Aurore Danielou / Shop windows of Espace Flo / Montreal

Aurore Danielou made the choice to return to live in Montreal, after returning home to France, in Biarritz. She’s very happy to present to us one of her recent creations in a technique different from usual.

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Aurore Danielou / Corporate game for Keurig / Canada

Aurore Danielou worked with the Forsman agency to create a series of illustrations and cover an in-house digital corporate game for employees of the Keurig brand.

Aurore Danielou / La Presse and new creations / Montreal

Aurore Danielou is highly appreciated by Quebecers, to her great joy, she has just been the subject of an article in La Presse where her work on wallpapers for numerous trendy restaurants and others is mentioned... Then, she shares with us one of her recent creations, a decorative motif under the theme "Jardin bijoux," followed by a free staging research for a future architecture project in Bromont.


Aurore Danielou / Xx / Montreal

Aurore Danielou created decorative wallpapers and two emblematic characters for the India Rosa restaurant in the Griffintown district of Montreal. The requested theme was: The lush and fantastic Jungle!