Aurore Danielou / Santa Novella digital campaign / Italy

This is a superb project created in duo with our illustrator Aurore Danielou and motion designer Raoul Paulet. An animated digital brand campaign for the Italian brand Santa Maria Novella in collaboration with RXM Creative of New York. The aim was to promote the brand’s flagship products such as: Vellutina, Sapone Latte, Olive Oil Soap, Almond Soap... while telling the story of the products, their flavours, and benefits. What a pleasure to work on such beautiful international projects and as a team!

Aurore Danielou / Animation for WFP by Sidlee / Montreal, Canada

Aurore Danielou worked with the Sidlee agency and its creative team on black and white illustrations. These will be integrated into an animated video for the "Ice" project of WFP an innovation company.

Aurore Danielou / Somnanbule cider house / Montreal, Canada


Here are some nice researches by Aurore Danielou under the theme: Les beautés du Québec. In these times of recommended local trips, she hopes to inspire us with the beauty of our home. Thus, one of her designs for new labels for the Somnambule cider house and their product Still Life.

Aurore Danielou / Illustrated packagings / Montreal, Canada

Here are products illustrated by Aurore Danielou, illustrator living in Montreal. First, a series of products for the Bio Ber brand and beer labels for the Quebec microbrewery Ras L'Bock.

Aurore Danielou / Soubois restaurant club / Montreal, Canada

Le Soubois, one of the trendy nightclub restaurants in Old Montreal, ordered sumptuous floral tapestries by Aurore Danielou. Also discover one of her new floral patterns that inspire spring!

Aurore Danielou / New creations / Montreal, Canada

This is the first live mural by Aurore Danielou. Between two windows and illustrated wallpaper orders, she found a moment to create new illustrations on the theme of travel. Here’s Aurore’s version of Louisiana.

Aurore Danielou / Mont-Royal Avenue / Québec

We are pleased to present the 2019 visual of the Summer Guide of Mont-Royal Avenue, illustrated by our beloved Aurore Danielou and produced by the Mont-Royal Avenue development Corporation.

Aurore Danielou / National Congress of Labor / Canada

Aurore Danielou created this floral illustration that will be used on a poster to promote the International Women's Day for the National Labor Congress.

Aurore Danielou / Basterd and Les Insulaires / Montréal

Basterd, one of the trendy restaurants in Montreal's Villeray district, where brunches are to die for, has been given unique floral tapestries by Aurore Danielou. Discover also the decor of a new place in Laval: Les Insulaires, microbrewer for which Aurore has created wallpapers on the theme of tropical and abundant nature to create an exotic island atmosphere.

Aurore Danielou / Les Enfants Terribles / Montreal

Aurore Danielou has struck once again! This time, it's in one of Les Enfants Terribles restaurants where she did a mural of the city of Montreal.

Aurore Danielou / Creative capsule

This is our fourteenth Creative Capsule. This month, we invite you to meet Aurore Danielou, a very versatile designer. She lives and works in Montreal, and is passionate about fashion, scenography, decoration and of course illustration. Charming and professional, she loves to meet clients. Enjoy!

Describe your creative lab quickly?  

My creative lab is filled with objects that I love and that inspire me. There is always a candle somewhere, a comforting plant, an old engravings or plates of illustrations found in every corner. On the other hand, my workspace is usually uncluttered to focus on my white sheets and my creative process.

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
Handmade and instinctive. With an accumulation of lines and patterns that reflect the reality but also areas of calm and relaxation.

What is the project you are most proud of?
Each project is like a baby for me, but I particularly enjoyed working on the mural for Restaurant HÀ in Old Montreal.

What are your favorite colors to create?
The shades of pink and blue, as well as black.

Why did you become an artist?
This is the best way for me to escape from everyday life and create worlds that are easy on the eyes and beautiful for the heart.

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
Feminine and detailed with a touch of casualness, most of the time dreamy.

What is your dream project?
A mural of giant flowers.

What does a typical day look like in Aurore Danielou’s life?
My morning coffee is the motor of my day, I like the energy of the morning to work.
It usually is composed in two parts, the first is more research and inspirations, where
I inform myself about the news in the art, architecture and fashion industries. The second is the illustration creation. Every day, I create at least one illustration of the moment or a pattern for my wallpapers. In the afternoon, I work on my creative projects with a break where I go for a walk or cycling. The connection to green spaces and the outdoors inspires me and helps me a lot in my work.

What inspires you?
Nature and femininity

What is your favorite blog or web page?

Aurore Danielou / Canadian Labour Congress / Canada

A great campaign which started for International Women rights Day. The #donewaiting movement aims at the safety, the equity and the economic justice for women in Canada. A project created by the Canadian Labour Congress in collaboration with the talented Aurore Danielou who drew the artworks. Join the movement:

Aurore Danielou / Shop windows and giant wallpaper

Here are various projects created by Aurore Danielou; the shop windows of the Wonderbra pop up in Toronto. The temporary dressing of a Fred Hamel & Co shop for the rehabilitation of the subway and the Ville-Marie Place of Montreal. And the portrait of a young woman named Rose.

Aurore Danielou / New recruit !

Welcome to Aurore Danielou a French illustrator based in Montreal since 2013. After obtaining a degree in visual communications and graphic design from the ESAG Penninghen school and Charpentier Academy, along with an expertise in fashion trends and design, she decided to leave Paris to sharpen her eye (and her pencils). Today she offers us a poetic and feminine universe where her daydreams are translated into the shape of charming animals, luxuriant vegetation and mesmerizing characters. As she leans often towards patterns, Aurore quite particularly likes working her illustrations with repetition and accumulation. With notable experience and attraction towards scenography, Aurore enchants us with her murals and her ornamental wallpapers in the trendiest places in Montreal. Contact us for any project idea !