Óscar Llorens / Advertising campaign for Madrid / Madrid, Spain

Oscar Llorens had the privilege and pride of working on a cause that is close to his heart in this latest advertising campaign for his city of Madrid, Spain. The campaign focused on children's rights in Spain and was carried out by the agency La Despensa.

Óscar Llorens / Personnal creations / Madrid, Spain

Oscar Llorens likes to work in digital colors, but he especially loves to draw. He often uses graphite for his personal creations. He admits having felt total creative freedom by making the colorization of this series, which says surreal pop called "Castillo", which means castle.

Óscar Llorens / Nexus School / Madrid, Spain

PlayOffice design company has chosen Oscar Llorens to illustrate some concepts for the entrance posters of this new and innovative school located in Madrid.  He eagerly took on this challenge to illustrate abstract concepts like: global mindset, curiosity, success, determination, reflection, creativity and care.

Óscar Llorens / Series of portraits / Madrid, Spain

Superb series of portraits by Oscar Llorens. His desire was to create characters with a singular aesthetic based on a concept; Open your head and look inside, Broken head, Migraine is like having thousands of spines in your head...

Óscar Llorens / New creations / Madrid, Spain

Oscar Llorens revisits Disney's famous characters and also presents us three other projects on which he had fun!

Óscar Llorens / Lürzer's Archive

We are very proud to announce that Oscar Llorens has become one of the 200 best illustrators in the world in 2018 according to Lürzer's Archive.

Óscar Llorens / Google / Spain

Oscar Llorens has been commissioned by TMP Worldwide to draw 5 Google doodles about Barcelona city.

Óscar Llorens / Wallpaper

The universe of Oscar Llorens is showcased this month in our wallpaper named "Cosmos". Do not hesitate to share! Version desktop / Version iPhone / Version iPad

Óscar Llorens / Sexy, chic and colorful creations!

Here are several projects and personal researches done by Oscar Llorens. Discover Oscar's different styles, which oscillate between realism and line drawing.

Óscar Llorens / Air For Kids (McDonald's) Magazine

2 illustrations from Oscar Llorens for the article Do you speak video games? for Air For Kids magazine (McDonald's).

Óscar Llorens / Anah's Notebooks

Here's an illustration about rented brokerage for the decryption section of the internal magazine : Les Cahiers de l'Anah (Anah's Notebooks), the National Housing Agency.

Óscar Llorens / Stare on Oscar Llorens' little world / Madrid

With a stroke of a pen, the accurate work of Oscar Llorens creates a colored universe, alive and its detailed creations let show through a festive poetry not divested of seriousness. By his playful style, he knows how to seduce a wide public. We let you judge it yourself!

Óscar Llorens / Mozz Restaurant / Laval, Quebec

Oscar Llorens brings us back to childhood with this illustration especially created to customize the wall of Mozz, a new restaurant that has just opened in the city of Laval (Quebec province). A bit of innocence and smoothness as a child’s play!

Óscar Llorens / Fortune Magazine / New York

To be an entrepreneur and succeed whatever is your route, your age or your work experiences it is possible. Óscar Llorens illustrated these ideas in the article of March 2015 issue Fortune Magazine.

Óscar Llorens / Subway Canada contest / Montreal

Oscar Llorens illustrated a seasonal contest for Subway Canada. Participants may have the chance to win a journey in The Bahamas or in Swiss Alps. The illustration was used on different media such as Subway cardboard glasses, printed promotional material in Subway Canada’s restaurants, web banners and TV ads.

Óscar Llorens / Spanish realizations / Madrid

The Spanish are real fans of Oscar Llorens' universe. His last months have been quite loaded with many great projects from his natal place (tramway-wrapping for Coca-Cola, impressive outdoor banner for the El Corte Inglés campaign, etc.). He would ike to collaborate more on these kinds of massiv campaign from all around the world. He also has the perfect portfolio to convince the public and the clients, take a look below and to his book. Don't hesitate to give Oscar a challenge that'll met his expectations, he's waiting for you!

Óscar Llorens / Facebook game for Pink Lady® / France

A whole virtual and imaginary graphic village was created by Oscar Llorens with 4 main environments (orchard, park, restaurants, beach) linked to each other by secondary places (as bakery,smoothy bar, picnic, stores, market ...), for a facebook interactive game for Pink Lady® 's apple brand.

Óscar Llorens / Miscellaneous works / Madrid

The Oscar Llorens's universe is pleasing every public, he thus presents some of his last creations. Please visit his online portfolio to see his last advertising campaign collaborations just as many other projects!

Óscar Llorens / San Miguel advertising campaign / Spain

In order to inspire us for summer campaigns, Oscar Llorens presents the Ciudadano (citizen) campaign he created for the non-alcoholic Spanish beer San Miguel 0.0.

Óscar Llorens / Second style / Madrid

For nearly a year, Oscar Llorens has been testing and enjoying working in a more realistic style; a totally different world, far from his small world of fun characters in line drawing. Check out some of his new personal achievements.

Óscar Llorens / Latest realizations

Here are samples of latest summer projects by Oscar Llorens created in his line drawing style.

Óscar Llorens / Bowen Island Brewing / beer cans / British Columbia

In collaboration with the agency Spur and Boot, Oscar Llorens illustrated the new cans' design of the beer company NorthAm Beverages. The illustrations were based on the different names of each beer: Artisan IPA, Sun Chaser, Deep 6 Lager, Reef Break, Twisted Trail and Wild Wood.

Óscar Llorens / Institut Curie / Paris

Oscar Llorens was chosen to create an illustration for the main poster, as well as other printed and web supports, for the event called "Une jonquille pour Curie" (a dafrodil for Curie). This great national event of mobilization of solidarity against cancer, organized under the initiative of the Institute Curie at Place du Palais Royal in Paris, took place on March 19th to 24th, on the theme : together, take a head start on cancer!

Óscar Llorens / Pharmacy Practice Magazine / Canada

True to himself, Oscar Llorens greatly combined his childlike world to the serious topic of Pharmacogenomics, customized pharmacologic care based on an individual’s genetic makeup, for the cover of the Pharmacy Practice magazine.

Óscar Llorens / Le Mois / Saint-Gobain / Paris

Oscar Llorens illustrates urban environments with his playful style on the cover of the Saint-Gobain Group magazine.

Óscar Llorens / Thalys poster / Paris

For the launch of the new application of Thalys smartphones, Oscar Llorens illustrated a poster for the interior of TGV trains.

Óscar Llorens / Corporative brochure for Picard's brand / Paris

Oscar Llorens illustrated the new corporative brochure of Picard's brand (frozen food products). The idea was to spread around the plate the components of the Picard's food chain - from the raw material to the consumer.

Óscar Llorens / L’Esprit MHD Magazine / Paris

Oscar illustrates the cover of Moët Hennessy Diageo's L’Esprit MHD magazine, for a special issue about alliances between 2 generations in a company, as well as the knowledge transfert between juniors and seniors employees.

Óscar Llorens / Oscar Llorens is creating live! / Madrid, Spain

The clinic shares with you thisOscar Llorens video. He realizes a work of art in direct. Get to see his face, technique and creativity with this realization on a wall and a fun animation of his illustrated universe.


Óscar Llorens / TGV Lyria / Paris

Oscar continues his collaboration for the campaign: Discover Switzerland's other nature for TGV Lyria, and illustrates the last web advertising. Colagene graphic design clinic handled the web banners' animation.

Óscar Llorens / TGV Lyria / Paris

Illustration for the web and print campaign Discover the other Swiss nature for TGV Lyria. Colagene, graphic design clinic took care of the web banners animation.

Óscar Llorens / Keolis Annual Report / Paris

Series of illustrations for the annual report of Keolis, a major operator in public transportation of passengers in France, Europe and worldwide. Realized by Angie agency.

Óscar Llorens / The Washington Post / Washington

One illustration for the article Finance Park for The Washington Post.

Óscar Llorens / British is Better / Italy

Oscar has illustrated a series of 7 t-shirt illustrations for the British is Better clothing brand & company

Óscar Llorens / New illustrator

A spanish illustrator whose cartoon style and playful creations have turned well-known heads throughout Europe