Ross Cuthbert / New creations / London, United Kingdom

Ross Cuthberg is much in demand, and it's understandable! Check out the quality of some of his roughs and his story-boards for brands such as Phillips, Suzuki, Volkswagen... Ross, besides being easy to work with and professional, does great 3D art as well. Discover his portfolio Ross 3D.

Jérôme Mireault / Roughs and storyboards / Montreal, Canada

At the clinic, Jérôme Mireault is not only an illustrator but also a roughman and storyboarder.  Lot of agencies and several other loyal customers call on him to create dynamic roughs and storyboards! Here an example.

Ross Cuthbert / New 2D and 3D roughs

Realistic roughs, campaign storyboards or 3D illustrations, Ross Cuthberg shares some of his latest creations.

Need storyboards?

The clinic can assist you in your client presentations. For storyboards or roughs have a look at our team of roughmen including Claude Leduc. Contact us for any needs in Montreal, Paris, Toronto, New York or elsewhere.

New roughman / storyboarder / Montreal

Colagene is very happy with the arrival of Claude Leduc, roughman and storyboarder of great experience.
With more than thirty years of experience in Quebec, Claude has collaborated with most of Quebec's advertising agencies, as well as with Cirque du Soleil and other international artistic productions. When taking on a mandate, whether in terms of rendering level, atmosphere or degree of finishings, he assigns paramount importance to understanding the concept and client purpose. This translates into a very high success rate when launching or presenting. His mastery of shapes and perspective allows him to exploit advertising concepts brilliantly.

Animatics for Ajinomoto in Japan

The Little Things That Make us HumansZigor Samaniego has illustrated a robot in 3D and Eric Caron did the storyboard for an animatics produced by DentsuBos agency. This concept is for a client pitch for Ajinomoto; one of the leaders of the food-processing industry in Japan.

Ross Cuthbert / Portfolio update

Ross Cuthberg is much in demand, and it's understandable! To see the quality of some roughs and story-boards for brands such as Nespresso, Listerine, Virgin or Embley's. Ross, besides being nice and professional, does 3D. Visit his portfolio Ross 3D.

Presentation mock-up for advertising and events

Dan Svatek, storyboarder for the Clinic is now available full time. Dan is highly appreciated for his characters's style and scenarios for promotional events. He's also popular when it comes to client's presentations for advertising or TV concepts. He can also create live art at events.

Éric Caron / Rough for events or architecture

Roughman storyboarder Eric Caron has more than one string to his bow. Here are examples of roughs, created for presentation of brand events and architectural drawings.

Thomas Stefflbauer / Storyboard / L'Aubainerie / Montreal

Storyboard illustrated by Thomas Stefflbauer for an advertising pitch created for this Fall campaign of l'Aubainerie Quebec clothing company for the Tuxedo agency.

Ross Cuthbert / Different techniques / Londres

Ross is a roughman and  storyboarder very popular. His asset : he knows how to work with all the techniques, from the line drawing of all kinds, also the vectorial to the 3D modelling. Here are examples of his last 3D realizations.

Jérôme Mireault / Storyboard for Drakkar fragrance / Montreal

Storyboard illustrated by Jérôme Mireault and created in collaboration with Tuxedo agency for an avertising pitch the promoting the fragrance Drakkar noir, for men.

Éric Caron / Storyboard for Subway Canada / Montreal

Eric Caron is bringing an advertising TV spot concept to life by illustrating a storyboard for an agency pitch for Subway Canada.

Éric Caron / Canadian Heritage / Montreal

Éric Caron illustrated storyboards for Tank ad agency for a client presentation to Heritage Canada regarding the creation of an advertising TV spot for the promotion of the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

Perfume advertising campaign / Paris

For nearly a year, Camille Corbetto works with a Parisian agency on storyboards of various proposals for TV spots for a wellknown perfume brand.

Éric Caron / New storyboarder / roughman / Montreal

Fuelled by comics, advertising and video games, Eric creates alive and direct scenes, armed with his graphic tablet. Through sketches quickly drawn, or more detailed pictures, he puts his lines and colors in the service of the message conveyed by the image. Eric develops visuals with neat atmospheres and subtle lighting, inspired by themes from everyday life to Hollywood blockbusters.

Welcome back! / Montpellier

20100 (reads in French "vingt cent", which is not a proper number, but close to the name Vincent) has been drawing ever since he was born... or almost. After 5 years studying at Boulle applied arts school in Paris, he finished his cursus at UQAM (Québec University in Montréal). As a teenager, he was a graffiti artist. He is really passionate about this movement and this technique is perfect for him as well as he enjoys quick, well-done work. His arrival in the rough and storyboard work was natural.

Jérôme Mireault / Storyboard frame / Dentyne Ice / Canada

For a TV spot concept for the chewing gum brand Dentyne Ice, Jérôme Mireault had to illustrate the key frame representing an intricate and chaotic street scene with people kissing all over the place.

Storyboard and advertising rough / Montreal

Here are a few illustrations from storyboarder Dan Svatek. Dan is very appreciated for his characters drawing style and also the atmosphere created in his scenarios such as promotional events illustrations.

Ross Cuthbert / Ross Cuthbert also does 3D / London

With more than 13 years of professional experience in the advertising industry, Ross knows how to adapt his style to clients needs. He masters the 3D, realistic, traditional drawing renderings. We wanted to share with you some of his latest 3D creations. Many more can be seen in his portfolio.


Here are some black and white illustrated frames from Camille Corbetto's last storyboards. Camille joined Colagene's storyboarders team 2 years ago. Her drawing style and her professionalism have convinced few well-known agencies.

Thomas Stefflbauer / Roughs Skoda / Swiss

Swiss agency has chosen Thomas Stefflbauer to do roughs for Skoda spot to accompany advertising concepts presentations.

Poster for the TV program: Voulez-vous danser? Hosted by Geneviève Guérard / Montreal

François Couture, famous roughman and storyboarder in Montreal, had the privilege to have been chosen by ARTV among 13 illustrators to illustrate a poster for one of their TV program. François had to work in a 60's thriller novel style. The illustration will be used on the TV channel website from this week and the 13 posters are exposed at the ARTV center in Places des Arts in Montreal. To learn more about the event:

We also showing you few illustrations recently created for the Unis-Editions group in France.

Adidas / Client pitch for Climacool campaign / Montréal

Black and white frames from a storyboard illustrated by Dan Svatek for a pitch for Adidas Climacool campaign.

Thomas Stefflbauer / Adidas / Pitch for Those who dare campaign / Montreal

Black and white illustrated frames from a storyboard created by Thomas Stefflbauer for a client presentation to Adidas of a TV spot concept for '"Those who dare" women campaign.

Storyboard / Qatar Airways / Montreal

Here is a little taste of holidays with these extracts from storyboards realized by Camille Corbetto for the presentation of an interactive video concept for Air Qatar Airways. The idea was to put the emphasis on the quality of the company's services via client experiences from different kind of passengers.

Bioré - NEWAD / Montreal

Storyboarder and roughman Dan Svatek realized 1 illustration for a pitch for the presentation of a concept for the event promotion of Bioré products, for NEWAD agency.

Roughs for an automotive corporation / Paris

Camille Corbetto, storyboarder at the Clinic, greatly knows how to meet the demand for presentation roughs for an automotive corporation.

New roughman & storyboarder / Paris

Passionate by comic books and cinema, Camille is an autodidact and has been drawing since forever. With her control of colors and lights, she is able to recreate all sort of environments. Each of her frames is a strong and unique illustration giving life to a large range of atmospheres. Her fresh and vivid style with clear and precise lines fits all tastes!

Ross Cuthbert / New roughman / London

With over 13 years of professional experience in the advertising industry working as a visualizer, Ross's style and application varies to suit the clients needs.

New roughman

François is a really experienced, talented and versatile illustrator. He excels in many styles of illustration but more specifically in the rough and storyboards. His facility to understand and illustrate the concepts makes him an indispensable person for your visual presentations.

Molson Dry / Montreal

Roughs for Molson Dry beer

Thomas Stefflbauer / New roughman/storyboarder

Thomas’ storyboard illustrations merge the whimsical, humorous, and authentic. His storytelling style fuses smart and realistic imagery with a bit of fantasy. Digital rendering allows him to quickly visualize a range of distinct scenarios in the media, design, and commercial/technology spheres.

New roughman/storyboarder

Head storyboarder for an advertising agency for two years, Daniel is no slouch when it comes to delivering polished drawings for pitches and storyboards. A stylistic chameleon, his draftsmanship ranges from precise realism to comical caricatures. Dan loves human subjects as much as inanimate ones, from beer bottles to bicycles, fruits to footwear, press kits to pressure cookers.