Jenue / California Avocados

Jenue, one of our specialists in 3D and typography in volume, created from A to Z this beautiful decor and animation for the brand California Avocados. This advertising campaign broadcasted in California on various media, on the brand’s website and runs on social media. It makes you want to taste Californian avocados and go for a little trip there soon! Then, a typography in . gif with candy colors in his book.

Wearbeard / Animated advertisement for the liquor: Anis del Mono / Madrid, Spain

Featured here is one of Colagene’s newest artists, Wearbeard. In these illustrations he shows off his animation skills in an advertisement on the history of the famous Spanish liquor: Anís del Mono.

Les tontons makers / Animated campaign for Vélo Québec / Montreal, Canada

Discover this dynamic and trendy animation created for the awareness campaign targeting young Canadians aged 18-30 "Mon campus à vélo". This campaign aims to promote the bicycle trend as an alternative mode of transportation created by the OBSL Vélo Québec Association. This animated project was directed by Les Tontons Makers one of our great duo of motion designers!

Nicolas André / Fondation Curie / Paris, France

Here's an animation for the Curie Foundation in France animated by Nicolas André, a motion designer based in Paris and ready to take on any challenge. Working with him is a delight. Curious? Watch his showreel.


Quebec Milk's Producers

Because it was everywhere (or, "icitte") in Quebec during the holidays, we will keep showing you more. TV, web ads, wild signage, big posters in the subway and shopping centers ... LG2's Milk Producers campaign, illustrated in modeling clay by Andi Meier has made many heads turn and generate beautiful smiles to Quebecers and tourists this Christmas.

Florent Hauchard / DRAK TV spot / France

TV spot for DRAK, a universal peg to fix up to a ton, illustrated by Florent Hauchard and animated by Nicolas André.

Animatics for Ajinomoto in Japan

The Little Things That Make us HumansZigor Samaniego has illustrated a robot in 3D and Eric Caron did the storyboard for an animatics produced by DentsuBos agency. This concept is for a client pitch for Ajinomoto; one of the leaders of the food-processing industry in Japan.

The Mini-Wheats Hot Milk Man campaign / Canada

Benoit Tardif created with the Leo Burnett agency the branding for the Kellogg's Canada Mini-Wheats truck for the Hot Milk Man campaign. On a chilly morning in Canada, one town got a surprise visit from the Hot-Milk Man. And the rest was history... see here the short commercial video.

David Despau / Stranger Things

For the release of the first episodes of Season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix, David Despau illustrates the portraits of the characters Dustin and Eleven.

Bomboland / Interior Savings Credit Union Campaign

Interior Saving Credit Union is a huge fan of Bomboland's characters and their universe, thus for the 3rd time, they use their creativity in an other advertising! Thank you again to Interior Savings Credit Union for your confidence.

Bomboland / Interior Savings Credit Union Advertising / Canada

How to give some more of dynamism to your brand and to amuse your clients? It is simple: animate the characters and the world of Bomboland in an advertising! Thank you again Interior Savings Credit Union for your trust.

Nicolas André / Total / Africa Cup of Nations 2017 / Africa

Nicolas André, new motion designer artist of the creative clinic, created a TV spot for Total and the soccer Africa Cup of Nations 2017. This campaign was broadcast on Canal+ Sport and SuperSport channels during the CAF.

Ligue Nationale de Rugby / Top14 / France

Maison Vignaux created this TV spot for Top14 and the National League of Rugby. The short movie was broadcasted during Boxing Day, between Christmas and New Year's Day. Havas Production, Havas SE and Colagene managed the production jointly. Maison Vignaux has also looked after the print campaign.

Nickelodeon / HALO Awards 2016

Zigor Samaniego showed us part of his talent for Nickelodeon this year. Discover his work in this animation to promote the HALO Awards of 2016. See the teaser here. Thank you to Jonas and Co for this nice project!

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Highlights on TFO / Ontario

Marie-Eve Tremblay takes part in this beautiful series of fun, informative vignettes about Ontario and the Francophones that have made their mark throughout the years, broadcasted on TFO. Let's go and discover this province in an entertaining way:

Direction / New Showreel

Damien and Jacqueline Vignaux are Maison VIGNAUX, a multi-platform creative studio developing content in film, photography, illustration and animation for fashion and brands. Their love for experimentation, and their high-praised visual touch, a crossover of traditional film techniques and cutting-edge contemporary illustration skills, led them to work for clients such as Yves Saint Laurent, Adidas, Nike, Swatch, Arte, Universal, MTV, Redbull, Sunday Times, Warner or Air Canada.

Liberté Kéfir Products / Montreal

Damien Vignaux worked with Cossette agency on the «Thank you Kefir » advertising campaign. He was requested to create a promotional video with aquarelle illustrations and textures that will introduce the fermented milk drink product, its origin, composition, benefit and the different ways to enjoy it.

Raoul Paulet / Telekom Slovenia (Director's Cut)

 TV spot created by Raoul PauletIt is said that there is no identical snowflakes.Each is a world in itself. Unique. Unrepeatable. Just like you. You can choose many paths. It is up to you and only you. Where you turn, which door you open, which world you visit. But there is only one way which leads you to your destination. Telekom Slovenia. Live freely.

Damien Vignaux / Libresse TV spot

Damien Vignaux animated the illustrations created by Mydeadpony for a TV spot for Libresse broadcasted in Eastern Europe.

TV spot / Tourisme Montréal

TV spot by Damien Vignaux made from illustrations created by Aaron McConomy. The animation was produced to promote tourism in Montreal. Damien and Aaron worked together under the artistic direction of Jimmy Lee creation team. Enjoy!

Damien Vignaux + Nazario Graziano / Canal Savoir / Montreal

Series of illustration for the flyer of the fall programming and TV spot of the television channel Canal Savoir illustrated by Nazario Graziano and Damien Vignaux. Damien also took care of the animation.

Nike / USA

TV spot for the running shoes Nike Zoom Victory XC

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Laurier shopping centre / Quebec City

Series of illustrations for the new Spring TV and press ad campaign for Place Laurier one of the biggest shopping centre in eastern Canada. The slogan is : Là où les tendances se dessinent.

MTV Networks / Argentina

Bluna created 3 amazing & colourful tv spots for MTV in Argentina. Produced in 3D,  the ads reveal a profusion of cute Japanese-inspired characters & are themed on Fun, Friendship and Dreams. See Bluna's book

Aaron McConomy / GPS, a subsidiary of Desjardins / Montreal

A series of  animated illustrations for the web for GPS, a branch of Desjardins Bank, that appeared on the BNN website

Pablo Pasadas / Etap Hotel / France


Campaign continuation with a series of 4 new designs for print and TV advertising "Etap Hotel, The origin of a good day", produced by agency Young & Rubicam. The campaign will be running initially in France, then across the 22 European countries where the company is based.


Aaron McConomy / TV ad DISNAT / Canada

Illustrations & graphic material for animated TV ad project presented on BNN; for DISNAT, a Desjardins subsidiary. Directed by Staub Studio.

Pablo Pasadas / Etap Hotel / Europe

Six illustrations for the new Etap Hotel print and tv campaign, Etap Hotel, à l'origine d'une bonne journée (originally a good day), realized by the agency Young & Rubicam. The campaign will first run in France and soon after across the 22 countries where the hotel chain is located in Europe.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Laurier shopping centre / Quebec city

Series of illustrations for the new TV and ad campaign Place Laurier is the biggest shopping centre in Eastern Canada

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Laurier shopping centre / Quebec City

Series of illustrations for the new TV and ad campaign Place Laurier is the biggest shopping centre in Eastern Canada