosemary herb and a vegetable garden. His work has been displayed during the event and has also been used to accompany the event press release.

Takeshi / The 54th Grammy’s / Los Angeles

Takeshi illustration for the Los Angeles 54th Grammy’s.
The request was to create an explosion of liquid substance providing from Bruno Mars, representing the music, to go with the Grammy’s slogan “We Are Music”. - Takeshi

Massey Tower Condos / Toronto

3 illustrators at the clinic were mandated to illustrate different music theme inspirations for the Massey Tower condos project campaign. This illustration of Geraldine Georges based on Alternative Music, is used for the launch of the campaign and published, among others, on the website and printed ads. The other illustrations will be revealed next month.

Takeshi / Fruit & Passion 2012 Christmas campaign / Montreal

It smells like winter holidays in North-America : In collaboration with Orange Tango agency, Takeshi realized a surrealistic boreal forest for 2011 holidays and Boreal Fir new fragrance campaign for Fruits & Passion shops.

The visual is now displayed in Canada and the United States on the exterior side of  Fruits & Passion shops' windows and inside-shop banners. It's also in the promotional catalog  and on Fruits & Passion website.

Óscar Llorens / TGV Lyria / Paris

Illustration for the web and print campaign Discover the other Swiss nature for TGV Lyria. Colagene, graphic design clinic took care of the web banners animation.

Direct flights advertising / Air Canada / Montreal

Illustration for the super billboard at the entrance of International Airport Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau of Montreal on direct flights possibilities offered by Air Canada.

Takeshi / Annecy 2018 / France

Ad campaign for the candidature of France to the 2018 olympic and paralympic winter games with Euro RSCG 360 agency.

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton / Montreal

2 illustrations for the exhibition stand of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. Grant Thornton International is one of the world's leading organisations of independently owned and managed accounting and consulting firms. These firms provide assurance, tax and specialist business advice to privately held businesses and public interest entities.

Ventilate Japan

Geraldine Georges collaborated for the Ventilate Japan project, a charity poster series donating 100% of all profits to the Red Cross for those who suffer from the Japan tragedy.

Bomboland / Ministère de l'éducation nationale / France

Papercut illustration for a poster of the Ministère de l'éducation nationale in France. In this illustration, bridges symbolize the transition in higher levels of schooling for students.

Region of Burgundy in France / Paris

International campaign for the region of Burgundy in France: In Burgundy, no tourists.

Bankers Hall shopping centre / Calgary, Alberta

Mural illustration for a Supertrain in Calgary and 20 painting style portraits for displays, for the Bankers Hall’s shopping centre campaign. This Project was realized by Juice Creative agency.

Leonizer records

Illustration cover of the next maxi record of the electro artist Leonard de Leonard, and the first maxi "Les ailes du courage" by The Escapist, under the label Leonizer records.

Takeshi / Grimbergen Beer / Paris

Rough for the new ad campaign Grimbergen beer made with SidLee Paris agency

Takeshi / Pohjola / Finland

Photographic illustrations for the new advertising campaign of Pohjola, an insurance company, realised by TBWA Helsinki. Pohjola is now launching insurance services for Finnish companies that are expanding their business outside Finland. Pohjola is offering also expert services to companies to avoid some cultural conflicts and ease their integration in foreign markets.

Bomboland / Draft FCB / Kraft cookie / San Francisco, CA

Paper-cut illustrations for two different concepts, the first one for chocolate chunks cookies and the second for wheat crackers to create backgrounds for in store advertising , billboard and tramway and buses campaign in USA, for Kraft Back to Nature realized by Draft FCB.

Bomboland / Kölln / Germany

A series of paper cut illustrations for the new Kölln (a well known cereal brand) advertising campaign for the Kolle Rebbe agency in Germany.

RC Lofts / Chicago

Series of environment design illustrations to give a fashionable façade makeover to the prestigious commercial and residential project RC Lofts in Chicago South Loop.

Pablo Pasadas / Etap Hotel / France


Campaign continuation with a series of 4 new designs for print and TV advertising "Etap Hotel, The origin of a good day", produced by agency Young & Rubicam. The campaign will be running initially in France, then across the 22 European countries where the company is based.


Pablo Pasadas / Etap Hotel / Europe

Six illustrations for the new Etap Hotel print and tv campaign, Etap Hotel, à l'origine d'une bonne journée (originally a good day), realized by the agency Young & Rubicam. The campaign will first run in France and soon after across the 22 countries where the hotel chain is located in Europe.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Laurier shopping centre / Quebec city

Series of illustrations for the new TV and ad campaign Place Laurier is the biggest shopping centre in Eastern Canada

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Laurier shopping centre / Quebec City

Series of illustrations for the new TV and ad campaign Place Laurier is the biggest shopping centre in Eastern Canada

Silke Werzinger / Quartier DIX30 / Montreal

Back to school is Big: Billboard for the Quartier DIX30 shopping mall

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Undiz (Etam Group) / Paris

Girl talk: Fall/Winter 2009 in-store seasonal campaign for the lingerie brand Undiz