Lucile Farroni / Nexus magazine and Les Échos

Our newest recruit Lucile Farroni is pleased to share her latest achievements: an article on the Wim Hof technique for Nexus magazine and an illustrated logo for Les Échos. What kind of projects inspires her? Editorial projects, covers and interiors of cookbooks…, culinary or cosmetic packaging, advertising projects... Lucile is ready to take on any challenge with your team!

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Lucile Farroni / Magazine Air le mag / Paris

Lucile Farroni brilliantly illustrated the article: Volunteering when young people get involved, from Air le Mag magazine from McDonald’s in France. Then, she makes us dream of Paris with this illustration of a hotel view of the Eiffel Tower.

Lucile Farroni / Stratégies magazine / Paris

Lucile Farroni proudly illustrated the front page of the magazine Stratégies en France, a media specialist, whose theme was “Inclusion”.  Then, she shares two new images from her fragile feather and her pastel palette.

Lucile Farroni / New recruit 2021 / Paris, France

A graduate of the Brassart school, Lucile Farroni is an illustrator living in Paris. With her colorful style, she enjoys illustrating very gourmet dishes and life scenes. It is important to her to highlight the diversity of bodies and humans. She has worked with Mc Donald, Le temps, Bayard Presse, Ici Barbès, L'INA, Mint magazine...