Marie-Eve Tremblay / FTQ / Montreal

Last year, the FTQ chose Marie-Eve Tremblay to cover their education program based on apprenticeship transfer. The illustration was to represent the themes “Learning to See Differently”. And she shares two new summer creations freshly made. And one of her illustrated books in England is nominated for The Queens Knickers Awards!

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de pouce magazine / Québec, Canada

Topics that are sensitive or touchy that are each time beautifully illustrated by Marie-Eve Tremblay for the monthly column C'est ma vie from Coup de Pouce magazine for many years!

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de Pouce magazine... / Montreal, Canada

Marie-Eve Tremblay continues her annual collaboration with Coup de Pouce magazine and share with us two new illustrations produced during her maternity leave.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Guy St-Jean Editor / Montreal, Canada

We are proud to introduce you one of the latest challenges from Marie-Eve Tremblay: her first written book and done in collaboration with the publishing house Guy St-Jean Éditeur and Mammouth Rose for La Petite collection with the aim of teaching how to read to children from 4 to 8 years old. The book is on sale in every good Quebec bookstores.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Merry Christmas! / Montreal, Canada

To wish you our best wishes for Christmas, here are 3 Christmas greeting cards from Marie-Eve Tremblay sold to the general public at Renaud-Bray, Archambault, Deserres and Forfaiterie...Thanks to Productions ID for this faithful annual collaboration. Happy holidays to everyone!

Marie-Eve Tremblay / St-Sauveur Valley Guide / Laurentides, Québec

Once again, Marie-Eve Tremblay is chosen by King agency to illustrate a friendly scene for the 2019-2020 visitor's guide for the St-Sauveur Valley.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Educational game

Here's a series of illustrations for the kit of an educational game dedicated to teachers and used to explain the electrical network. It's also used to educate children about energy efficiency in the village of La Romaine, an Innu Indian reserve in northern Quebec. This illustrative work was created by Marie-Eve Tremblay, and it's the Code Agency that designated and coordinated the entire project for Hydro-Québec.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Jack Crackerjack's book

Marie-Eve Tremblay has illustrated a new fun book, produced by OwlKids. Jack Crackerjack's book for children ages 2 to 5 is the hilarious story with a safe thief and his sidekick. It is an eccentric and energetic read, with tons of internal rhymes and a playful use of language.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Janod / France

For Janod, traditional games and toys with a contemporary designMarie-Eve Tremblay created 6 Mix and Match cubes and a panoramic puzzle on the "4 seasons" theme.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / L'Express / France

Marie-Eve Tremblay illustrates the start of the literary season of foreign novels for L'Express magazine.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Greeting cards

Marie-Eve Tremblay made a series of greeting cards to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays for Éditions Villers and also for Card Blanche Films. Maybe think of that idea for this year!

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de pouce magazine

Marie-Eve Tremblay ​​illustrates her monthly column in the February 2017 issue of Coup de Pouce magazine, under the theme "Love, fresh water and socks lying on the floor".

Marie-Eve Tremblay / The Cowboy Princess / Dominique & Compagnie

Marie-Eve Tremblay's illustrations charm both young and old, and you will be seduced by these magnificent illustrations created for the new book The Cowboy Princess, published by Dominique et Compagnie.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Highlights on TFO / Ontario

Marie-Eve Tremblay takes part in this beautiful series of fun, informative vignettes about Ontario and the Francophones that have made their mark throughout the years, broadcasted on TFO. Let's go and discover this province in an entertaining way:

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Que choisir magazine (What to choose magazine)

Series of 6 illustrations created by Marie-Eve for the «Banks, are your accounts secured?» folder, for the N°143 Que Choisir Argent magazine. (What to choose Money magazine)

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Touristic Guide / Montréal

The Chamber of Commerce of the Valley of Saint-Sauveur mandated Marie-Eve to create the front page of their new touristic guide. An evocative visual for pure pleasure year-round in the region!

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Canada Post

Post Canada felled in love and opted for the innocence of Marie-Eve Tremblay's sweet universe for its stamps campaign for Canada Post Community Foundation. Designed with Lionel Gadoury of Context Creative agency, the stamp of this year represents the extraordinary power of tales and the delight of imagination. Buy online to help the foundation.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de Pouce magazine / Montreal

A little article about discreet people illustrated with a lot of humor and good taste by Marie-Eve Tremblay for the monthly column C’est ma vie of Coup de Pouce magazine, December issue.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Télé-Québec / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay created the illustrations of the opening of Ciné-Mollo TV program broadcast this fall-winter season on Télé-Québec channel. Every Saturday at 6 p.m and, the TV program is presenting several family movies.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Éditions de Villers / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay keeps on working with les Editions de Villers company. Here is her very last artwork for this year Christmas card model. Available soon for your wishes!

Marie-Eve Tremblay / La Montagne Secrète / Province of Quebec

Marie-Eve Tremblay was chosen by La Montagne Secrète publishing house to illustrate the musical CD Book: Il pleut à boire debout ! Chansons de chiens et chats, created for the 15th anniversary of the company. The CD book is gathering several humorous songs about cats and dogs adventures. Among the singers: Daniel Lavoie, Dumas, Florence K and others.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de Pouce magazine / Montreal

Here are the last illustrations by Marie-Eve Tremblay for Personal life column of Coup de Pouce Magazine, June and July issues. The first one is dealing with the art of doing nothing. The second one refers to the time that we spend looking for our everyday life things.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Personal life column - Coup de Pouce magazine / Montreal

Romance and humor are filling Marie-Eve Tremblay's last illustration for “Vie Perso” (Personal Life) column of Coup de Pouce Magazine. The theme for this February issue is about the kiss. It was necessary to mark the occasion, Valentine’s Day being the event of the month.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Institut Curie's "Une jonquille pour Curie" 2015 campaign / Paris

Poster illustrated by Marie-Eve Tremblay which will also be applied to other communication mediums for the event Une jonquille pour Curie 2015. On the national week of cancer taking place from March 17th to 22nd 2015, the objective is to collect funds for the fight against cancer. During this united mobilization, everyone is invited to show some support for this fight, from Paris or in regions. The researchers need more than ever the mobilization of the largest number to continue to lead their innovative research programs, synonyms for hope. To know more about it visit the site of L'Institut Curie.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / 400 coups Publishing / Montreal

Discover the adventures of a bad-tempered chick, illustrated by Marie-Eve Tremblay in this first book titled La vengeresse masquée et le Loup (The Masked Avenger and the Wolf), written by Pierrette Dubé and published by Les 400 coups.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Personnal life column - Coup de Pouce magazine / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay maintained her collaboration with Coup de Pouce magazine this summer by illustrating its Personal Life column. Colleagues who are taking long breaks at the office, a friend of yours richer than you are and unpleasant neighbors: enjoy Marie-Eve's illustrations that were created with a lot of humor, for these last 3 articles.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Parlez-moi d'amour fund raiser evening / Jovia association / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay illustrated the promotional visual of the fundraiser evening Parlez-moi d’amour (tell me about love) organized by the charity Jovia. The organization’s mission is to improve hospitalized patients’ quality of live through performances given by therapeutic clowns who interact with people by combining complicity, playfulness and imagination. The illustration was used on Jovia’s facebook page, its web site, promotional displays and the evening’s program.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Personnal life column / Coup de Pouce magazine / Montreal

Let’s put the emphasis on couple relationships with the last project for Coup de Pouce magazine’s Personal Live column illustrated by Marie-Eve Tremblay. The first illustration deals, with humor, with the head-in-the-sand policy during a domestic hassle. The second image illustrates a darker article on domestic violence.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de Pouce Magazine / Montreal

New article for Vie Perso (Personal life) column illustrated monthly by Marie-Eve Tremblay and published in Coup de Pouce magazine. This time they are given 5 tips to be efficient when working from home.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Illustrated book for Éditions Mic Mac / Paris

Marie-Eve was the first at the clinic to work with the publishing company Éditions Mic Mac for a fully illustrated children book. Here are some excerpts from the book COW la petite vache cache ses taches (the small cow hiding her spots), the story of a well determined cow. She also illustrated the book Cocci la petite coccinelle cherche ses taches (the small ladybug looking for her spots).

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Contact Magazine / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay illustrated an article explaning all about patents for the fall issue of Contact Magazine published by Laval University.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / RTE Magazine / Paris

Marie-Eve Tremblay illustrated a story on the mobility of personnel for the Ressources section of the internal magazine RTE (transportation and electricity network).

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Personal researches: A taste of summer! / Montreal

Avid traveler, Marie-Eve Tremblay travels the world once a year to find new inspirations for her illustrated world, she shares with us a new summery series and added: "I was inspired by old magazines of 50's and 60's that I found in a market while I was travelling in which there was fashion pictutres. I then imaginated a photo shoot for the summer 1959! "

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Government of Canada / Montreal

Easter Island, Cuba, Paris.. There's a smell of holiday in the air! Here is a series of touristic locations illustrated by Marie-Eve Tremblay for different information tools (Facebook page, brochures, mobile apps, etc.) including the website created on the Government of Canada's initiative and addressed to Canadians travelling or living abroad.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Promotional Book for the european children book market / Quebec Illustration Association / Montreal

Quebec Illustration association published a new promotional book to target the European Children Book market. Illustrator Marie-Eve Tremblay participated by creating an illustration of an imaginary Quebec traditional shepherd's pie-making machine. The theme was to illustrate few clichés that tourists might have about Quebec province such as sugar shack, Skidoo, shepherd's pies, or last but least whales. This promotional book that gathers 45 illustrators from Quebec will be released in March 2013, during the 50th edition of Children Book Fair that will take place in Bologna, Italia.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de Pouce and Laval University Contact Magazine / Montreal

Here is a new illustration by Marie-Eve Tremblay for Laval University Contact Magazine. She illustrated, again with a lot of humor, an article about people who are happy to serve the Scientific Research by offering their services as human guinea-pigs.

Below, is following another illustration of a female tightrope walker holding a friend of hers in her hand. This one was creating, still by Marie-EVe, for a new Coup de Pouce Magazine Personal Life column, in which some advices to help your friends without getting personally affected are given.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Vie Perso / Coup de Pouce Magazine / Montreal

Here are two new illustrations by Marie-Eve Tremblay for the very short stories of  Vie perso (Personal life) column in Coup de Pouce magazine. In the January issue, we can enjoy Marie-Eve's drawing for a few advices on how to look for another job without getting caught by one's current boss. In this month issue, as Valentine's Day is under the spot, Marie-Eve had to illustrate how new communication devices, Internet or social media may be the new places for infidelity.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers Book / London

Marie-Eve Tremblay illustrated the Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers Book. We recognize her candid and warm universe instantly with exotic travel scenes, funny animals and expressive characters.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Max Malo à Vol d'Oiseau - Québec Amérique Publishers / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay was chosen to illustrate Max Malo's new adventures in the third tome of the series titled à vol d'oiseau and written by Bertrand Gauthier. The book is published by Québec Amérique jeunesse.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Interligne publisher / Ontario

Marie-Eve Tremblay shares the universe of her illustrations for an alphabet book named Raconde-moi l'Ontario français adressed to young 8 to 12 year-old French-Ontarian students and published by Les Éditions L'Interligne. The illustrator drew the cover, some of the chapter openings and 2 main characters present during the whole book. For each alphabet letter, an historic character, a place, a town or an key-moment of French Ontario history is mentionned.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Lucentis Brochure / Paris

Marie-Eve Tremblay created 13 illustrated mini-scenes for 3 booklets inserted in the brochure for the health professionals and patients of Lucentis medical company.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Tendances Magazine / Paris

Marie-Eve illustrated LaSer group Tendances magazine. She had to illustrate a special file on french people relationship with credit, especially after the subprimes crisis. She mastered the concept and the final result is clearly represented, sophisticated and humoristic.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Caisse Desjardins / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay has been chosen to ilustrate a Vespa helmet as part of a contest organized by Desjardins Bank, with a grand prize of a Vespa and the helmet. The illustrator had to take her inspiration from the estival period which is usually associated with the musical festivals in Montreal.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Flammarion Quebec publishing / Montreal

Illustration realized by Marie-Eve Tremblay for the cover of a french book named Cap sur la retraite by Marie-Paule Dessaint, published by Flammarion Québec.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Grammar basics schoolbook / Montreal

Cover and interior illustrations of the grammar basics schoolbook for Elementary school's 2nd and 3rd grades students. The project is realised by les Éditions du Renouveau Pédagogique Inc.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de Pouce Magazine / Montreal

Editorial illustration, digital & drawing style,  to accompagny an article on how to say no, for Coup de Pouce Magazine.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Contact Magazine - Laval University / Montreal

Editorial illustration to accompany an article on pain and on how empathy towards someone's pain is a behaviour that humans have been acquiring during their evolution & during the socialisation process, for Laval University's Contact magazine.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Carac magazine

Creation of 3 illustrations for the Carac magazine for the article: How to make your dream a reality? produced by Textuel La Mine.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Penguin Canada / Toronto

Illustrations for the book Coal Dust Kisses, by author Will Ferguson, published by Penguin Group Canada.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Roche Bobois / New York

Series of 4 corporative illustrations for Roche Bobois New York, these illustrations will appear in the private section of the website and can only be viewed by the client's members. Project produced in collaboration with Espresso Communication & Design.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / "Les voleurs de couleurs" book / Canada

Series of illustration created for a junior book named "Les voleurs de couleurs" by Amélie Resch and published by Les éditions L'interligne.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Today's Parent / Toronto

One illustration for Today’s Parent Magazine to accompany an article on how moms need to give dads time to bond with their babies and not be so controlling.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Contact Magazine / Montreal

Illustration for Contact Magazine of Laval University for an article about concussions in sports.