Anne Cresci / Vivre magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci returns strongly with her watercolor style for an editorial project for the magazine Vivre. Illustrating an article under the theme of healthy eating and portraits

Anne Cresci / New creations / Lyon, France

Anne Cresci had a nice summer, she took the opportunity to create new illustrations, inspired by Gainsbourg, the chic hotels of the French Riviera... She also shares with us the new logo of the Chez les filles designer shop in Lyon

Anne Cresci / Sarah Lawrence College / New York, Usa

Anne Cresci created this superb portrait of Nyla Khan, a 14 year old girl who has built a network of progressive schools in the United Arab Emirates. The article called "Teach your kids well" appears in the Sarah Lawrence College magazine. And in the second, one of his new personal illustration depicts her vision of a "Vanlife", a lifestyle that many of us dream of one day.

Anne Cresci / Freudin magazine / Lyon, France

Here is an illustrated fresco signed Anne Cresci for the January fashion section of the German magazine Freudin.

Anne Cresci / Creative capsule / Lyon, France

Here’s our seventh creative capsule. This month, we invite you to meet Anne Cresci who lives in Lyon, after many great years spent in Paris. Anne never leaves home without her notebook, which she uses to jot down notes about everything around her. Her illustrations are snapshots of everyday life, capturing melancholy, cheer, childhood, fashion and friends. She loves children's books as well as women's magazines, brand campaigns and portraits, contact us for any project.

Describe quickly your creative lab?
Currently it is very nomadic! Since I work on iPad Pro, I take a real pleasure to work surrounded by life in cafes around Lyon. I developed a real faculty to work while discussing hours! Otherwise I have a workshop in the city center of Lyon which is a bazaar filled with books, papers and watercolors that hang around my computer!

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
I work almost exclusively in digital on Photoshop and since September on Procreate, which was a real revelation. I also do a lot of research of materials and patterns in watercolor that I then integrate into my illustrations to give them an extra dimension, a more traditional side that I particularly like.

What is the project you are most proud of?
It's not a specific project, but rather an image from time to time of which I am particularly happy. Well, there is my series of illustrated novels for pre-teen girls, the Kinra Girls, on which I work for 8 years, that I love enormously. I was very attached to these 5 little heroines!

What are your favorite colors to create?
I like fresh and happy colors. I realize that I often go to pink orange tones, these are colors that put me in a good mood!
But above all, I love the work of line enhanced with spots of bright colors or pastels

Why did you become an illustrator?
A friend of mine in high school wanted to go to art school and I wanted to become an interpreter at the time. I thought it was a much cooler project so I started drawing. I have never regretted it!

In four words, how would you describe your style of animations?
Feminine, colorful, lively and romantic

What is the project you dream of?
I think I would love to work for a beautiful clothing brand like Isabel Marant style or take the time to set up a personal project in painting.

What does a typical day look like in Anne Cresci’s' life?
It's quite eclectic and a little different each day. What is certain is that I rarely start my days without having a coffee on the terrace alone or with a friend! And then I alternate all day between drawing and research for my projects of the moment. Or my coffee drags on turns into lunch with friends and nap or a stroll with my children.

What inspires you?
Everything inspires me! My walk in the morning with music in my ears, the city around me, nature. My friends and the people I meet, I try visit regularly exhibitions and museums and internet of course! Instagram, Pinterest ....

What is your favorite blog or web page?
I am not very faithful, so it varies constantly over my discoveries. Currently, I really like to look at Instagram pages for travel photos, such as living like a nomad out of a van, I admit that it fascinates me.

Anne Cresci / Le Journal des Femmes / France

Series of illustrations by Anne Cresci for the fashion pages and cover - ultimately not used - in the Journal des Femmes.

Anne Cresci / Les Petites Essences of Elixir / France

Discover the series of illustrations for the perfume waters collection Les Petites Essences, from the Elixir brand created by Anne Cresci in collaboration with Animal Creative. It's fresh, it's colorful, it smells like spring!

Anne Cresci / F pour filles

Anne Cresci enjoys giving life to small "cute chicks" as she says so well. This is Olivia, Noémie, Laurence and Emma. The project has been in progress for almost a year and includes ten volumes of cartoons for the series "F pour Filles" published by Enfant Québec's editions.

Anne Cresci / L’Oréal Cosmétique Active / France

Anne Cresci has imagined a summer promotional bag for Cosmétique L'Oréal Active. This beach bag was distributed to several "celebrities", bloggers and other influencers people. Then, Qui m'aime me crème! (Who loves me cremates me!)

Anne Cresci / Spring vibes for our favorite magazines

Anne Cresci always gives us and still lots of energy and good vibrations in this spring period. Glow Magazine and Professional Speaking magazines adore her, what about you?

Anne Cresci / Coloring book

Last year, PlayBac éditions appealed to Anne Cresci for the book: Photos et Coloriages du Monde Géo. This year, a new track had been thrown on the wisdom and the anti-stress. Unfortunately, the project failed along the way. But we really want to show you a preview.

Anne Cresci / The collective Animal créatif / Lyon, France

As a very active ex-Parisian in the world of illustration, Anne Cresci is delighted to join the collective Animal créatif, whose artistic direction is followed by Nathalie Dupuy, the collective's founder. We are fans of the series " La Meute" created for  the collective's image!

Anne Cresci / Avantages magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci's illustration for Avantages magazine about five new "tribes" of women of today: sharers, vegans, mumies, makers and Millenials.

Anne Cresci / Santé Magazine

Anne Cresci Illustrates the Sexuality folder of Santé magazine (Health magazine). Audacious subjects illustrated with talent and elegance.

Anne Cresci / ELLE Québec / ELLE Canada / Endless Jewelry

Anne Cresci illustrates in ELLE Québec and ELLE Canada for the company Endless Jewelry. Every bracelet is accompanied of a stylized look for all occasions, embellished with the feminine touch of the illustrator.

Anne Cresci / L’Épicurienne, Cuisine et Vins de France

Anne Cresci continues her collaboration with Cuisine et Vins de France (Cuisine and Wines of France) for their extra issue The Epicurian of January 2016, which says a lot about good French wine. You can find it in the Marie Claire’s January issue, currently on newsstands.

Anne Cresci / Moët Hennessy / L’Esprit magazine

E-commerce was the subject of the last autumnal cover of L'Esprit magazine for Moët Hennessy.This illustration is signed Anne Cresci.

Anne Cresci / Cosmopolitan Germany magazine / Hamburg

Who is happiest in their job? It’s the theme of this article illustrated by Anne Cresci for August issue of Cosmopolitan Germany.

Anne Cresci / Marie Claire & Coup de Pouce magazines / Paris & Montreal

Discover in the first place the cover of this freebie supplement about French cuisine and wines illustrated by Anne Cresci and added in the French issues of Marie-Claire and Marie-Claire home magazines.

In the seconde place, we invite you to enjoy this explosion of flowers and colors created with a lot of poetry by Anne Cresci for an article on happiness published in Coup de Pouce magazine.

Anne Cresci / Ryerson University Magazine / Toronto

For the "Fashion kills" article of the Ryerson University magazine, Anne Cresci illustrated this skeletal sweet little couple. So trendy that we forget to be afraid !

Anne Cresci / Carrera / Be Magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci illustrated, in the context of a rock music festival that takes place in the mountains, an advertorial for the eyewear brand Carrera, published in the magazine Be. The illustration shows three models of sunglasses for women.

Anne Cresci / Marie Claire China magazine / Beijing

In Beijing, China, the young women discover in this month's Marie Claire China magazine, a mysterious silhouette surrounded with a splendid vegetal scene by Anne Cresci created for the scene decor of a series of products on the "Botanical" theme.

Anne Cresci / 2014 Astrology in watercolor for Biba Magazine / Paris

Black spots and spontaneous colors to keep a direct and very modern graphic look; this was Anne Cresci’s mandate. The final look of the series is unique, with a palette of exotic and inspiring colors to project you into the future of 2014. To discover all the zodiac signs, see Anne Cresci’s portfolio!

Anne Cresci / Marie-Claire China Magazine / Beijing

In China, the holidays season is also approaching. Anne Cresci illustrated a selection of limited edition products gifts with a red theme festive setting.

Anne Cresci / Votre Beauté Magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci illustrated, for a special issue of Votre beauté magazine, the following perfume: Si, by Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford's Fleur de Chine, Serge Lutens' la vierge de fer, Tonka by Reminiscence Paris, YSL's Manifesto, and Blue Cedrat by Comme des Garçons.

Anne Cresci / Votre Beauté Magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci illustrates the Silhouettes files for the special issue of Votre Beauté magazine. She had to represent the vibes of several key styles as made-up by the editors.

Anne Cresci / I comme Info / Crédit Lyonnais / Paris

Anne Cresci created, in her more corporate style, 4 illustrations for the article: What to do in case of termination!  for the I as Info magazine of the subscibers of the Crédit Lyonnais.

Anne Cresci / Valentine's Day campaign of Marionnaud perfumeries / France

Series of illustrations created for Valentine's Day campaign of Marionnaud perfumeries by Anne Cresci. Marionnaud is an international chain of perfume stores from France based in Paris.

Anne Cresci / Le Mag de France Boissons / Paris

Anne Cresci has realized the cover page of corporate clients-oriented France Boissons' magazine. She worked with a frank and precise trait that comes out with the bright and lively colours she used.

Anne Cresci / Sponsored car wrapping for Snowboard Canada / Montreal

Anne Cresci was chosen to illustrate the visual that will be used to cover a Mazda promotional car exhibited in Vancouver for the following months on the occasion of a partnership with Snowboard Canada.

Anne Cresci / Capital Magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci illustrates a series of portraits of the different french households, in Capital Magazine, for an article about the impacts of the changes on income tax with the new government. She explores a more corporate style and minimalistic colors, which gives a new dynamic result.

Anne Cresci / Boiron stand / Paris

Anne Cresci created this illustration for the product stand of Actheane of Laboratoires Boiron. Actheane is a tablet which aims to fight hot flushes and other menopause's functional disorders.

Anne Cresci / Reader's Digest Magazine / Montreal

Anne Cresci drew 4 illustrations to bring 4 stories to life. The texts are from a short story collection presented in the article Quick Fix and published in Reader's Digest's August issue.

Anne Cresci / Selection brand packaging / Canada

Anne Cresci created a series of packaging illustrations for sanitary products by Selection brand. Each illustration had to reflect a predetermined scene in the life of a woman.

Anne Cresci / Company Magazine / London

Anne Cresci illustrates the article « Genie in a bottle », for Company Magazine, about the 3 trendiest feminine and floral summer 2012 fragrances.

Anne Cresci / Company magazine / London

Anne Cresci inky's style illustrates perfectly an article on cool girls and celebrities with tattoos for  Company Magazine January issue. With 1 out of 5 tattoed adults in the UK, this body art is definitly a trend. TopShop famous stores is even now offering an in-store tattoo salon!

Anne Cresci / Be magazine astrology / Paris

Anne Cresci illustrates the 12 zodiac signs as fashionistas for the horoscope section of Be Magazine.

Anne Cresci / Elle Québec / Montreal

Elle Quebec magazine chose Anne Cresci to illustrate an article about a blended familiy mother that decided to change her plan for Christmas this year.

Anne Cresci / JC Penney / USA

For the series of Back to School ads for JC Penney stores, Anne had to draw different elements tailored around the selected photographs to support the story of each image. This campaign was realized by Saatchi & Saatchi in New York.

Anne Cresci / Marie Claire China / Paris

Anne Cresci illustrates the opening of the Beauty section featuring the latest designers’ perfumes for Marie Claire China.

Anne Cresci / Company magazine / London

Illustration for the article The one that got away the magazine Company for the Company magazine published by The National Magazine Company.

Anne Cresci / Company magazine / London

Series of illustrations based on the request of making each figure of the girl subtly representing a star sign. This series is for the summer astro special of Company magazine.

Anne Cresci / Company magazine / Londres

Illustrations for the summer festival special for the magazine Company. The challenge was to illustrated women who all have varying jobs at festivals.

Anne Cresci / Be Magazine / France

Anne had the challenge of illustrating about the new astrological sign that messing everything up: The Serpentarius, for the article Help, j'ai changé de signe astro! (Help, my astrological sign has changed!) in Be magazine.

Anne Cresci / Cosmopolitan / France

Series of portraits of movie stars for the horoscope section of Cosmopolitan France magazine.

Anne Cresci / Be Magazine / Paris

A colourful & dynamic series of 12 illustrations of silhouettes for the weekly horoscope 2011 for Be magazine.

Anne Cresci / Santé magazine / Paris

Series of 13 illustrations of fitness positions for Santé magazine

Anne Cresci / Cosmopolitan / Paris

Potrait of the French actress Mélanie Laurent for the horoscope section of the  Cosmopolitan magazine.

Anne Cresci / Decathlon gift pouch / Paris

 Illustration for the Decathlon gift pouch card "Thank You".