Pablo Pasadas / Donna Moderna magazine / Milan

Pablo Pasadas creates this amazing series mixing flat, textures, rich colors, and collages for the Italian cultural magazine Donna Moderna.

Pablo Pasadas / "Business with attitude" prize of Madame Figaro / Paris, France

Pablo Pasadas created finalists portraits for the main of animation of Madame Figaro's "Business with attitude" awards evening.  This Parisian event, celebrating its 4th anniversary, honors the success of women in the business world.

Pablo Pasadas / ID&AL / France

Pablo Pasadas has illustrated a series of 7 collages representing 7 French cities for ID&AL Group, accompanying innovative and personalized real estate solutions.

Pablo Pasadas / New creations / Barcelona, Spain

Pablo Pasadas continues to dazzle us with this new series around femininity. A mix of solid colors, textures, rich colors and collages.

Pablo Pasadas / Graphic research / Barcelona, Spain

Pablo Pasadas continues his graphic research. He named this series Reflections.

Pablo Pasadas / Second skin!

Pablo Pasadas continues to dazzle us with a new series of personal research around femininity. His idea is always to recreate a second skin by adding layers of texture. A magnificent artistic work that makes us want to see this kind of colorful and lively images everywhere in the streets of major capitals or major fashion centers.

Pablo Pasadas / Le Parisien Week-end / France

Pablo Pasadas illustrated the Real Estate section for le Parisien Week-end magazine.

Pablo Pasadas / Barcelona101 / Spain

Pablo Pasadas created the visual identity of the Barcelona101 photographic competition. This contest highlights the diversity of the people, communities, spaces, activities and how to live in Barcelona in image.

Pablo Pasadas / Paris Worldwide / France

Series of illustrations by Pablo Pasadas for Paris Worldwide, the magazine of Paris Aéroport, for the article: Education: the shift to digital.

Pablo Pasadas / SMART#TravelWithCorsair

Illustrations by Pablo Pasadas for an article about jetlag in Corsair's new inflight magazine SMART.

Pablo Pasadas / Black Eye Festival

Pablo Pasadas enriches his portfolio and polishes up his style by creating this serie of illustrations for a fictitious festival which he named Black Eye.

Pablo Pasadas / Paris Worldwide / Aéroports de Paris

Pablo Pasadas illustrated Les aliments du futur (Food for the future) for the Aéroports de Paris magazine, Paris Worldwide.

Pablo Pasadas / Fashion & Music

Pablo Pasadas mixes the themes of fashion and music in this series of personal researches. He translated the musical style of 3 former musicians died through feminine characters; Sid Vicious for the punk side, Miles Davis for the jazz side and Elvis Presley with the rock side of the King.

Pablo Pasadas / Pitch / Switzerland

Illustration of Pablo Pasadas created for a pitch for a client in the connected objects market.

Pablo Pasadas / EISTI / France

Pablo designed an illustrated photomontage for the cover of EISTI's brochure; International School of Information processing sciences.

Pablo Pasadas / Avantages magazine

Here is 3 collages on the food theme for the article local Spécialités locales, je craque ou pas ? of the magazine Advantages. Pablo Pasadas illustrated a Tour de France of the local specialities of the various regions.

Pablo Pasadas / Personal research

Pablo Pasada got inspired by everyday life items for his last artworks. His will was to keep on creating new things but this time more in an advertising context.

Pablo Pasadas / Avantages magazine / Paris

Retro-modern series for an article on overstepping your own limits for Advantages magazine. To enjoy more artworks in this very same fresh and alive spirit, have a look at Pablo Pasadas’ news.

Pablo Pasadas / Avantages magazine / Paris

The new collage style of Pablo Pasadas is at its very best for the article named Low cost : je déjoue les pièges (Low cost : I prevent myself from traps) published in Avantages magazine March issue.

Pablo Pasadas / Reflex magazine / GDF Suez / Paris

For the Reflex in-house magazine, on the health and safety of the GDF SUEZ group co-workers topic, Pablo Pasadas conceptualized the professional deafness for a column "Share the health experiences". The text deals with, from a prevention point of view, the risks connected to the noise in a working environment.

Pablo Pasadas / Festival poster: Le printemps de Rouen / Rouen

Pablo Pasadas created the poster of the festival Le printemps de Rouen in France that takes place from April 13th to June 1st. A great opportunity to discover the cultural richness of the city of Rouen.

Pablo Pasadas / Philosophie Magazine / Paris

Pablo Pasadas illustrates, for Philosophie Magazine, a subject named Montaigne and the friendship, as well as a text about post-democracy.

Pablo Pasadas / Contest for a medical print campaign

Pablo Pasadas created this collage and photomontage type illustration for a medical print campaign contest. This mock-up was finally not use but we wanted to share with you his work.

Pablo Pasadas / Mazda wishes card / Montreal

Pablo Pasadas illustrated in photomontage the greeting card of Mazda Canada for Christmas 2011.

Pablo Pasadas / Etap Hotel / France


Campaign continuation with a series of 4 new designs for print and TV advertising "Etap Hotel, The origin of a good day", produced by agency Young & Rubicam. The campaign will be running initially in France, then across the 22 European countries where the company is based.


Pablo Pasadas / Etap Hotel / Europe

Six illustrations for the new Etap Hotel print and tv campaign, Etap Hotel, à l'origine d'une bonne journée (originally a good day), realized by the agency Young & Rubicam. The campaign will first run in France and soon after across the 22 countries where the hotel chain is located in Europe.

Pablo Pasadas / Le Maag / Paris

Cover illustration for the in-house magazine's MAAF, an insurance company, for the agency ByTheWayCreacom

Pablo Pasadas / L’Aquitaine / Paris

Cover illustration for the July/August supplement illustrating summer in Aquitaine, a region in France